Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

*sigh* The Lions

Here we go again! Lions are ready to destroy our hearts and our love of football. After a brutal loss to Philly this past Sunday, and 3 of the last 4 games, they have been trying as hard as they can to lose the division. Now tied with Chicago for the division lead although they do have the tiebreaker. This team is gonna go 7-9. It's just awful to watch this team piss away their games every week.

Sunday was one of the most embarrassing stories that you will hear about the coaching staff as well. You notice how McCoy and the Eagles ran circles around the Lions in the 2nd half? Well...they decided to change their cleat size and what do you know? They got better traction! The Lions on the other hand? Didn't even have the additional cleats to change with them at the game! Truly a Lions missed detail. God I hate this franchise. I hope Schwartz is looking more at real estate apps right now than the next game because he should be gone already.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 games left for Lions to get 1st division title in 20 years

It's so close, yet so far. They bumbled their way through the last few games. Could have easily taken a huge lead in the division by beating even one of the Steelers, or the Tampa Bay Bucs the last two weeks. Instead they demolished Green Bay for their first Thanksgiving win in 9 years. That sealed them with all the tiebreakers in the division. Sadly, they still only sit at 7-5. A record that Chicago isn't too far from, and even Green Bay isn't completely out of it.

This is the Lions we all know. We can't be optimistic because we all know that 7-9 and 11-5 are both possible with this team. They have the talent to run the table. To beat any team this year actually,b ut they are just so damned stupid. Huge win today, but I'm not going to get too excited just yet. They have a way of making us not have nice things. Basically always. Don't even need my storage for skis this year to head to Lambeau and hope that we can not get laughed at in December this year. We already are done with Green Bay.

Lions Put a BEATING on the Packers on Turkey Day

Finally! A year where we don't have to listen to every media outlet asking the NFL to take our T-Day game away! The Lions, and Matthew Stafford actually got their first win against Green Bay as well today since he was behind center (We did have a 7-3 win a couple years back with Stafford injured, however. STanton I believe.). They had their Apricot Power for apricot seeds.

It was a straight beatdown. With about 600 yards total offense, the Lions only problems were with themselves. Sounds familiar of course. Turnovers came at the same rate, penalties, and just plain stupidity. Of course the defense played its best game of the year holding the PAckers to under 70 (!) yards until late in the 4th quarter when they got enough to get over 100 yards finally, only to fumble a snap inside the Lions' 20 to finish them off down 40-10.

So...we're in 1st place with all the tiebreakers for the division going 4-1 so far with just another game with Minnesota left. The division obviously would ahve been all but wrapped up had we not blown 2 straight games by our pure stupidity @PIT and at home vs. a terrible Tamp a Bay team.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Radial J48

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose Pistons Preview

Love Grantland so much. Simmons does a wonderful job of writing and this year they are doing 15 minute previews of every team in order. Jalen looking like he needs some harvey jewelry.

They have the Pistons checking in at 12 overall, which puts them in the playoffs this year.

They got screwy after the top 15 and started to list them in weird sets. Just look at the bottom of the page and see "Jalen's latest" to find the next ones. 30-16 start here:

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lions Play as Bad a Half as You Can and Still Only down by 1

Week 1, Lions v. Vikings must have been one of the ugliest halves of LIONS football I have seen and that is saying a lot. Incredibly, even with all their mistakes they still ended the half only down by 1!

Can't get a 1st on 3rd and 1.

First drive bobbled a FG

Next play AP goes 80 yards for a TD.

Get down there again and go for it on 4th and 1. Penalty. Kick FG

Calvin drops TD

Suh blows pick 6 with clipping.

Stafford throws pick

Pettigrew drops one pass and fumbles the next.

Personal foul for Delmas

tradeshow printed throws here

Bently drops Pick 6.

Aborted fetuses all over the place, and they were losing by 1.

Then the 2nd half starts and they take their 1st two possessions down for TDs to go up 27-17. Reggie Bush is having a massive debut game. Just taking a long 3rd down dump off the distance for the score. Been a long time since we have seen a guy accelerate away from the defense in the open field. What we've been missing ever since we lost Jhavid Best.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Miggy Triple Crown Watch?

Highly doubtful he can come to it this year. The nagging injuries he has right now combined with the Tigers starting to stretch their division lead heading into the final 7 weeks makes it hard for him to end up getting the ABs he'll need as long as Chris Davis keeps up his HR pace.

