Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barry Bonds Perjury Case Update

Yup...Barry Bonds is supposedly going to have to stand trial for perjury for one of the many tax wasting trials the congress has forced on us because they happen to want face time.

The case against Barry Bonds just got a little fuzzier: The prosecution virtually conceded in a Valentine’s Day response to a defense motion to dismiss the indictment that it asked the slugger confusing and often ambiguous either/or questions in the grand jury.

Prosecutors also inadvertently touched off a minor media firestorm by botching the date of an alleged previously reported positive drug test for Bonds. In earlier filings – and even in part of this latest filing – the government referred to a November 2000 date.

Like alarm system monitoring, we need some sort of damned tax system monitoring for these douchebags that work in government. Pay Fox to do these trials. At least they are more capable of handling reality TV than these morons asking the questions in Congress.

A-Rod Expects Questions on Drug Use

Nobody is clean in Major League Baseball. You can sport all the religious jewelry you want and it still doesn't mean you are clean. OK...we have that clear.

So...Alex Rodriquez talks out today and says that he expects to be approached about drug use as he breaks every record in the MLB record books.

“Right now, the game is in a very not-trusting situation with our public, with our fans,” A-Rod said Wednesday in his first remarks after arriving at spring training. “Some of the things that I’ve accomplished and potentially some of the things that people think I can accomplish, my name has come up and will probably come up again in the future.”

It comes up because the league won't let it die! IF it wasn't for steroids there wouldn't be anything in baseball to talk about apparently. Stats are meaningless now. You could hit 1000 home runs and people would still say you were juicing.

“Last year, I got tested 9-to-10 times,” Rodriguez said. “We have a very, very strict policy, and I think the game is making tremendous strides.”

Sure you did. Probably about 9-10 times in the same week after a 6 month warning to when you were going to be tested.