Friday, August 24, 2007

Detroit Lions Will Not Win 10 Games

Crazy ass Kitna said they would win at least 10 games this year. Roy "I Talk Crazy" Williams has said more. These Samsonite heads are so out there that Dennis Rodman thinks they are a few bricks short of a load.

This defense is pathetic, to be generous. They won't stop my grandma from running wild in the secondary. Will they score some points? Yeah...sure. They still aren't going to win. They are the Lions. Come on. Kitna blew about 8 games last year in the 4th quarter. HE was so bad in fact, that I thought he was actually betting on these games. I wouldn't doubt it.

They will win 6 games. They are well on their way to the mediocrity of the Barry years. Not good enough to win anything, but just good enough where they get a bunch of mid-round picks and players that will never make an impact. Like ti matters. Throw 50 players in a hat and let Millen pick one. Probably about as good as he can do. How does he still have a job? Haha...there is no good answer to that question.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Brandon Jackson

Like I said in my previous post I guess you can understand why I would bring this guy up. Thinking aobut my fantasy football keeper league draft I guess this guy is on my mind. He is a rookie for the PAckers and has all but locked up his spot as their starting RB horse. In keeper leagues the first few picks are always rookie RBs because teams just need to ahve good RBs to win and hope that they catch lightning in a bottle with a new rookie, or a 2nd year guy that is going to be the man now. Last year you had Bush, Addai, Maroney, and Gore. All ahve become top 10 guys in fantasy football. So it isn't hard to believe that at least a couple this year will make a serious impact.

Everyone sitting at their office desks and going over who they will be have said from day 1 that both Adrian Peterson, and Lynch would be the 2 biggest rookies. Peterson you can probably say by the end of the year is the lock of the 2. Lynch was getting the starting job right away so many thought he would have a bigger impact this season. At this point I think Lynch may be #3.

Brandon Jackson i would take #2 if I was there in a keeper league draft. I just think the guy has shown he has the ability to put up some numbers thus far. He runs north and south. One cut and through the hole. HE even can pound it in inside the 5 for that TD so you aren't going to see him losing TDs to a power runner off the bench. HE also looks like he can actually block a little on the pass offense so he has even more going for him. The guy is going to be a horse.