Of course you never know. Last year Hamilton went crazy and had another set of pansy injuries that shelved him a lot during the last month to allow Miggy to pass him over in HRs. While the HRs seem to be the most difficult part with him trailing Davis by 6 right now, he actually only leads Davis in RBIs by one as well. If the Tigers wrap up the division a week early that's a lot of ABs to go without and the RBIs will be the one that will fall the fastest. Davis could go into a slump down the last 45 games, or so, sure and god forbid he'll need an personal injury attorney in san diego because of some terrible accident, but Miggy could miss time too. The Triple Crown with Miggy could be bad news for the Tigers. It would mean that he's still having to play every night all the way until the end with the division race actually being a race again.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Dombrowski Gets Praise for Deadline Trade Moves Once Again

While not all of Dombrowski's moves have worked out in the past at the deadline, I would probably argue that at the time I agreed with the vast majority of them. He has filled holes we have needed if he could, but that wasn't always an option with the costs of some of the pieces that were needed at the time. Even the Edgar Renteria trade that sent away Jair Jurrjens to Atlanta I completely agreed with. In fact, I still don't get why they let him go after that year when he hit about .270 and brought in a guy I can't even rmeember his name for his defense and his .200 BA to play next to Brandon "I hit .200 too!" Inge for a couple years. Seriously, I have blocked the guys's name from my mind.

This year the biggest move was to send Avisail "Little Miggy" Garcia over to the Red Sox to pick up their current name of the week middle infielder Jose Iglseias. I was familiar with him due to having him on my fantasy team for about 3 weeks earlier in the season when he was still hitting over .400 after about 150 ABs. Obviously, I knew he was going to be dropped off my team sooner rather than later, and had dropped him at least 3 weeks before the Tigers acquired him in the deal. His minors numbers as a hitter are unspectacualar, and his BABIP was at insane levels where there was no fantasy benefit in the guy anymore because he brought no power,m speed, or run production for being at such a high average. You don't get points for defense in fantasy so it wasn't much of a decision to drop him after the average started to slip. Still hitting around .330 when he got to Detroit many were a bit over-excited I thought,b ut it was still a move that needed to be made in light of a possible suspension looming for Jhonny Peralta that could come at any time. Plus he was in his final year so it was a move that gave us a guy under control for a few more years at a very reasonable price much like the guys we got in the Granderson deal.

In a separate deal, the Tigers acquired relief pitcher Jose Veras from the Houston Astros for minor-league outfielder Danny Vasquez and a player to be named later.

While some may claim that the Tiges had a better team last year I highly disagree. At least from a playoff roster anyways. The pitching depth on this team is far better than it was last year and the lack of Big Potato as the closer makes a big difference. One of the best moves of the year, and I wanted this from the start, was to keep Rick Porcello. That allowed us to have 6 rotational starters on the roster with Smyly in the bullpen as a lefty that could go long relief if needed,or to spot start. This will make a huge difference in the playoffs I think as it did for teams like Texas when they have beaten us in the past. This is the year for the World Series ring rather than just ceramic rings.

Here's what's Jayson Stark had to say about the Tigers' moves:

"Every year at the deadline, it never ceases to amaze us how difficult it seems to be for half the GMs in baseball to make a trade -- and how easy Tigers maestro Dave Dombrowski makes it look. 'He did what he always does,' one of his admiring peers said of Dombrowski. 'He did what he needed to do. Dave is your classic old-school GM. He says, "I'm going to fill my holes." And then he did.

"He resisted the temptation to overpay, on every level, for a big bullpen name like Jonathan Papelbon and instead reeled in Jose Veras to set up for Joaquin Benoit. And with his shortstop, Jhonny Peralta, in danger of disappearing down the Biogenesis sinkhole, Dombrowski roared in quietly at the last minute and traded for Iglesias, a massive defensive upgrade for an infield in serious need of a massive defensive upgrade.

" 'I know everybody wanted them to go get some big name to pitch the back end of the game,' one NL executive said. 'But if they lose Peralta and they don't have a guy like this to replace him, that's just as big. I thought they got exactly what they needed. And I know they actually wanted more [bullpen] pieces and tried like hell to get one. But they've already done well. And I'm sure they'll be shopping that waiver wire next month.' "

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

AL Wins the All-Star Game; Home Field Advantage Chance For Tigers

Certainly getting way a head of myself here, but with the team the Tigers have assembled, making a deep run into the playoffs is not just hoped for, but expected. Of course we all know that the playoffs are a completely different ballgame. Hot teams tend to move further than some of the teams considered the best. Any Wildcard team is quite likely to go all the way. The Tigers are just as likely to stop hitting when it matters, like they usually do and get beat by someone like Oakland.

