Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And Down Goes Zumaya Part 42

Ugh...poor guy. Dude worked his ass off to come back AGAIN, and now he breaks his elbow doing some pitching. Just broke his elbow throwing the ball. Dude is brittle man.

Well...he's done for the year, but not his career it sounds like. They guess it will take him at least 4 months to recover. He should be back next year for another 30 games before he blows out his shoulder. They may as well just schedule his Tommy John surgery now because it is coming VERY soon.

He better make one more big rehab because his contract i sup and he never go that big one. He'll be selling swimming pool supplies supplies if he doesn't make a comeback.

Sad to see him go down. He was really rolling this year and didn't deserve it. He was a nice firestarter for the club.. Now we can only hope DD found a real RP out of the 600 he has drafted the last 4 years.