Friday, December 21, 2007

Tigers Sign D-Train to 3-Year $29 Mil Deal

Didn't take long to re-sign the first of the two Florida Marlins that the Tigers acquired via trade a few weeks ago. This deal doesn't bother me too much. He's kind of a risky sign, but he is young and has shown he can pitch in the past. It isn't like anyone can't get a $10 mil/year deal who throws more than 50 innings a year now so he isn't going to be that highly paid compared to those equal or lesser than he is. I guess he can fill up his stereo cabinet with some nice equipment now.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wolverines get Rich Rodriguez

May be the most sought after coach in the country. Labeled by many as the Grandfather of the Spread Offense. A total flip of the Michigan philosophy is what I see many people saying. Now the offense may be more dynamic than it ever has,b ut he isn't exactly a pass happy coach either. He has been a running coach many years, but one thing to note is that he has always catered to his talent. IF he has the talent to run the scheme one way that is how the scheme is going to be run. If his players don't cater to that scheme it is tweaked to run to the strength of those players. He's an innovator. Not a scheme guy by any means. He's a real coach. Time to pack up the cat furniture and get rolling into Ann Arbor. This should be an exciting hire. Long overdue.