Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tigers Trade Ledezma

About time they made a move for the bully. Not sure this was all that special though. Ledezma was traded to the Atlanta Braves, who have a ton of bullpen help for anyone, but the guy they got was left-handed reliever Macay McBride. Who? I wondered the same thing. Either way the financial reporting software is in overdrive for these two teams as they change the financial report for their teams after the trade.

As for McBride...McBride, 24, was a first-round pick of the Braves in 2001. He has appeared in 112 games in the majors over the last three years, all in relief. This season, McBride is 1-0 in 18 appearances covering 15 innings. He has a 3.60 ERA.

Macay McBride Profile

Ledezma has been with the Tigers since the 2003 season, when the club lost 119 games. He was 3-1 this season with a 4.79 ERA. HE has starting experience and has some decent stuff, but still isn't a very reliable pitcher. HE can serve as a long reliever, or spot start for Atlanta which is basically why they would want him. HE was always one of our decent "prospects", but he never really put it all together and it looks as if he isn't destined to ever do great things.

Wil Ledezma Profile

I guess this is either something they were looking to do to replace the lefty we lost in the off season, JAmie Walker, or the fact that LEdezma has no minor league options left and we can keep the young stud Andrew Miller on the roster. I suspect he will be in our bully right away and that Miller will go back down. Miller has some things to learn still and if we can dump Maroth off on someone it won't make much sense to hav ehim up here when Kenny and Nate Robertson come back off the DL. Miller will be the first one back with any other injury, but he needs to pitch his starts and not from the bully.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sammy Sosa Can't get to 600 HRs

Out of all the guys in this range I don't have any love for this guy. First of all, the dude used a corked bat in a game. Second, I am pretty sure he used roids just like everyone else. This guy is a terrible hitter really and hit the majority of his HRs in the last 5 or 6 years of his career after he got really big. I hope Ken Griffey, Jr. Gets there before he does and Sammy is at 599. Jr. is about 17 shy at this point ai think, but he is one of my favorite players of all-time. He's a guy that you know didn't use roids. IF it wasn't for all his injuries the guy may be a head of Barry Bonds already. He's just that good. I hope they have a nice set sound machines when Sammy and Barry hit their respective marks. No one on the road is going to be cheering I hope.