Still...having that home field advantage in the World Series is a huge deal. Especially for a team that has the last couple years done significantly better at home than on the road. Basically winning the division at home, while costing them a runaway by playing .500 ball or worse on the road. It will just be nice that they won't have as many days to book educational travel tours if they make it that far this year.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

EMG Pickups

EMG pickups come in all types. From sounds for acoustic play to heavy metal with the JH James Hetfield versions. Giving you the deep clean and fat sound that you want to hear. The great emg pickups at guitar center include those by Hetfield in which his input made not just a new sound, but he wanted a new look as well. Others include those from Zakk Wilde and David Gilmore. If guys like this are using EMG pickups and even giving input on how to improve them there probably isn't much reason to go elsewhere.

Tigers lose 9th Sraight vs. Disappointing Angels

I can't stand the Angels.ever since that guy bunted on JV's perfect game I have hated them. Well before that I guess. I hate Jared Weaver. Hamilton is a gigantic bust so far, and even Pujols seems less likable since showing up there. Not to mention I'm so tired of hearing about Trout and how defense is so cool. IF Hamilton doesn't shape up he might be better at working with carpet cleaners huntersville nc than playing in the MLB. This dude is such a bust on my fantasy team I can't give him away.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Victor Martinez Getting Hot

We all figured it would take a while for VMart to get his timing back this year and get back to his regular high bA after spending an entire season recovering from his knee injury. Coming into June he was still struggling with a low .200s batting average and it was starting to get a bit frustrating. He was still contributing, but nowhere near the level he is known for. While he is basically a full-time DH now, and doesn't take to the field with his maui jims, he does get a few spot starts here and there.

The past couple games he has raised his average 15 points by going 5-8 with 2 HR and is 10-29 his last 9 games with 3 HR. Already leading the league in batting average the Tigers can only get more dangerous on offense. VMart is in the 5th slot in the lineup, which tends to be a major straw stirrer when it comes to turning the lineup over. If he gets rolling behind Prince and Miggy it could be time for a serious Tigers winning streak.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pistons end up with #8 pick in Draft Lottery

The Cavs seem to keep winning this thing. Eventually they are going to find the next Lebron right? No...they aren't. There isn't one. For the Pistons picking in the top 10 is necessary,b ut they still can't seem to pin down a true superstar in the draft. The Darko debacle still holds true today with guys past over playing deep into the playoffs once again this year still while nobody talks about Darko other than to mention how bad a pick it was. He got a bit of a bump in notice after the Lions draft of course when they went and took Ansah who is basically about as experienced in football as he was. Ugh...Pistons have sucked for too long. It's to the point that you have to go to sites that you need to use pc tune up after to get info.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Titus Young Back at It

Titus Young in Detroit never got it. Never knew when to shut up, and was always making the wrong decisions. HE got picked up for about a week from the Rams earlier this year, only to end up not being signed after his workout and interview. Following his Twitter it is easy to see that he has a long way to go to reach any sort of maturity.

Young was arrested two times within 15 hours, according to The Oakland Press, as he continues to make more news for his troubles than he ever did as an NFL player.

Here is what the report said:

According to the police report, Young was stopped at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday after making an illegal left turn in front of a patrol car.

Young was stopped and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center and later issued a citation and released from custody.

Hours later, at 2:22 p.m. that day, officers responded to a tow company yard where a man was seen jumping over the fence.

It was Young looking for his black Mustang. IF he doesn't settle down he may need a la blanca bathing suit to wear in prison so that he can find someone to take care of him.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fans Discussing a Possible Trade Down For Lions

An article on MLive the other day suggested that there may be a possibility to trade down with Miami in the upcoming NFL Draft. While many fans consider this a no-brainer move I tend to disagree in this case quite a bit. Miami is reportedly targeting one of the top offensive tackles in the draft that includes 3 who are rated higher than our Reily Reif was when we drafted him. Jake Loekel and Eric Fischer of CMU are ranked on in their Scout's Inc. list as the #1 and #2 player sin the draft by rating. Lane Johnson is also considered to be a higher rated draftee than Reiff was and he is rated as the #10 player on ESPN.

A trade with Miami considering trade value would likely get the Lions their #12 and #42 picks. Giving the Lions an extra 2nd rounder this year to move down 7 slots. Intriguing? Yes, but what about our actual need for an OT?

