Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tigers have a lot of work to do

What went from an exciting season of expectations has turned into almost a chore to keep watching these games. The team has been awful since the All-star break and has just not had the luck in th injury department to keep up with the surging Clevelan Indians. Even though Seattle is trying to make it easy to win the Wild Card, the Stankees are still playing well enough to make even that a slim possibility. Pudge may be wearing maternity clothes by the end of the year thinking of expecting a new baby in the form of a new contract, but it looks like it may not be back with Detroit. HE has a $13 million option left on his contract, but considering that he has an on base percentage less than .290 you can't even justify bringing him back. His defense has been falling off this year as well so this may be the last year we see Pudge in a Tigers uniform.

Football Finally Start!

Big game to start off too. Indy vs. The Saints. Should have a major fantasy impact right away as well. May be time to get a cash advance to start a bit of betting on games :).

Unfortunately not many of my teams have guys in these games. I wasn't able to get Brees in any draft, and Manning goes way too high to make picking him reasonable considering that you have to get RBs before you go out and get a QB. Any time I've ever drafted Payton where he is ranked my team has sucked because I end up with my 2nd RB being a guy that is something like Denver's back up. I have Addai on a team though so at least I have soemone to cheer for. I have an outstanding trade to pick up Wayne, or Harrison in another league, but that won't go through before this week. Still something to pay attention to I guess. Should be a high flying game though.