Monday, February 09, 2009

A-Rod to Join Barry Bonds as Cheater

Unless you have half a brain I suppose you could probably just assume that every player in Major League Baseball has used some sort of steroid at some point in their careers. At least all of the ones that are great. Apparently there must have been a steroid dispenser in every locker room before a couple years ago because Alex Rodriguez has been busted as well according to reports of his failed drug tests a few years ago.

Let' snot focus on the guys that do use them though. Let's try and think of the only 2-3 players in the league that DON'T use them. I believe that at least 2 of them play for the Tigers, although one of them I wouldn't be surprised to learn they did.

First is Adam Everett. There is NO WAY this guy has used roids. He can't hit a lick, and you would need a 100 MPH wind behind one of his fly balls to see it sail out of the park. Maybe a few weight loss pills here and there, but roids? I sure hope not. It is like Alex Sanchez getting busted.

The other guy has to be Brandon Inge. This guy I have doubts about though. As little as he makes contact with the ball he still hits a fair number of HRs. He even hit 27 back in 2006 so he might just be on the juice. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he doesn't use them.

Anyone else? Off the top of my head I'd say no.

Matt Cassel to Detroit Lions?

Saw this little blurb from earlier:

Lions | Could be a landing destination for Cassel if traded

Sun, 08 Feb 2009 17:15:57 -0800
Judd Zulgad, of the Star Tribune, reports the Detroit Lions could be a potential destination if the New England Patriots decide to trade QB Matt Cassel, according to the NFL Network's Adam Schefter.

Obviously this is complete BS, and filler news. Sounds like it is just some guy theorizing what could happen with Cassel after finishing his last bottle from his wine of the month club, and considering that the Lions are thought to be targeting Georgia QB Matt Stafford at #1 overall int he draft they are just throwing mud on the wall to see if it sticks.

Odds of this are extremely low I would guess. Remember that earlier this year the Patriots were even talking about Franchising Cassel to keep him around for another year just in case Tome Brady wasn't ready for next season.

Any number of things can be said about this. Next Scott Mitchell, saves us drafting a QB, et. etc. When it all is sorted out this is still the Lions and no matter what they do will end up being a mistake ;).

Should Michael Curry Be Fired as Pistons Coach? we have had a couple months to see what Coach Curry is able to do with the team now, and it seems as if they are no closer to being a good team. Ever since the trade for AI this team has been at best inconsistent. The defense is the worst we have seen since maybe the teal days, and maybe not even that good.

For a guy who made his playing career as a defensive player, it would have been logical to assume that when he was named head coach that this would be the main focus of the team. We have not been rewarded with great defense in any instance. It is almost painful to watch AI try to play defense. He may be one of the worst defensive players I have ever seen.

It begs the question when we have seen so little improvement in team chemistry over the last couple months whether Curry is the right man for the job. It appears to me he is clearly not ready to be a head coach, and that he has no ability to coach. These guys look like they are getting worse instead of better. The players have already been quoted (anonymously of course) as saying things such as how little they believe in him as head coach. This of course is nothing new in Detroit. We have a lot of whiners on this team. Nothing is ever their fault, but the Swatch watches are ticking anyways on this head coaching career in Detroit once you start hearing that he is losing, or has lost the team already.

Even though he probably wasn't going to win us another title, and it was time for someone to go, Billups would be a sight for sore eyes to many fans I think. At least we'd have a leader, and a coach on the court. Something that I would have a hard time believing if any of you tried to convince me someone on the current roster is a real leader.

I can't watch this trash anymore. These guys are the most frustrating team I can remember. They have a ton of talent, but can't seem to beat very inferior teams most nights. They play well against Boston for a bit, then get blown out of the gym. Same with the Cleveland Cavaliers only to get outscored by TWENTY points in the fourth quarter.

Where the hell is this team going? I have no idea. I assume that some of them may be going to a new address soon. Sheed most likely I would guess. As much as I love Sheed he is the most frustrating player in NBA history. Unguardable, but would rather chuck 3s instead of post up.

Rip is also kind of gotten into a strange habit of thinking he is a great iso player. Dude, you are a shooter, and you thrive on coming off of screens. You should never have the ball leading the offense.

Ugh...this team is going nowhere.