Sunday, April 05, 2009

Allen Iverson Done For the Year?

Of course he is...that was what he wanted. What AI wants AI gets I guess. After openly complaining about coming off the bench, and "being hurt" last week, Joe Dumars gave AI just what he wanted. HE told us that AI would not play the rest of the year and covered it up by saying it was because of his back.

Hey, at least he didn't fail a drug test because of some Lipovox diet pills, or get suspended for too many techs like Sheed always does. He just pretty much ruined the team chemistry from the day he arrived.

This was one of the most excruciating seasons I can remember, and I remember the "Teal" days. Besides the total lack of team chemistry we had all year, the new coach Michael Curry is one of the worst team managers I have ever seen. We can blame the players for a lot of it, but Curry never figured out what to do with this team. Although Rip, AI, and others were hurt at times to disrupt this a bit, Curry not once found a reliable line up to run out there every night. I can understand that getting a player like AI was going to change things, but after a month, or 2 there should be some consistancy. Not here.

As for AI. This guy can go to hell. He talked about how he'd do what was best for the team all year. While he was recently hurt. Then 2 days back and he is whining to the pres about how he would rather retire than come off the bench. NEWSFLASH: AI has never won a damn thing. He is not a good team player no matter how hard he plays. HE doesn't make anyone around him better. We lost Chauncey and got AI. That was it. Denver is the 2 seed in the West now and we are close to missing the playoffs and winning at least 20 less games than we would have if Billups were still here.

GOOD RIDDANCE AI! Go play somewhere else and jack up 50 shots a night and "get yours". That shit don't play in Detroit, pal.