Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 ALDS Begins! Tigers @ Yankees

This has been one of the most perfect seasons for the Tigers that I can remember. 2006 was a great year, but I think this season we found much more excellence along the way. We didn't fade at the end and end up with a Wildcard bid. The Tigers completely dominated the division down the stretch and went on a massive tear to close out the year looking like a team on a mission. Fully deserving of a Black and Mild.

While Justin Verlander got most of the headlines with his 12 game winning streak and his MVP consideration, Doug Fister may have been more dominant over that time than he was. At one point during his reign of terror since being acquired by Detroit he had as many wins himself as Boston did. You know, that team that went 9-30 to finish the year and drop a 9 game lead to miss the playoffs. Detroit on the other hand went 30-9 over the same time frame.

Miguel Cabrera was just as amazing. Hitting over .400 from August 1st through the final game of the season. Hitting over .430 in the month of September to cruise to the batting title. While Verlander got most of the MVP talk over the last couple months, Cabrera is just as worth, if not more. Compared to all the other MVP candidates at the plate, Miggy was by far the most valuable of them all when it mattered.

Going into the series at New York tonight we will face a Yankees team that has C.C. Sabathia having another great year, while a bunch of other household names having "off" years. Texiera, Jeter, Posada, and A Rod all are having poor seasons, yet we know what they are all capable of.

Of course you can't talk about the Yankees without mentioning our old favorite Curtis Granderson. An MVP candidate himself that hit over 40 HRs this season in that lineup, although barely hitting over .260. While I'd like to see him succeed as much as anyone, I have no love for my ex-favorite Tiger this week. When he dives and steals a double from Avila I will not cheer. :)