Thursday, November 24, 2011

Suh Sucks

After our latest embarrassing T-Day game I think it is safe to say that we no longer have to listen to Suh lovers defend him for his idiocy anymore. Pulling a Haynesworth and kicking a guy on the ground was top notch dirty play. Most fans will turn on him because of their sense of fair play. Me? I don't care. Sammie Lee Hill can do his job the way he is playing this season. Detroit had no reputation that was positive before this. It changes nothing. No personalized pins with catchy slogans can hide the fact that the Lions are still a national embarrassment.

This was the biggest game for the Lions in probably 20 years. That's how pathetic they are. This season is done folks. Don't bother with the playoff tickets. Bears will finish better. Atlanta will finish better and has the tiebreaker. The Giants will likely finish better. Those are the only 3 teams that matter. By the end they may be so far back that 7 may still be their number of wins.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New In Town

Author: Theresa Guerrero

A girl that I work with just recently moved her from California. I was talking to her about all the adjustments she is having to make. She said that she has adjusted pretty well so far and that she has most of her stuff moved in as set up. One of the things she did have set up was her tv. She was not sure which company to use. I told her to go to to research what is available. I told her that she can compare prices and packages to find what would be best for her. I know that it is probably hard moving across the country without knowing anyone. I am trying to help her adjust as much as a I can and she seems to be really grateful for my help. Apparently she is not used to people being so friendly and willing to help. I just know that if I were new in town, I would want someone to reach out and help me. Letting her know what her options for tv packages is just a simple way I can help.