Monday, July 28, 2008

Todd Jones Loses Closer's Job, Tigers Lose Crucial Series

The Tigers have been hot. Their hitting has started to come around, and they have been winning. After a sweep of division foe Kansas City, the Tigers were set for a huge series with division leading Chicago.

Game 1 was a game they had in the bag. Taking a lead late, only to get caught from behind late. Not just caught from behind, but Todd Jones, under the outdoor lighting, blew the game with a 1 run lead, and 2 outs in the 9th. With Quentin down 0-2 int he count he got a seeing eye single. Then getting Jermaine Dye down 0-2 next he slots one over the plate for a 2 run bomb to lose the lead.

Game 2 was no different. Tigers were in the game the whole time. Verlander got rocked, but Detroit was right there all the way until the end. No clutch hitting came and the game was lost.

Finally they were able to stop the bleeding Sunday to win and take one out of 3.

Game 3 was a bit different. Fernando Rodney was used to finish the game off. HE came in to pitch in the 8th and gave up 2 runs to make the score 6-4, but was sent back out in the 9th to close it out rather than Todd Jones. appears that Rodney is now the closer. At least for the time being. I predict Jones will be closing again with in a week.