Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Series Nobody Cares About

Arizona vs. Colorado. These two teams are the MLB's nightmare. Just like the Tigers and Cardinals were last year in the World Series. They fear people will be more into their RC cars than a series with teams such as this.

The Rockies have won about 212398947 games in a row. Matt Holliday is becoming a household name. Waht else could you ask for? Looks like they tore Webb up a little bit tonight too as it is 5-1 in the 7th already.

Indians-Rockies in the World Series. Indians in 5.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wait...the Indians won right?

So I'm watching Sportscenter today and trying to see some news on the upcoming series and how the rotations are going to work out. See if Peter Gammons is going to have a Red Sox orgasm on air and all that. Apparently the Yankees are still playing? Not sure really. Every story in the rundown on Sportscenter is about the freakin' Yankees! Go away! You lost to the Indians. The Yankees should be out buying seagull lighting for their vacations down south now that their season is over. I don't care if Torre gets fired. The guy is a Mascot Manager. Sucked before he came to New York and will suck if he goes elsewhere. Any idiot could manage that Yankees team. Hmmm...should I play A-Rod today? Should I ask for them to spend $90 million on some overrated players? Can we trade away all of your prospects for late 30-year old sluggers who are on the decline? Yes. Yes we should. Then we will lose again because our pitchers are older than NY itself.

How about Roger Clemens faking another injury in the playoffs? Gotta love that guy and how he gets paid. Two years in a row he took himself out of a playoff game because of an "injury". Hang it up old man.