Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lions Sign Brian Kelly, Still Suck

Another signing for the Lions in this off season. They have actually been quite active this year, although they really haven't signed a whole lot of useful talent. The major move they made so far was to trade Shaun Rogers to the Cleveland Browns for a 3rd round draft pick and CB Leigh Bodden.

Today they announced the signing of former Tampa Bay Buc corner, Brian Kelly. Signed to a 3-year deal with details undisclosed at this point of course, the Lions have filled at least the starting CB vacancy for the team next year.

The other signings that we have seen in the last few weeks include people with mesothelioma, players that didn't play last year, not due to injury, but due to general suckiness, and every safety that they could get their hands on.

This team is still terrible so don't fool yourself with any of these moves. We have no RB worth squat. Our defensive line is just pathetic now with the loss of Pro Bowler Sahun Rogers. Our offensive line is full of average to below average blockers who get paid like they are Pro-Bowlers. Yes, I know Raiola went to the Pro-Bowl last year, but every Lion that made it were alternates other than Roy and they certainly did not deserve to go.

Add to the fact that Kitna is a terrible QB , and we have a coach that is pretty much only competent at making cliche sports quotes. LBs are gone. Lehman is gone, Bailey is probalby gone, and we have Ernie Sims. Nothing else to get excited about.

Kalimba Edwards is leaving as well as far as reports go so this team is going to rebuild again for th 57th year.

Of course int he draft if you think we will address either line you are high on weak Lions weed. The Kool Aid after a 7-9 season should be at an all-time high, but this team gets worse by the day.

Remember that Millen is drafting for this team. We may have a couple extra pics, but when a guy loves to draft 5th rounders in the 2nd and 3rd you really can't expect him to hold on to the extra picks we have. HE will get all excited about some realtive no-name and blow extra picks to move up 2 spots and get a guy he could have draft 2 ROUNDS later.

God I hate this team.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sports Collectibles and Autographs

Recently I stumbled upon my box of old sports cards, and other memorabilia. Cards that when originally acquired were probably worth more than they are now thanks to our good friends at Ebay and their love for players who have played for 1 moth and have much glossier cards than the old fashioned Topps Rickey Henderson rookie. Forget the fact that all these players are Hall of Famers and have actually played professional sports at extremely high levels for may years, that is just not good enough. Do you want a brand new Dwayne Wade card, or do yo want an old Karl Malone Rookie? Apparently if you are spening money these days you want the Dwayne Wade. Don't ask me why.

So what can you do to make these cards, as well as any of your sports collectibles worth a bit more? There have been debates for years about whether autographs are good for cards, but that was silly. Fact of the matter is that if you have a genuine autograph on a card, or any other type of sports collectibles you are going to be better off than just having the card, or the collectible.

I've been kind of looking around at what ways you can do this lately and it is sort of difficult to get thing si already have autographed with out running out and finding a card show, or pushing over fans at a game to get an autograph.

So when I found this place called Hyped Up Sports I found it interesting. Apparently they have brokered deals with Upper Deck to allow you to get autographs on your memorabilia from exclusive athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. You send in your memorabilia and these guys will autograph it for you complete with all the necessary paperwork to show you it is the genuine article.

Since you can actually do this with your own memorabilia it is safe to say that the other memorabilia they have on the website is quite genuine. Can't get much better than probably the biggest names in sports in the last generation with the likes of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant. You will want to look at this soon because some of these guys have dates already scheduled and may not be available again for a long time.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pistons Lose Season Series to Celtics had a good feeling that the boys weren't there to play when they go ddown 19-3 early in the first quarter. Then they only have 39 at halftime and played an uphill battle the rest of the way.

Friends tried to tell me that they played a game the night before and they were tired. It gave me a shudder to hear that actually. IT brought back the memory of Chauncey Billups being quoted after getting knocked out of the playoffs last year by the Cavs. He said something along the lines of being glad that it was over, and that he was very tired. Hope he got a hold of his angel investors and had a great vacation.

The comments to me that they were probably tired irked me quite a bit. This season the starters are getting a ton of time off as our bench is putting in a lot more minutes than they have since this squad has been together. This excuse DOES NOT fly this year. IF they try to play that excuse this year after getting knocked out I am going to start accusing them of throwing games. I'm looking right at you Chauncey against the Cavs last year.