Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joe Dumars May Have Lied

After elimination from the playoffs in the Eastern Conference Finals by eventual champs the Boston Celtics, Joe D told us all that MAJOR changes were coming. this point we are sitting here scratching our heads as to what possible changes there are left to make that would constitute "major".

Rumors are floating aroudn that we may be interested in T-Mac from the Houston Rockets that would send either Billups and Tay, or Sheed and Tay to them in exchange for the perennial all-star and one man scoring machine.

The Clippers actually stole Marcus Camby this week by giving the Nuggets nothing. A 2nd round draft pick that may, or may not ever be given due to the arrangement.

Elton Brand has signed with the Sixers.

So what exactly do we have to look forward to? It may be time to get out your crib bedding and curl into the fetal position to cry if something doesn't happen soon.

What we could have had:

Marcus Camby and T-MAc for a 2nd rounder, Tayshoun Prince, and Rasheed Wallace.

What we have so far:

Re-signed Theo Ratliff.