Thursday, December 21, 2006

Championship Week in Fantasy Football

This is the week boys and girls. Everyone is fighting it out after a long season and ready to take hom ethe big money. I'm ready to go. Got some great match ups against some pretty weak defenses. I have the Bears D going against my beloeved Liedowns from Detroit. I'm ready to take my prize money and have a nice New Year's Eve.

Then again, even though the statistics show I should win by like 51432515 points, we all know that means nothing. Head to head match ups are a crap-shoot and it just seems like the best team rarely wins. We shall see.

Good luck. We're all counting on you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Crymelo got 15 Games?

Come on man. My fantasy team was doing so well. That's like 150 points a week I'm going to lose now for a month. Now they trade for Iverson and it will really kill me. Worst possible scenario for my team. Not only do I lose him for 15 games, but Mr. Ballhog himself has just joined the team. How is Crymelo Ballhog Jr. going to score 30 a game with this going on?


Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 20 December 2006

This policy is designed to give the readers of my blog disclosure on some of my posts. Many of my posts are for pay and are specifically written for that purpose. Any product/service that I discuss here that is a post that gives me compensation will be for a product/service that I actually believe in and/or trust. I will not write about products that I believe are inferior, or really just plain useless. These posts are based on my opinion of these products. Only after checking them out will I actually post about them.

Not every post will be disclosed as one I receive compensation for. I am beginning to do it for every post, but I may not for a few.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chat Rooms as a Way to Connect

With the way the internet has become even just message boards seem to take too long for me. I want information immediately and find that chat rooms offer me that opportunity. Be it for a product, information on how to do something I can't figure out with my PC, or even just hearing some sports news in a live chat with an insider. Sometimes I can't wait for an e-mail back when there is probably someone in a chat that has an answer for me right away. In this way chat rooms have become a regular source of information for me.

chat rooms

Lions Still in #1 Running

How many of you started Favre last week in Fantasy Football expecting him to carve the Lions up? I know a few who did and they paid for it. Who knew? The Lions are garbage. Favre threw NO touchdowns and had 3 INTs.

This was the game I was worried about the Lions winning, but no more. I suppose I shouldn't have been worried since they haven't won a game at Lambeau in about 40 years.

Anyways it looks like the Chicago game could be a bit sketchy. They have home field locked up now so they probably won't be playing starters for most of the game. Not that it matters. Their reserves are probably as good as our starters :(.

I survived the first round...

I thought I was in serious trouble with the way Peyton Manning was playing yesterday, but managed to squeek out a victory and survive another day. Next week is the Finals and I will take on a guy that knocked me off the last week of the season. The way Stephen Jackson has been playing is enough to scare anyone, but if you look at my team you would think I was home free. Just one more great week from LT please. Just one more.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Crymelo and Knicks are Likes to Fight guys

Well not really. They look like a bunch of pansies. Crymelo got himself in a nice sucker punch tonight that by all accounts was quite a cheap shot. All in all 10 players got ejected from this New York Knicks/Denver Nuggets:

From Denver:

Crymelo Anthony
J.R. Smith
Andre Miller
Marcus Camby
Eduardo Najera

From New York:

Channing Frye
David Lee
Mardy Collins
Jared Jeffries
Nate Robinson

Pretty funny seeing a bunch of Knicks reserves in the game with less than 2 minutes left and down by 20, but Denver still having most of their starters in.

Multiple players, including Anthony, threw punches, and New York's Nate Robinson and Denver's J.R. Smith -- fouled hard by Mardy Collins on the play that started the brawl -- flew into the first row of the crowd while fighting during the NBA's scariest scene since Indiana players fought with Detroit fans in 2004.

Yahoo! Sports Story

And there it is kids. We now get to hear all about how bad Detroit Pistons fans are again. I'd be suprised if they didn't just start showing that brawl everyday again and totally just forget about this one. After all Crymelo is part of Stern's new group of punks that gets away with everyhting.

I just traded for Crymelo in my fantasy NBA league and I hope he doesn't get suspended for more than a couple of games.

Learn to Research Your Financial Situation

When I was a financial advisor I did the research for my clients to give them some options as to what was available to them. I would disclose all the pertinent information as well as make a few recommendations based on their particular situations. What I found many times was that the things they already had in place just weren't right for them. They had taken advice from a co-worker, a friend, or family member that may not have been close to their financial profile whatsoever.

Now with the internet age and the ability to research for yourself an advisor isn't always necessary if you are willing to do a bit of research yourself. There is an abundance of information readily available to you on the net that you where you can compare to your current accounts as well as finding something new you may wish to add to those. From savings accounts, loans, insurance, to retirement plans. I know there are those out there that want to do it for themselves now so I might as well provide you with a few sources to help you understand and compare.

credit cards

secured loans


savings accounts

home insurance

Take a look through those to start out with some ways to save yourself some money and then keep your research hat on to get what you need for you individually. Your parents aren't the same age as you and aren't in the same situation. It is likely that your co-workers aren't either so listening to their advice on what they did probably isn't going to be what is right for you.


Check out the new Illuminated Keyboard

Something I wouldn't mind having, but I am still not sold on it due to it being plugged in still. Something to keep an eye on though because it really is a neat idea. Thing only costs 20 bucks I think and you get an illuminated mouse with it. I suppose they NEED to be plugged in because they would be a huge battery drain, but I have plenty of rechargables I use with reserves waiting for when my mouse or keyboard go dead.

Ion Keyboard