The Lions right now have 3 guys ultimately vying for TWO OT starting spots. With the retirement of Jeff Backus, and Gosder Cherilus signing elsewhere the Lions will be forced to start 2 brand new OTs next season. Riley Reiff, or 1st round pick from 2 years ago has yet to start on a regular basis. Only playing as a quasi 6th OL in a lot of games last year set up a step behind the line outside as a bit of a TE. Then we have Hilliard, and Jason Fox also competing for the two spots. A lot of talk this off season has claimed that Reiff may only be at best a RT, and even some have claimed that he could even move to offensive guard. Hilliard is a good OT, but at best maybe an average RT. Jason Fox has zero experience and has been wasting away on the Lions roster for 3 years now with various injuries as a "project" that they got late in the draft. We aren't exactly looking at an exceptional group of OTs here now are we?

The Lions are MUCH more in need of an OT than people claim. If Fischer for example is there at 5, why in the hell would the Lions pass up a potential franchise LT for that extra 2nd round pick? Many say that the extra pick makes it completely worth it, but in my mind right now, OT is by far our greatest need. At #12 we'd be very lucky to have a chance at Lane Johnson, but most say he will be gone by then as well. As early as #7. WE NEED an OT more than just about anyone there is. IF we can get one of those guys we have to do it. What extra 2nd rounder would be very nice, but at the cost of a franchise LT, right now, with what we have right now I don't think I make that trade. Especially when Mayhew has yet to prove he can utilize picks outside the 1st round in a consistent manner. If we can't get that OT we may well be looking at a disaster ofa season that sees Matt Stafford regress, or even injured due to the lack of OT talent on the roster. Protecting Stafford and allowing him to excel is worth much more to me than an extra 2nd round pick will ever be.

Now if Mayhew can use some pneumatic swing clamps to go a head and pull a 2014 1st rounder out of the deal along with maybe a 2013 3rd rounder...that is something else. A 2nd rounder vs. a franchise LT is another matter to me. Now is Fischer (Out likely best shot at one of the top 2 OTs rank wise) a franchise OT? Is LAne Johnson as good, and going to be available at 12? Is there another OT later in the draft that you consider good enough to beat out Hilliard? (Fox I am just gonna disregard entirely until I see him even play extended minutes).

Prince Fielder Vying for the 3rd Straight Detroit Tiger MVP

It is great to be a Tigers fan right now. We have arguable the best hitter, and starting pitcher in baseball right now with Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander. We have an owner who has no regard for costs and will buy use whatever we want (something we are blessed with that many fans are not. Be proud of it, not ashamed :P). This was all the more apprent when Mr. Illitch went out and signed the big FA Prince Fielder to a huge contract in the previous off season when Victor Martinez was to miss the entire season. Then this off season after making a trade to acquire SP Anibal Sanchez, the Tigers made sure to lock him up for a few more years after he impressed in his time here. Money is not an issue for Illitch as he is living with one foot in the grave and wants a title so bad he can taste it. Being in the World Series twice in the last decade to come away with losses (embarrassing ones as clear favorites both times I might add) has surely made him all the more eager to add to his legacy.

Individual awards are nice too though I suppose. HAving 2 straight MVPs on a team is amazing. HAving 3, with 3 different players in 3 years would be unheard of. Prince Fielder's start has us all talking about him having a monster season already, however and leading the way to MVP right out of the gate.

Through the first 12 games Mr. Fielder is hitting .429/.527/.833. That's a 1.361 OPS if you can't add very well. That includes 4 HR, 5 2B, and a whopping 19 RBIs (He's actually tied with 2 unlikely guys at 19 in Christ Davis and Catcher John Buck in the NL. Buck may not have 19 more RBIs this year. LOL). He looks to be in the best shape of his career this year. MAybe he found a nice list of sugar free jam recipes.

So...he's absolutely on his way. After Mike Trout made the push for it last year, fading down the stretch in a penant race mind you, there are a lot of people lookign to unseat these guys due to their defense. Miggy got better as the season wore on as the Tigers sealed a playoff spot, while Trout faded in the later months and his team missed the cut. Still they havd more victories than the Tigers, but it should matter how you finish imo. Trout may win the Rotissarie style stat geek ways with his WAR and his value in that format, but MVP voting doesn't always go just by the numbers. Thsi year I'm sure we'll have anothe rone of our big guns in the mix for MVP. Will it be Prince this year, though?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chris Houston Working on 3 year deal

Oh glorious Free Agent opening Day. Earlier today I was on Twitter for about 2 hours refreshing my follows every 10 seconds to see what NFL FA business was going down. From a Lions perspective it looked bleak with most of our players being signed by someone else. Gosder Cherilus was the first bigger name to leave for Indy. Rumors also looked like Avril was headed there too. Delmas was talking to the Rams. Basically we were losing starters and keeping all our backups like Jason Fox, Hilliard, etc. and letting everyone else go because we can't afford them. After doing nothing last year in the off season, Mayhew looks to be right on track to keep his record rolling of not improving the team. IT's very close to time for him to find mounts direct and ride out of town.

