Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tigers Back to Losing Ways

Lose 7, win 1, lose another one. This time the Tigers brought their bats, but didn't bring the arms. Well...they haven't really brought the arms yet anyways, but at least they brought the bats.

Maggs hit his first dinger of the year, and incredibly it was his first RBI of the season as well. Sheff continued to suck by grounding into a bases loaded double play with no outs in an inning that the Tigers were destroying Red Sox pitching. They had just score 2 runs on 2 straight singles after loading the bases when Sheff GIDP to all but kill the momentum.

Then the natural acne treatment cream had to come out as we all sweat the crap bullpen. They didn't disappoint and go shelled every inning thereafter to keep increasing the Red Sox lead.

Oye...when will it end?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tigers Finally Win!

The only franchise left in the league to win a game finally pulled one off tonight by beating the Boston Red Sox 7-2 in the second game of the 3 game series. The Tigers, who started the season a league worst 0-7 have finally notched a win.

Although it wasn't as pretty as the score Tiger fans will take it. Hopefully the players are a bit relieved as well and can start playing some baseball now. 155-7 here we come!