Friday, April 04, 2008

How Bout Them Tigers?

Start the season getting swept by the Kansas City Royals. Everyone thought the bully would be the problem, but it looks like the hitting is the problem so far. Cold bats got shut down for nearly 20 innings in the series before Inge finally broke the streak, yes Brandon Inge, when he hit a HR yesterday int he 7th.

Funny thing about the game I think it was Wednesday was Rod Allen. He decides he is going to say some silly crap that all these guys are Latino so they aren't used to the cold and can't play yet. If that is the case they better be looking for Branson rentals in October because they aren't getting anywhere in the playoffs if they are afraid of the cold.

Grandy please come back. I miss you.

Tigers are on pace to go 0-162 for the first time in MLB history.

I think these guys are all just pressing a bit early with the pressure of being told they are so great early on. Sheff was like that when he first got here too like he had to carry the load. They will settle in and make pitchers looks stupid eventually.

Oh...and Leyland? You ever heard of a flippin' bunt dude? We had at least 2 men at 2B this series with no outs and they didn't score. Pop ups and lazy fly balls in that situation? I thought these hitters were actually good?