Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pistons Playoffs Begin Sunday

Long gone are the seasons where I watch every single game. I used to watch every last game of the Pistons, but over the years the NBA has become a bit unwatchable to me. Especially the quality of basketball the Eastern Conference puts out. A couple of years ago I probably should have had look at life insurance rates the way I watched e3very game like it was life or death, but I guess I have grown out of the obsession.

Now I tend to only watch about 30-40 games a year, if that. Then when the playoffs come I watch them all. It certainly saves me a lot of frustration as the Pistons team is very high on providing it. With their whiny players and their half-assed efforts on many nights it becomes rather difficult to watch these guys. Especially the idea that you are so sick of them under-performing every year.

This year, however we got to watch quite a bit of bench play. Stuckey, Maxiel, Amir Johnson, Afflalo, and Jarvis Hayes got significant minutes. It was a breath of fresh air to see these guys play considering the starting 5 have been putting in close to 40 minutes a game for the last half decade. It also takes away their excuse from previous years as well. That they were too tired to keep playing after logging so many minutes the last several years. The bench put in mega minutes this year so all excuses are out the window. It is time to go back to the Finals and win, or break this thing up.