Friday, August 10, 2007

Fantasy Football is soooo close

Well i've already begun on the fantasy football strategy, and I think our league has found the best fantasy site out there. is simply incredible. We have used CBS, Yahoo, etc. and have always paid to use the features for a keeper league. Until now. Flea Flicker is completely free and is run by a guy who tried all these sites before as well. He took what was good about all those sites and combined them all in one place. Got rid of the things we all hated and made this place about the best keeper format I have seen.

Screwing around looking at slot cars I came a crossed the site a couple months back and decided to check it out. Our league was so impressed that we junked our thoughts of going with CBS and moved over to Flea Flicker. They have everything you pay for at Yahoo and CBS for free. Live scoring, pick trading, and keeper leagues. Yahoo doesn't even have a real keeper league format so we left there long ago. Flea flicker even keeps track of draft picks 2 year sin advance. We can trade 2008 and 2009 draft picks THIS year. We don't pay for live coring at all. They also have a Mock Draft there as well you can run as often as you want. The mock draft will take all the keepers out, and make sure the traded draft picks are in order so it is a true mock of your league. Can't speak highly enough about this place. You are screwing yourself if you don't look at it and decide to pay any of the other places.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Detroit Tigers are losing it

I'm not certain, but I may have to say that a starter hasn't won a game in almost 20 starts? These guys look to be in a real tailspin right now. The White Sox are playing spoiler and the Twins are surging towards the top of the division. Even the Stankees have caught up to the Tigers in the Wild Card race and this team wasn't even .500 a month or so ago. This needs to turn around quick or the Tigers will be looking for an Orlando Vacation package around the time the playoffs start and be playing golf instead of baseball.

Bonds Hit 756

The drama is finally over. Barry Bonds has hit career home run number 756. Now only a few more days of constant Barry Bonds coverage and we can see other nationally televised games besides the San Francisco Giants. You can now use your def leppard tickets and not worry about missing the breaking of the greatest record in all of sports.

Interestingly, Hank Aaron delivered a speech on the Jumo-tron at the game after he broke his record. Aaron has been silent through the entire process of the chase and said he would not be on hand to view the record breaking home run. The media has run with it saying that this is to show that he did not think that Bond's record was worthwhile, and was tainted. Stupid media. At the game he honored Barry and all were happy. Barry broke down during his speech as well when he thanked his father, Bobby Bonds, another all-time great, who had passed away just 2 years earlier. Standing at the side of Barry was his Godfather, the player many say is the greatest player to ever live, Willie Mays.