Saturday, June 02, 2012

Granderson still a thorn in our side

Scherzer not being consistent is really what has made this trade less than favorable ever since DD took the call on his vonage phone. If he wasn't such a con flip every time he went out on the mound to give up 8 ER, or strike out 10 it may still be considered a decent trade. AJax has had an up and down time of it too. No question he is a great CFer, and maybe on par, or better than Granderson in the long run there, but he certainly shares Granderson's other favorite past-time of striking out too. Unfortunately, Grandy hits about 35 more HRs every year than AJax. Then we have Phil Coke. A middle relief pitcher. This is our best and most consistent piece in that trade. A middle relief pitcher. Granderson on the other hand hit a grand slam against us last night and has probably robbed us of about 5 runs sine he got traded with amazing plays in the field when we lay NY.

Casey Crosby Stinks

I think it is about time to end some of the experiments we have going with the rotation and just go for broke. Porcello and Scherzer are about as frustrating as you can get with their coin flip production of either a quality start, or just a plain old blowup. Get Greinke out of Milwaukee, or Garza out of Chicago. Trade Turner, or Porcello, or both at the same time and get a guy we know already has dominated in the AL at one point. We're not gonna get lucky and have someone like Fister fall into our laps again. More likely we'd end up with some junk like Washburn, or Dontrelle Willis trying to save a few bucks. Get that 2nd ace and we're in the game for sure. Let guys like Crosby sell porcelain switch plate covers back in the minors.

proflowers twitter page

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