Saturday, December 03, 2011

Lions Road to 8-8

I don't think there is much more than an 8-8 season in the works for the Lions now. After starting 5-0 and then 6-2 they have looked anything but playoff bound. Getting torched by both our division rivals Chicago and Green Bay we just look lost.

With 5 games left expecting to win more than 1-2 of these is a longshot. New Orleans will outscore us. Easily. Minnesota might be the only game left that we do win. Oakland is possible, but it is on the road and there is little confidence I have in winning it. San Diego is a loss. Green Bay there is a guaranteed loss. Triangle Direct has more chance of making the playoffs than we do.

At best we're 9-7. Does that get us a playoff spot? Doubtful. Bears will be around there. Giants should be around there too. Atlanta will also be there. 4 teams fighting for 2 spots and the Lions have arguably one of the toughest finishes in the league. It doesn't look good.