Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tigers are Rolling

Who would have though going into this season that the starting pitchers would be this good? Who would have though that the worst of them would be Armando Gallaraga? He looks like he is about to lose his job.

Everyone knows that Justin Verlander has been maybe the best pitcher in baseball over the last month. The guy is destroying teams lately. His strikeouts are incredible, which hasn't been the way he has had a lot of success in the past.

Now we get a real gift with Dontrelle Willis seemingly being a real pitcher again? He has had 2 great starts since his return and looks very good. Control is solid, and he seems to have overcome the "anxiety" disorder he supposedly had.

Also, we are getting a ton of help from guys nobody was hoping to get anything from. Anderson has come in to play well in the field, decent at the plate, and an actual stolen base threat.

Clete Thomas, Raburn (Lately anyways), and even Larish at times has provided some solid contributions when they get their chances. Santiago has bee awesome off the bench playing for Everett when he was out.

And Adam Everett? Are you kidding me? Thought this guy would hit .230 here and have 20 RBIs. He is leading the team in BA with runners in scoring position last I checked. Laird has gotten out of his slump and is even contributing at catcher.

Oh yeah...Mr Mendoza Line Inge...dude is playing at an All-star level!

IT is a great year so far to lounge on the patio chairs and catch a game on the radio that's for sure.