Friday, December 15, 2006

Need an engagement ring?

Yeah I know this isn't something I would normally discuss, but I have a friend looking for an engagement ring so I offered to help him out. I started surfing the web a bit because I thought there must be a site out there by this day and age to use and came up with this one:

Abazias Diamonds

Pretty impressive site. You can browse through by almost any means neccessary, be it by size, price, carat, color, or many others.

Engagement Rings

You probably don't want your girlfriend or wife to find this site because she will fall in love and you will be buying diamonds left and right. You could probably earn some points with her though if you introduced her to the Diamond Builder on the site. Put it this way. If there is a game you want to watch, tell her about this site and you will have an uninterupted one :D.

Ring Builder

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kevin Jones Done for the year

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse we lose our beloved Kevin Jones for the rest of the year. He suffered a Lisfranc fracture in the latest Lion's loss on Sunday and it sounds really bad. This injury is similar to Teddy Lehman's lingering foot problems which kept him out over a year. It is likely that KJ is going to miss next season as well and may never return to form.

We hardly knew ya'.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jack Black Hellacious D Exclusive Interview

Have not really met too many who aren't fans of Jack Black so I figured you all would like to read an interview from him and Kyle Gass about their new movie Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny at Maxim Online.

Very good interview and typical Jack Black. Hilarious. He takes a few shots at those who ruined metal and speaks about going on tour as well as the making of the movie. There is no better place to read celebrity interviews than Maxim. They steer their interviews into a realistic conversation instead of just a bunch of useless rehash you get from most other places.

Barry Sanders still gives me CHILLS

After seeing Kevin Jones go down for the year I felt like going back and seeing a bit of Barry. You can really never go wrong with some Barry highlights. This video is a few minutes of some of his best moments. It is accompanied with a forgot favorite song of mine: Machinehead by Bush. Enjoy a little bit of the best RB ever.

Why are you paying full price for gifts?

You don't have to for the Holidays this year. You don't even have to go out to the mall. It's time for you to shop secure online sights and get HUGE discounts with some little known coupons.

I was searching for some coupons for my favorite online site, the other day, and found a goldmine of online coupons all in one place for my shopping needs. Saved a bundle and bookmarked the site to boot.

The site is called CouponChief and they have TONS of online coupons that can be used for great discounts at the most popular stores on the web. Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Amazon, and HUNDREDS of others.

Like I said my favorite store is because they always have what I want and their prices are comparable with anyone. Their service is tremendous and I've never been disappointed.

Take a peek at CouponChief to stretch your holiday dollar much further than ever before.

Fantasy Football Playoffs are here.

Did you make it throught hte season with out losing McNabb? Did you steal Alexander away while he was injured for just this time? A guy in my league had thme both. He's done and didn't even make it in. He was one of the top 2 favorites in our league to start the year. Just goes to show you that Fantasy sports head to head leagues are 100% luck.

Well it looks like my team is in good shape going in, but I did lose this week against one of the other 3 playoff teams. I finished with the best record in the league and the #1 seed. No major injuries and Colston has shown back up in the starting line up. Still can't believe Yahoo! has him as a TE. I have Todd Heap, but when you have Colston elligible there you can't complain. Tried to trade Heap all year.

Now before I list my team I have to tell you that I'm not full of crap here. This is an 8 team league and we kept 1 player. I kept LT and I got Tiki as my first pick because the Alexander owner had him last year. Going into the year I considered this a perfect team. LT is pretty much a one man team this year so I can't take too much credit, but my team is really to the point that upgrading anywhere is unlikely. Now I'm thinking aobut benching Tiki next week in favor of Jones-Drew or Deuce because they at least score once in a while. Rode Tiki all year. Is it time to make a change? I'm just waiting to see if Fragile Fred is out this week. If he is Tiki is going to the bench for Jones-Drew.

Here was my line-up from last week:

QB-P. Rivers (Chargers)
WR-T. Holt (Rams)
WR-L.Fitzgerald (Cards)
RB-L. Thomlinson (Chargers)
TE-T. Heap (Ravens)
W/R-T. Barber (Giants)
K-Keading (Chargers)
BN-R. Moss-WR
BN-L. Coles-WR
BN-E. Manning-QB
BN-M. Bulger-QB
BN-D. McCallister-RB
BN-M. Jones-Drew-RB
BN-M. Colston-TE/WR

Going with Bulger against Oakland this week probably. Colston will be in there over Heap. Tiki is on the bubble depending on news.

So if you look at this team you wonder who the idiots have to be in my league to let me complile this team. Hey i offered a hell of a deal for LJ earlier in the year. Tiki and Holt straight up for him and the manager turned it down because I have LT already. I actually had a better team last year and lost in the first round. It was a tie. The tie breaker was TDs for the week. I had less. I lost. It was a travesty. I await the same fate this year as well.

Monday, December 11, 2006

How 'bout them Lions?

Wasn't that a treat yesterday for circus and comedy fans? It was bad enough when Joey Ballgame came back to town and lit us up on Thanksgiving to win whatever random turkey award they gave away that day, but now Artose Pinner? 3 TDs for Pinner? A guy that wasn't even supposed to play and probably has about 5 carries all year?

Ahhh...yes it was classic Lions. One of the better comedic performances of this season I must admit. It seems everyone was playing team ball to secure that #1 pick. Roy was trying a bit too hard to pad his stats though. Not sure if that is acceptable. Kitna surely played a huge role in the loss. We are all very proud of him.

It was great to see Pinner have his day. I always liked him as a Lion. Was sad to see him go really. Of course it still isn't really all that difficult to enjoy him sticking it in Millen's face on Sunday. Probably the happiest day of his career other than the day the Lions released him.

Game ball goes to: Jon Kitna for maximum douchebaggery and the refusal to win. Congratulations Jon!


I don't know what this is, but it's funny.