Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tigers agree to terms with Zumaya, eight others

Zoom is my favorite Tiger. Glad to see he got extended a bit. Dombrowski is really doing an awesome job with this team. That deal to tie up Bonderman for an extra couple of years was outstanding.

Chad Durbin, Zach Miner, Jordan Tata, Wilfredo Ledezma, infielders Tony Giarratano, Chris Shelton and outfielders Brent Clevlen and Marcus Thames also agreed to terms with the Tigers. Additionally, Detroit renewed the contract of pitcher Jason Grilli.

All these guys are great to keep around as well. Ledezma is looking at either a starting job or at the very least a spot starter job. He's looked good early on this year and has the talent to start. His likely role will be a long reliever in the middle innings, but he adds great depth in case of an injury. Miner did as well last year when Maroth went down for the season. I think he won like his first 8 starts which is amazing. Remember that Miner came over in that deal that sent Farnsworth to Atlanta a couple years back. Farnz didn't want to re-sign during the season and got way too much anyways. Dombrowski pulled the trigger and got us Miner who was a big part of the success we had last year.

In dombrowski we trust.

Get Flowers Online

I am a big flower giver. I have to be. I'm always pissing some one woman or another off in some way. I also like to just send them quite a bit just for the heck of it when I see someone having a bad day. Nothing makes the other women around the office more jealous than when you send your lady some flowers. If I see her stressing in the morning before work I like to send her a gift a lot just to cheer her up a bit. It almost always makes her feel even a little bit better. Everyone in her office gets excited and tells her how great I am and that they are jealous.

Finding a great Chicago flower shop usually means flipping through a phone book, or even having to get off your duff and go to a shop to pick out the perfect arrangement. DIGITAL flowers is much easier. You go online and create a bouqet, get a gift basket, or even chocolates and they get a local to deliver it to your destination of choice. You can view everything online and you don't even have to leave your chair. Somehting I don't like to do since I usually can't leave.

Fantasy Baseball

I'm so unprepared this year. I'm in a couple keeper leagues and we do a lot of trades before the draft normally, but I'm just not into it yet. I haven't studied my cheat sheets or done my annual Excel Spreadsheet breakdowns yet. I only have a couple weeks left to get in and pull off some deals to pick up some better draft picks and get my 5th keeper.

Right now I'm looking at my keeper list and I do have 5, but I want to get one more. I'm going in with some pretty nice ones. Pujols, HAfner, Ichiro, Carlos Lee, and i have to decide between Jimy Rollins, and Ben Sheets as my 5th. I'm trying to package the 2 for a better keeper. I actually did make one trade. I dealt Miguel Cabrera for Ichiro and C. Lee and moved down about 4 slots in the draft for the first round. I want to pick up another high pick I think though, or another Top 20 guy I guess by packaging some of my leftovers.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Free Norton Antivirus Software

So I'm looking at this site and I see that you can download free Antivirus download. It's not just some no name brand either. It is Norton. Apparently it is provide by Google too. I see it has a bunch of great software downloads there that are ones I already trust and use as well as a few that I haven't. I’m wondering what the catch is and there isn’t one. Google packaged a bunch of great stuff together like Firefox, Norton, AdAware, etc. and said they are going to give it to you for free.

Norton automatically removes Viruses, Worms, and Trojans from your computer. Both incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for Viruses and other threats. Norton downloads new Virus definitions automatically to protect against new threats. So I guess I have to recommend that you go get it for free and start protecting yourself with a top of the line software ap.


This blog is by Lyndon, working on his degree in Aerospace Engineering. Esplanade is what he does in his spare time when not studying and doing research where he shares his ramblings on whatever he feels like. He shares interesting videos and images, but he does provide eductaion as well. His post Due diligence: How to research before investing in a stock holds some special meaning to me. You see I have a degree in finance and used to own my own business as a financial advisor so that post makes me smile. It is very accurate.

Kapoosh Universal Knife Block

Most traditional knife holders use slots and are only useful for the knives that came with it. The Kapoosh Universal Knife Block is a bit different. It doesn't use slots also it can be used for virtually any knife. It is stainless steel and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

In addition to the knife holder they offer a beautiful bamboo cutting board. The bamboo cutting board is harder than most woods and it doesn't shrink or swell. The look of it is what caught my eye however.

Aylee: bits of who i am

Aylee has another incredible blog Aylee bits which is incredibly informative and helpful. I didn't have to go far to find a post taht was helpful to me. The very first post I saw caught my eye and will be referred to by me immediately. She lists all the essential Wordpress components that she uses on her blog from the plugins, counters, feed manager, and image hosts. That plugin list is definitely something I will be checking out. She has many of the ones I use and can agree that they are great. Quit e afew I have not tried yet either, but will be soon thanks to her.

