Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joke Of the Week: Kevin Smith Thinks He Has Some Clout

Don't get me wrong. I like Kevin Smith. When he plays. Unfortunately for us he has missed a lot of time since being drafted. HE has finished the last 2 seasons on the IR, and has sustained injuries to pretty important places like the knees. His yardage has gone down the last 2 seasons as well.

Regardless of this I thought he looked better than Best did for most of the season while he was playing. He has a different style and if he could stay healthy, and Best could be healthy at the same time it isn't a bad duo. Maurice Morris filled in admirably as well this year as well and looked better than Best most of the year too. We're going to assume Best's injuries of "turf toe" were more debilitating than would expect for a guy that played every week and just giv ehim the benefit of the doubt.

Back to Smith. According to a story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Smith was in Miami working out on his own when he asked a reporter to deliver a message to the Miami Dolphins: "Come get me.'' Maybe he could get a deal showing people how to get rid of belly fat, but he isn't going to get traded.

First off, he's a 3 year vet and would be a restricted FA regardless of the new CBA. Second of all, believing that he has that kind of value is a bit silly. Miami would have to compensate Detroit to get him, and frankly there are a lot of RBs available at all times that probably offer similar services as KS has at this point. Maybe even better.

Lions said they were ready to use him a lot next season with Best and have a true duo back there. Odds are that is still going to happen because nobody is going to pay to get him. Just another Lion spouting off with nothing to back it up. Remember...Smith has been one of those that has in the past guaranteed 10 wins for a Lions team that ended up losing double digits.

Tigers Agree to $2.3 Million Contract With Armando; Designate For Assignment

Armando "28 out perfect game" Galarraga is a guy that has had an up and down run with the Tigers. HE has had a decent season, and a couple mediocre to awful ones. The latter being most of 2010 except for his perfect game.

By tendering Galarraga a contract last month, the Tigers had already committed to sign him for 2011. The amount would either be negotiated (as it was) or would have been determined in arbitration. These deals are not guaranteed, so if the Tigers end up releasing Galarraga, they would owe him only a fraction of the $2.3 million.

The Tigers now have 10 days to trade or release him, or send him outright to the minors. Not as absurd I guess as it sounds on its face, but it is still strange.

Any trade will get us very little. Maybe a RP, or a spec that we can't use this year. Of course stranger things have happened, and someone might just love him enough to make it worth our while. At the same time the Tigers have at least 2 rotation spots that you really can't depend on. Armando was a little bit of insurance for Coke who has never pitched as a starter for a full season, or newly signed Brad Penny who is oft-injured. Regardless having him as a 6th starter he likely would have had about 10 starts this year no matter how it went. best diet pills

I guess what it comes down to is if the Tigers think they have better options, or they can get something of real value for Armando. I am not exactly a huge fan of having the guy in the rotation anytime soon, but he has the experience. He certainly could be in the long relief role too and be a spot starter all year. Again I am not really fussed about this, but it does seem like an odd move on its face. Hopefully something of consequence comes from it.