Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tigers Take 3 out of 4 from White Sox; Lead Division by 2 Games

While the 4 game sweep and ultimately a 4 game lead in the division over the rival White Sox has a much nicer ring to it, it is hard to complain with the 2 game swing in the standings. The Tigers got the White Sox one day after Mark Buehrle threw just the 18th perfect game in MLB history, and started the series with a day/night double header.

Justin Verlander threw a complete game in the first game of the DH, while we got a nice start from the spot starter Luke French in Game 2 to sweep the double header. Then the magnificent Edwin Jackson shut the White Sox down on Saturday to take the first 3 games of the 4 game series.

Tonight, however the situation was a bit different. Rick Porcello pulled his best Jeremy Bonderman imitation and gave up 4 runs in the 1st inning on a Paul Konerko Grand Slam, and prompting me to turn my attention to shopping for free online backup. He settled down a bit and pitched into the 6th inning allowing only one more run, but the damage was done. White Sox went on to win and salvage one game from the series.

It appears that our rookie phenom Rick Porcello's days are numbered for the season. He looks to be wearing down quite rapidly. His pitches are straightening out, and he is having a difficult time with control by walking way too many hitters.

This is not good news, although Armando Galaraga seems to be back on track so it isn't as bad as it could be. Oh the dreams of getting Roy Halladay dance in my head so much now. If only we could get him for something like Rick Porcello, Ryan Perry, and junk. Of course only if he agreed to a long-term deal before the trade, but alas the dream is not gonna happen. The Jays are asking way more than Dombrowki is willing to give up I';m afraid.

So...he says we are staying pat, while the hitting is in the toilet, and our rotation may need some help. While we have a very good rotation the line up needs to start producing. Immediately. Carlos Guillen is back and should provide a spark, but it still feels like something is missing. Just give me a hot Miggy, Maggs, and Guillen and I will be happy.

NFL Draft Now 3 Day Event?

Now I'm really not sure how many people care that much about the NFL draft, but as a Lions fan it has become what is known as the Lions Super Bowl. We tend to watch the draft a bit more closely than some other fans considering that just about every player we take is either a bust, or someone that should be starting on Day 1.

The NFL announced this week that they will be making the NFL Draft a 3-day even now. The first round will be during Prime Time on Thursday nights, while the last 2 days will be on Friday and Saturday.

I have yet to see anyone that actually likes this idea. First of all the first round is the biggest draw. Putting it on a Thursday night seems to be a recipe for disaster. The length is usually 3-4 hours at least, and as much as 6 hours sometimes. I don't know about most of you, but I have to get up for work in the morning. If they plan on putting this on at say 7-8 PM on the east coast I just don't see how anyone can stay up and watch this until 2 in the morning. Of course as a Lions fan I should be in bed by 10 most years anyways since they are always in the top 10.

Either way I am not a fan of the change. Hardcore NFL fans are the only ones that really care about the draft, and I doubt most of us want to watch this during the week. As it is now most of us discuss and prepare to watch the draft for months and get ready for a lost weekend. Needing acne treatment to fix all the sitting at the computer over 48 hours.

Now we are being shafted for some perceived need to make this into a prime time event that literally only hardcore fans really want to watch. This isn't the NBA Draft here folks. You can't just throw it out there and get it done in 2 hours. This is a 7 ROUND draft and there are WAY more players int he NFL to know about than in hoops.

I guess it isn't up to us though so we have to deal with it. I say bite me Goodell you tool.