Snow Go Away

One of the biggest reasons I hate winter is that I have to wear shoes. Yes I hate wearing shoes. I love to wear sandals that slip right on instead of having to go find a pair of socks and tie up some shoes. Call me lazy. I call it liking to be comfortable. You can find reef sandals online to browse through and get great deals. I am in the market for some new steps myself so finding this was a great place for me to get in the shopping mood.

Sheffield homers in Tigers' 9-7 win

The season is almost here!

Baseball is by far my favorite sport although I am a fanatic about football and hoops too. I'm so excited for the upcoming season after the addition of Sheff to the middle of an already powerful line up. He and MAggs have always been 2 of those guys i always feared when they stepped into the box against my team. I've called Maggs, Sheffield Jr. on many occasions so to have them there in the same line up is so exciting to me.

The Tigers have tons of talent coming up and the pitching is going to be there for a long time. Ledezma is looking good so we have a few guys that can step up and become our #5. Dombrowski is going to pull off some deals this year i am sure by dealing excess pitching we have.

Bonderman, Verlander, and Miller are going to be a sick pitching rotation as early as mid summer. Miller is supposed to spend the year in the minors, but should be called up when we get to the playoffs :). Yeah I said it. This team is back baby!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Student Driver Safety Products

Student drivers are a mennace to the road! No I'm just kidding. they are learning and I was there one time too. They do need safety precautions and experience however. There are many great
automotive products available to help young drivers stay safe like emergency kits, flares, and the very useful Park N Place garage parking system. This system helps prevent damage to your vehicle when the youngsters are trying to park in the old garage. One of the biggest places young drivers tend to get little dings in our vehicles.

I always used to tie a tennis ball or a golf ball to a string and hang it from the ceiling to prevent me from parking too close to the wall, but this thing is much easier and advanced than that arcane system. When you pull up to it and tap it a light comes on to let you know you are at the point where you should be stopping. It's a better target than a bouncing ball that I have to back in and out until it stops flying around for sure.

Gimme a Break

A busy mom chasing minutes all day long is looking for a break. Her blog Gimme a Break talks about all kinds of things, but they are all interesting. The site is clean and easy to read which is something I always like to compliment. I found her post about how to complain effectively pretty funny. She has some tips about how it should be done that you won't want to

The Golden Donkey Awards Ted Murphy wants to give out Golden Donkey awards. In a recent post on the PPP Blog he fired back about an article by David Berkowitz (Sorry, thought he was a serial killer until I read the post) and gives him a Golden Donkey Award for his comments about how ineffective he says PPP is compared to "traditional" methods.

Now that we are talking about blog marketing and what it can do for advertisers I simply love it when PPP gets badmouthed on blogs. Every time I see it they get overrun with traffic. Blogs that are relatively obscure somehow become a super blog overnight with their ramblings about how it is bad for the internet. Surely PPP isn't bad for them. I wouldn't even know who the heck they were had they not been talking about PPP. In fact most of them I would never visit again unless they were talking about PPP their sites are so full of pay per click ads and annoying flashing banners that I have a hard time even finding their posts. At least PPP gives bloggers some sort of creative license in the way they advertise on their blogs. You may argue that the content related ads on their sites are taken from their titles and that they do have control over them, but tell me how often you go to a site about technology and a guy wants to get a bit creative with his titles? Next thing you know there are ads on the site for Atheism, snow blowers, and tickets to see Ice Cube.

I give a Golden Donkey Award to every blogger that uses PPP to make a name for themselves by ripping company on thier blogs. You're not fooling anyone my firends. You got just as good a deal as the posties at PPP when you decided to start your rantings. You should be kissing a framed photograph of Ted Murphy on your nightstand every night before you fall off to sleep.

G3 news & views

The informational blog, G3 News & Views has an enormous amount of useful information about working from homw and making money online. Posts about how to do it wight are all over this blog. The post, Home Businesses You can Easily Slip into Your Daily Schedule gives you a great look into some ideas that will work for you if you apply them. Stay there for a while and read and I promise you will learn something that will make you some money.

Welcome to

Doris has put together a very professional looking blog called Welcome to Her use of pictures gives it a very nice feel when you get inside and the recommendations are very well written. I'm very impressed with the clean design. She does great reviews of interesting products and does very well with linking to the products of interest for her readers. Buying with a purpose is a great story about a gift received as well as the story behind it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Wirefly National Marathon

The New Wirefly National Marathon course has been unveiled for the 2nd year of this annual event. Take a look at the Wirefly National Marathon map and notice that it still starts and finishes at RFK stadium, but there are a few tweaks to the course. The Wirefly National Marathon will be USATF certified as a Boston qualifier now this is a big deal.

