Saturday, June 05, 2010

And Down Goes Zumaya....

Well..we all knew it couldn't last all year didn't we? It looks like Joel Zumaya has injured himself. He entered the game int he 8th inning with the Royals putting up a bit of a fight. He walked the first batter on 4 straight pitches and couldn't keep the ball down. 2 pitches into the next batter out came the trainer and Jim Leyland.

From the appearances it looked like it might b e a pesky blister. Nobody has said anything conclusive yet, but some have wondered if it might be that old tendon injury again that kept him out for a long time before. This happens because he grips the ball so hard that he actually injures himself with the pressure.

Zoom has been a BEAST this season and losing him would be an incredible loss. So take your baby prenatal vitamin Zoom and get your ass back out there.

Leyland to Stick With Perry For Now

With such a short leash on Scherzer when they sent him down, one could conclude that Ryan Perry is on the verge of his own trip to the minors, or one could hope. After blowing basically 3 games in the past couple weeks Leyland plans to stick with him for now and jsut give him advice on the best place to buy apidexin among pitching tips I guess.

Ryan Perry allowed one inherited runner to score and two more of his own runs Friday night. That continued a two-week slide which has seen his earned-run average go from 2.41 to 5.91. Leyland said his slider is flat and that he likely needs to use more two-seam fastballs, while also avoiding leaving too many balls out over the plate.

“I’m going to stay with him for awhile,” Leyland said. “If things at some point don’t get worked out, you go down and work ‘em out. We’re going to see if we can work it out here.”

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Armando Galarraga Throws Perfect Game; Gets Robbed

I've never been more sick after watching a sporting event. June 2, 2010 Cleveland Indians @ Detroit Tigers will go down as the most upsetting game I have ever seen. Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game. HE threw such a perfect game that he got 28 outs in a row.

If you watched this game you know how shocking it was. I am literally sick to my stomach still and this game finished 45 minutes ago. I don't even know what to say really, but I have to say something. With 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning an umpire blew an obvious call. A ground out that was clearly the final out of the game. Not just any game. A perfect game. Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game that will never show up as one.

I am not even angry. I am just shocked. I feel like I should be breaking my modern furniture into tiny pieces right now. I will say I'm proud our fans didn't relive the Malice at the Palace tonight. I don't think I would have been able to do anything either I would have been so shocked.

Turn the Tigers on NOW


Pistons seek Help In Selling Team

I think it is safe to say that most fans, and current management would welcome new ownership as soon as possible. While Old Man Davidson was a huge basketball fan, and a respected owner, his widow isn't exactly into the whole thing. She has stated she wants to sell the team and it looks like it will happen at some point. Thank God.

While she is too late in life to hook up with a term life insurance quote most likely, she doesn't really need one when she has a half a billion dollar team ready to unload.

The Detroit Pistons officially are for sale.

The Pistons and Palace Sports & Entertainment announced Wednesday that they have hired Citi Private Bank Sports Advisory -- a subsidiary of Citigroup -- as a financial advisor to assist in the sale of the team.

The Pistons stated that Citi is in contact with "a number of interested parties" and that the Pistons would have no further comment on the process "until there is substantive news to report."

Tigers in Suck Mode

About a week and a half ago the Tigers were in first place. Since then they have fallen all the way down to 4.5 games back while going 2-8 in their last 10. Losing to chump squads such as the Oakland A's and the Cleveland Indians. That's right, they are in Suck Mode.

They can't hit. Unless they are Miguel Cabrera. Brandon Boesch has more or less slid back into obscurity the last couple weeks as well from his Chris Shelton-esque debut last month. Didn't take too long. Get that man some hgh and get me a friggin' shortstop that can hit over .150. Get Roy Oswalt to while you are at it.

Dontrelle Willis Traded For Some Guy

Looks like Dontrelle is finally gone after having such an amazing career in a Tigers uniform. Truly on of the Tiger greats. While he may be gone from the team he will still be remembered as Illitch writes him his checks for the rest of the season because Arizona only has to pay him about $260K this year while we are stuck with the other $34234234 Million.

Oh we got some guy in return. Billy Buckner to be exact. Not that one. Not even close. Much worse. Not even worth looking into. Just don't bother. He got a glowing review from Dombrowski after the trade had been finalized. A true great addition to the squad that makes us fans sleep well at night even without the best night cream. Here was what DD had to say:

"He's been an up-and-down guy between Triple-A and the big leagues," Dombrowski said. "He's had three starts at the big league level this year. They have not been good. But he did very well for them at Triple-A. He's a guy that gives us some protection. He can start or relieve."

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Scherzer Back With a Vengance

Max Scherzer got sent down to the minors a couple weeks ago to either take a step back, or work on his mechanics. This week he landed back in the Tigers starting rotation and came back enraged it seems that he could of ended up doing catalog printing if he wasn't going to come around.

Scherzer didn't pitch very long. Just 5 2/3 innings, but what he did do was dominate. Dominate to the tune of 14 strikeouts, which means he struck out 14 of the 17 out he got in the game.

While he was dominant, with so many strikeouts comes a lot of pitches. He was taken out just short of a quality start at 113 pitches already due to the strikeouts as well as 4 BBs. While he looked great, we still need to see it again. Oakland isn't exactly the MLB's best hitting team.