Friday, May 04, 2007

Calvin Johnson

Video of some of his many highlights with Eminem doing the score.

Calvin Johnson was the #2 overall pick in this year's NFL draft. HE just happened to go to the worst franchise in sports, and my favorite team, the Detroit Lions. While the #3 overall pick Joe Thomas was out boating with his father CJ was getting drafted by the Lions. He looked less than pleased. Lions fans were upset a bit too.

No one is upset with getting the best player in the draft, but many felt that the Lions should have been able to rape some team by taking 15431531234 draft picks away from them. CJ is talked about as one of the best WRs in the last decade and should be He's amazing as you can see from the vid. The Lions however have way too many holes to be taking luxury picks so everyone thought they would trade in a deal of the century. Millen screwed that up so we get our 4th Top 10 WR in the last 5 years. Only Roy Williams is left and now CJ. Big Mike Williams got traded to the Raider along with Josh McCown for a 4th round draft pick. Go Millen!

Pistons-Bulls Begins Tomorrow

A classic NBA rivalry begins tomorrow int he NBA playoffs between my Detroit Pistons and the upstart Chicago Bulls. The Pistons are the top ranked team in the Eastern Conference and will take on the old rival that stole away the face of the Detroit Pistons in Ben Wallace during the off season by giving him $60 Mil over 4 years.

I hated to see Big Ben go, but he is on the decline and the Bulls certainly overpaid by a bundle. Even with out him the Pistons still took the top record in the conference and seem to be even better than they were with him here. Signing Chris Webber after he was cut earlier in the year didn't hurt a whole lot either.

This is one of those series you would expect Detroit to win, but the Bulls are a nag and will put up a good fight. These are the kind of teams Detroit always seems to have problems with and take them a bit lightly. This year though you can expect that they will be ready playing against their former star Big Ben. Know as "The Body" by the rest of the league he is a defensive superstar, but a very weak offensive player. His workout regimen is matched by none and may even include the Best Diet Pills around. He's more of a clean up guy on the offensive glass and the last thing you want it him to be on the FT line.

This series "should" only go about 5 games in my opinion, but the Pistons do like to take a game off here and there. That last series sweep was their first since back in the Bad Boy era i believe so that shows right there they don't seem to get up for every game. Probably due for a snoozer in Game 1 so they can lose their home court advantage and make it more difficult on themselves.

I'd like to think they will win in 5, but knowing this team the way I do I think it will go to 6 games.

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Barry Bonds

It's no secret that Bonds is my favorite baseball player ever next to the great Tony Gwynn, but even I was skeptical about how he would do this season. I figured he would be able to break Hank Aaron's career HR mark of 756 this season, but the way he is playing he may get close to 800.

Last I checked he was on pace to hit over 50 again. He is hitting .348 which is going to probably put him in contention for the batting title again like he won a few years back. Considering he gets intentionally walked every other at bat he doesn't need a ton of hits to keep his superb average. When someone pitches to him he usually hits a HR, or at the very least gets a hit. It is not uncommon to see his stat line for a game of 1-2 with a HR and 3 walks.

The guy is just amazing. I don't care if he injects beef roids into his eye. The guy is the best player in the modern era. You still have to hit the ball. Roids aren't going to do that much for you. IF he wasn't such a jerk he would be as big as anyone in sports. He still is, but not in a good way. He may not be endorsing first communion gifts and have a ton of morals, but he certainly is exciting to watch play. When he is in the batter's box everyone just stops to watch.

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Dirk Nowitski is a Bum

This guy only threw up what 13 shots yesterday? He's supposed to be MVP of the league and he doesn't even shoot 20 shots in an elimination game? Dude only scored 8 points in the game and just was invisible. Terrible show for the guy.

So the Mavs make history by being the only #1 seed to lose to a #8 seed in NBA history. 67 wins and 15 losses on the year going into the playoffs. Total choke job. Worst upset in NBA history.

Have to give a ton of credit to the Warriors though. The Mavs had no answer for them all year. I think the Warriors won 10 of 11 games they played this season. Baron Davis was unreal. The guy is so good. So smooth. Just made everything look effortless int he series. Stephen Jackson surprised me a bit in this series with how well he played. Thug Life got it done so he has to get some props as well. Jason Richardson is just an athletic freak and tore the Mavs a new one.

Dirk may be in a new uni next season i think. The guy just isn't getting it done int he playoffs. Starting to look like one of those soft Euros we all like to rag on so much. Dirk may need some Cialis to get it rolling in the bedroom after this stripping of his manhood.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pistons get the SWEEEEEEEP!

The upstart Orlando Magic didn't put up much of a fight. I guess you can't expect them to when they have Ankle Hill and Dorko on the squad. Just not enough talent.

The Bulls knocked off the defending champs in a sweep as well so we get to see hours upon hours of Michael Jordan and Bad Boys clips I am quite sure. Should be some great nostalgia.

I like the match up for the Pistons better than they would have had against the Heat. I think their experience and defense will force the Bulls into some ugly shots and give us a short series. Pistons should be able to pull this out in 5, but they like to play asleep and haven't in a few games so they are likely to give up a game in the first 2 and end up going 6 or 7. They are the better team though.

While you watch the series you may want to lounge in your new teak outdoor furniture and catch some of the summer night air. It is heating up finally so it will be nice to get outside finally.