The marathon is scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2007 with a 7 A.M. start and registration is now open online. All team pricing is available there for both the half marathon and the full marathon. Registration is simple and easily done online, but make sure you get in before March 18th! Registration closes promptly on that day. Time is running out as this is just under 3 weeks away.

Qualification Requirements:
You must have previously completed:
• a marathon in 5:00 or
• a half-marathon in 2:30 or
• a ten-miler in 1:50 or
• a 10k in 1:05 or
• a 5k in 31 minutes or better (half-marathon only)
Wirefly and The Greater Washington Sports Alliance Foundation is firmly committed to supporting local youth organizations that use sports to build character, encourage physical fitness and enhance education. Members of the 2006 League of Charities include the Special Olympics of D.C., YFCA, the Washington Mystics, Winners Lacrosse, Fort Dupont Ice Arena, and these other beneficiaries . Each organization benefits from a year long effort of fundraising through Sports Alliance events, such as the Wirefly National Marathon and National Half Marathon.

Wirefly is the #1 Cell Phone provider on the internet and has cell phones available for free in many cases with the purchase of a cell phone plan. Every phone ever made is probably on that site so I doubt you will ever have to go anywhere else to compare the deals, or possibly get a better one.

My Fantasy Hoops team

Been so busy lately I dropped out of a playoff spot because I forgot to set my roster 3 days last week. Would have went 6-1 if I had set my team, but ended up 1-5.

My roster is just stacked though. 10 team league Take a look:

PG C. Billups
SG M. Miller
G Mo Williams
SF Crymelo
PF Marion
F Lebron James
C Dwight Howard
Util Rashard Lewis
Util Mike Bibby
BN Nick Collison
BN Chucky Atkins
BN LArry Hughes
BN Dorko Milicic

I honestly should be in first place with the way Mike Miller and Mo Williams have played this year. I need to keep my roster updated. I'm costing myself big time.

Toronto Nightlife

Toronto is one of the best nightlife spots in North America, and the world. I hear athletes talking about how much they love the place and say it is their favorite hang out spot all the time. A social networking community site, allows members to connect with over 50,000 other members online in the area and find out what is going on. Members can create a profile, upload images, and connect with other members of similar interests. If you are in the Toronto area and want to find other people to connect with and find new people to hang out with then is the place for you. Take a look today and see why over 50,000 other members have already found it to be fantastic.

Beautiful British Columbia

Heather writes about boating, fishing, family, history and daily living in the Beautiful British Columbia. Her blog has a friendly feel to it and a nice atmosphere. Reading through all the posts one caught my eye and as I read along the story was even more interesting. She has a video of a Shark Attack that is posted on YouTube, but the story itself is what is most interesting. The video was made by here step-son and he actually got some loot for selling the rights to it. You'll have to go over to her blog though to find out how much he got as well as the great story behind it.

Coffee Time

A fairly new blogger, but she has caught on quickly. Coffee Time is her place to relax and talk about anything she is interested in.

Her post about The 70's describes her quite a bit so take a look and give her a comment to let her know you were there.

Free Fishing Lures!

It's getting closer to thaw out here in Michigan and what better way to look a head to the upcoming thaw than to get some Free Fishing Lures! is a simple way to get free lures by doing very easy surveys. Lures are shipped within 15 days after completing the offers and all you had to do was answer a few questions. How much easier can it be?

In addition to getting free lures right away you can also earn points by taking the surveys to get even more free lures! What are you waiting for fishermen? I don’t know about you, but I try new lures almost every time I go out so not having to buy them is simply a gift from the heavens.


Burf's blog is entirely about mobile devices. He spends his blogging time keeping you up to date on the latest mobile news. Reading along I came acrossed an article about something I had never really thought about before. Creating games for mobile devies and the people that do it. You always think of game makers as those that program for consoles or the PC, but someone has to do it for mobile devices don't they? Check out hi post on Game developing contest for Motorola users and see that there is a market out there for it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

1cover Car Insurance

Get the best Car Insurance Down Under that offers cheap car insurance at great rates, quotes online immediately, comprehensive, fire, theft & third party property damage cover. Quick form to fill out with a quote and you are on your way to getting a super deal with in a very short time. The process is easy and fast. If you want a great rate now, get to the site and get it done right away.

Geeks Corner

I met azrin through PPP and want to introduce you to his blog Geeks Corner today. There is quite a bit of hlepful information there that can make you some money as well as make you rlife easier. Reading his posts I found this one about Free Microsoft Vista and the fact that Bill Gates has been upset with his sales quite hilarious. You just have to read it to believe it.