The only good news are the upcoming visits of Reggie Bush and safety Glover Quin tomorrow as well as a possible new 3 year deal with Chris Houston. A guy that is our only semi-good defensive back.

Other news suggests that our 1st round OT from last year, Reiff may be getting moved to right guard as well. GO LIONS!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Titus Young Tweeting Again!

I have to tell you, I have been hoping for this ever since he got released from the Lions. He rambled on with a bunch of stupidity back in January, but it looked like he wised up and quit Tweeting for a while. This week he was back at it and he really just has no idea how stupid he looks. I don't even think that something from would help this guy see how badly he is destroying his career.

Titus D Young Sr ‏@TitusDYoungSr

Hate is really love

Expand 22 hrs Titus D Young Sr ‏@TitusDYoungSr

@incredibleanth your mean

View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More 22 hrs Titus D Young Sr ‏@TitusDYoungSr

@BigGame81 hey wish I would've had the chance to at least meet you!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Titus Young "Sr." Still Doesn't Know When to Shut Up

The whiny Detroit Lions WR Titus Young (I refuse to use "Sr." for him in print. He's a child), is back at it on Twitter after being quiet for a while. That he is still on the team is bad enough, but his incessant whining about not getting tthe ball, and wanting to be cut is getting hilarious. ACting like he needs a San Diego workplace discrimination lawyer.

This guy hdid 2 things last year that make him a complete idiot and a detriment to the team. In preseason last year he lost some of his man points by not just punching Louis Delmas, but sucker punching him. Not a man. Then later int he season he decided that since he thinks he shoudld get the ball more even though he plays alongside the best WR in the NFL Calvin johnson, he was going to line up in the wrong spot on offense on purpose! The guy should ahve been cut the next day. Yet, here we are still with him doing all of this and now...

"Oh I'm not done, if y'all going to cut me let me go. I'm tired of the threats"

"Never needed the money Give me a dollar and a ball bet I come back #HallofFame" (LMAO @ Hall of Fame. Dude isn't even a #2 ion the LIONS yet)

"Like I said I never been selfish but if I'm not going to get the football i don't want to play anymore". Young followed that Tweet with this self-assessment: "Never have I ran the wrong route, just put my self where the ball was going"

Yeah...when he can be cut he should be cut. He's calling them out. They claim that if he doesn't get on board they will cut him. So...are they just shallow threats? He is very replaceable so I could care less.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Andre Drummond is Making the Pistons Worthy of a Watch Now Too

Not only are the Michigan Wolverines hoops team drawing a lot more interest, but the Pistons may be getting back on the map as well. Their latest 1st round draft pick Andre Drummond is bringing a lot of excitement to Detroit with his play. The 7'0" C is an offensive rebounding and alley-oop machine with his PER-36 numbers matching up with some of the best in the game, and right there with some of the past greats as rookies like Dwight Howard. Here was a good article comparing the two from a few weeks back. Here's an ESPN article talking the per 36 stats from a week ago.

Lawrence Frank is proving to be a coach that many fans who love the game are starting to recognize as well. We're all hoping that he doesn't get the shaft when the Pistons actually become good again because he has certainly done a great job with the trash of a team he has had since he has been here. A team of guys that look like they came from a wholesale catalog. He gets way more out of these guys than anyone should. The way he has used Drummond so far? Many fans want him to get more minutes. This guy thinks that Franks has used him to perfection so far.

Been a Long Time Since People Have Talked Michigan BASKETBALL

Back in the day I used to follow them religiously. I actually liked college hoops. No I'm not talking just the Fab 5 either. I'm old enough to have been blessed with the days where the great National Championship team was here and Glenn Rice set the tournament record for points in what was it '89? Man they were big back then and then the Fab 5 came and they got as big as any college hoops team has ever been.

Then we lost it all because they say we cheated. The program was handcuffed for years and every lawyer from fayetteville nc business lawyer to the NCAA were the ones that got paid then.

Now? Many years after the crimes have been paid for we have a team that is 16-0, #2 in the nation, and 1 game away from the best start in U of M history. People are starting to care a little bit I think.

Still...there are a lot of people saying they haven't proven anything since they haven't beaten a top 20 team on the road yet. Next they play Ohio State on the road and this is called their first true test. #1 Duke just got beat by NC State so a win here puts them at #1 most likely.