Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not much change in Zumaya's condition

Our super fire baller that helped us get to the World Series in a magical season is still suffering from another of his idiot injuries this past off season. From Guitar Hero tendonitis injuries to forest fire rescue injuries (don't believe this was how), and probably a case of fibromyalgia, this guy may never be the same.

Domrowski says:

"There is not much change," Dombrowski wrote in an e-mail from Lakeland, where he and the Tigers scouts were meeting this week. "Surgery went well and he will be in spring training, continuing his rehab with us. He will begin to toss around the first of March. His time frame remains the same, but since not much has changed since surgery, we will continue to assess as his rehab continues."

I've said it many times that I never expected much from his career. The way he throws, and his decisions don't put a lot of confidence in him being able to stick around very long.

This latest injury is costing him another half a season at least. The Tigers biggest hole at the moment is the bullpen and losing a guy that could be an amazing set up guy, or future closer doesn't help it much. He is on the Matt Anderson path that is for sure. I really don't expect him to ever get himself back to the 100-103 MPH fastball range. If he can't do that he better learn how to throw a damn off speed pitch effectively or he is going to be a career minor leaguer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lions Getting Rid of Shaun Rogers

Apparently Millen is at it again. Instead of trying to actually hold his cards tight to his chest he just went a head and floated it out there that Rogers won't be part of the team next year and ultimately destroying his trade value. So...teams can either give the Lions a cheap pick, or player, or just wait it out and hope Millen just cuts the guy. Well Done!

Millen seems more worried about getting a plasma lift for one of his new TVs than he does about his job. A team that is probably going to be as bad as it has been since he took over in 2001 going into next year and no hope to get better. A 6-2 start from a bunch of lucky bounces ended the season by losing 7 of their last 8 games. A team living a lie with a 7-9 record will pick about 10 spots lower in the draft than they should be. Although it really doesn't matter anyways because Millen will pick another WR in the first and then some 5th rounders all the way to the end of the drafft.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pats and Giants to the Super Bowl

I have to admit that the Giants were the last team I thought would make it to the Super Bowl. I've watched this team probably 6 times this season and they are just painful to watch to me. They remind me of the Lions except that they are lucky enough to win the close games. They just seem like a team you want to pull your hair out while you watch them.

So...the Perfect Patriots are playing the Giants who actually gave them a run for their money in the final game of the season. I'll give the Giants a lot of credit. They could have rested all their guys in that last game and just let the Pats skate to their 16-0 season, but they played their starters and made a game of it. Definitely made the Patriots earn their perfect season.

I wouldn't expect anything less in the Super Bowl. Although most people say the PAckers/Pats would have been the highest rated SB of all time New York isn't exactly a third world city with a population of 5,000 so it may just be even bigger than expected. I'll be looking for discount hotels Las Vegas this week while I go there to drop some dough on the game I think.

West Virginia University Athletics in Need of Inogen One

These guys need to take a step back, and take a deep breath with inogen one. These guys are berating Rich Rodriguez daily and going to cost themselves the ability to ever get a decent coach again. Rodriguez should probably just let it go too, but again he is out there saying that WVU reneged on verbal agreements and keeping the story fresh according to Mark Snyder on his blog at the Detroit Free Press. I guess reading anything about Michigan sports is better than trying to pretend we care about the Lions anymore.