Video to DVD Transfers

The way old video treats your memories is usually not all that pleasant. The format just isn't going to keep them in good condition. So doing a Video transfer to DVD is the best option there is around for you to make sure that your good times are preserved.

APMStudio can get this done for you and has been doing it since 2002. Serving thousands of satisfied customers over the last 5 years and continues to provide quality service today. Getting your old video transferred is easy and should be the step you take before that old format fades your memories away. Just send them in and let the experts take care of it for you quickly. Get back an amazing DVD with all your memories carefully recorded and preserved for a lifetime.

Ask Jason Personal Tech

This is an interesting site. An ask site about tech with xome pretty good posts so far. Jason brings you Ask Jason Personal Tech for all your tech question needs.

I didn't ahve to look far to find a post that intrigued me. Someone asked Question: Where Can I See Old Computers Online?. Why I liked the question is because that computer was what we used in elementary school when I was in Kindergarten. I had a Vic 20, Commodore 64, and a Commodore 128 way back then at home over the years as well and those things were ancient. Big old floppy disc drives. BASIC programming was your fun. I believe that my C64 actually had a place to insert a game cartridge, which thinking back was a pretty big deal. This may have been after Atari came out so I don't really remember.

LemonFree is a FREE online classifieds service designed to sell your Used Cars. Sellers can list their vehicle in minutes and be charged nothing all the way through the sale. Potential buyers are able to search by Make, model, country, and even State so that they can find vehicles nearby. Look at the Ford Mustang and the available sellers in just a few clicks through their simple search on the site. While searching for the car of your dreams, LemonFree has included a Private Messaging system that allows you to contact seller directly while you search so you don't even have to leave the site while you are going through the listings. Quick, easy, and Free.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Emporium Blog and Directory

This is a really nice looking blog. I was impressed with the template as soon as I got went to teh site. The Emporium Blog has an array of topics, but tends to focus on making money online and tips on how to do so. The blog is much more than a blog though. It has a general web directory of handpicked listings. The Emporium Directory has some excellent blogs to view and if you are lucky you can get yourself added to it.

Need credit card processing?

Many online merchants have the need to get credit cards processed for their online stores so having the ability to process credit cards is a must. There are many credit card processing services avaialbale to online merchants available, but finding good rates isn't always easy.

Competitive Pricing and Low Credit Card Transaction Rates are as important to most online retailers as service is. It may be the first thing they look for. Finding both together is extremely helpful and a real benefit to an online merchant.

Got to watch teh Pistons yesterday again finally

They were nationally televised on ABC and the crowd booed Big Ben and heckled him merceliously. He got a bit frustraded and picked up a nice Tech. Kind of the same way he was getting last year towards the end. Maxiell was the man in the 2nd half and did his best Big Ben impersonation by snagging every loose ball in the area and plucking rebound after rebound. The Pistons looked a bit sloppy once Chicago decided to go with the zone and had trouble scoring while Chicago went on a 13-1 run before the half.

The game was close all the way through and the Pistons had a chance to seal it when Tay Tay went to the line with less tahn 20 seconds left and a 2 point lead. He clanked both and gave Chicago a chance to tie, but Ben Gordon missed a 3 at teh buzzer for the win and the Pistons continue to just dominate winning 11 of thier last 12.

The boys are playing for real now since they got CWebb and the help from Delfino and Maxiell off the bench in addition to Dice makes this team much deeper and more rested than they were last year by the time the playoffs rolled around.

Why I Started to Blog

Bloggers start for various reasons, but I'm going to tell you why I started. I'm not going to make things up and imply that I did it for the love of myself and wanted everyone to know what I did on a day to day basis. I guess I first started thinking about it as a way to actually write, but honestly I started blogging for the simple fact that I saw it as a way to make money online. Nothing to hide here. With the vast amount of paid blogging services out there as well as the ability to earn ad revenue I figured I might as well get my piece of the pie. I could make up stories about how I wanted to give you my takes on the Detroit Tigers, or my thoughts on the news, but it was to make money. I now do all those things on blogs and find it very enjoyable, but that wasn't why I Tell me Why you started to blog too.


Saw this product the other day from fliptrack and thought it might be pretty interesting for other bloggers to use. It's a free service that allows you to take your favorite photos and match them up with music using their software.

You can download the tool and begin to match up your photos and make your very own video soundtrack and post it on your blog. You can even create custom effects for your photos with the tool.

After you create a video you can upload it so that others can see it and give you a bit more exposure by browsingfliptrack video clips of other users as well as generating your own personalized link to send someone in an e-mail or something.