Friday, June 07, 2013

Victor Martinez Getting Hot

We all figured it would take a while for VMart to get his timing back this year and get back to his regular high bA after spending an entire season recovering from his knee injury. Coming into June he was still struggling with a low .200s batting average and it was starting to get a bit frustrating. He was still contributing, but nowhere near the level he is known for. While he is basically a full-time DH now, and doesn't take to the field with his maui jims, he does get a few spot starts here and there.

The past couple games he has raised his average 15 points by going 5-8 with 2 HR and is 10-29 his last 9 games with 3 HR. Already leading the league in batting average the Tigers can only get more dangerous on offense. VMart is in the 5th slot in the lineup, which tends to be a major straw stirrer when it comes to turning the lineup over. If he gets rolling behind Prince and Miggy it could be time for a serious Tigers winning streak.