Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Guess What Lions Fans...Lions Still SUCK

Last week I read a lot on MLive after the game because I was so disgusted by their performance against Minnesota. Just wanted to see Favre knocked out of the game so bad and that bastard just kept getting back up. We love to play just good enough now to make it look like we have a chance, but our coach can't get these guys disciplined enough to stop shooting themselves in the foot every time it actually matters.

Whiel on MLive I saw all the same signs that has plagued the fans this season. "If you can't see vast improvement in this team you are blind, or stupid.". Get some pills to lose weight you fat idiots. This was the underlying theme from most fans last week. I'm sure it is this week too, and probably even moreso since they actually had a prayer of knocking off Green Bay IN Green Bay on Sunday. Of course their defense decided to become the Lions defense in the final 5 minutes and give up.

Let me spell this out for you real clear. The Lions are 0-4! They have not won a game. Schwartz is 2-18 as the Lions head coach. Millen has been gone for 2 years. Mayhew has had 2 drafts. he has taken literally less than 5 players in those 2 drafts that are worth a dam.

Let me explain something else to you die hards. The NFL isn't the same as it was 0 years ago. You can't take 5 years to rebuild a franchise. You have a 3 year window. That's all you get gentlemen. If you can't make the playoffs in 3 years from any record you have the wrong people running things. We are getting pretty damn close to this 3 year window closing already. IF the Lions had improved they would be NO WORSE than 2-2 right now. This doesn't even include the screw job in Chicago. Philly should ahve been a win, and they absolutely DOMINATED Green Bay in everything. Sadly, that also included penalty yards.

This team will not win. This is not turning around. We are no going anywhere.

Of course we all need to keep on dreamin' so I made the Detroit Lions: Kool Aid and Cornbread Facebook group last week and you are all free to join.