Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miami All-Stars Back in the Game, Lebron Says, Hi

When you can't seem to get anything done as a team just remind yourself that you are Lebron and you played with high school kids for 5 years already and you are decent at basketball. Now midway through the 4th quarter the mighty Heat Dynasty (it better be) has whittled it down to about 5 points and we have a bit of a real game here.

Miami still looks lost. Bosh not shooting 65% all year is a crime. Dude should never have any coverage on him. Every time Lebron, or Wade touch the ball he should be open for a 12 footer when slipping out of the lane. Any pick and roll the dude will never get followed. HE will be able to get cherry picker put backs every game. I wouldn't be shocked if he shot 70% this year.

The Celtics at home are probably the toughest game they have this year so if they can pull this out you know things are gonna get ugly for the rest of the league. Maybe Delonte and his acne pill will take it out on Lebron's mom.

Miami All-Stars Era Begins

After a half of basketball all of the haters have seen what they want. A giant cluster**** of one on one ball with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh looking clueless as to how to run an offense together. The Celtics dominating them on defense. The Heat with no shooters. The Heat deciding that double teams aren't even gonna stop them from trying to shoot. Passing? Get outta here.

At the half they were down double digits and midway through the 3rd are still down 15 and nothing is changing. They actually came out in the 2nd half and tried to post up Bosh. HE was double teamed and lost the ball on the first possession. Only way they can score is to get fouled at this point. It's really embarrassing.

There are 3 of these guys so at most 2 should be standing around gawking. This isn't MJ out there playing by himself. These guys need a dose of glucosamine chondroitin & msm to kill the pain.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Worst Week of NFL Ever?

Week 7, 2010 to me may go down as the most boring, and terrible week of NFL football ever. Not only did the Lions have the week off, but EVERY single game was a borefest. Looking at the schedule I couldn't find a single game I would rather watch than apply acne rosacea treatment on my unmentionables. Oddly enough the most exciting game I ended up watching was Baltimore vs the 0-5 BUFFALO BILLS.

The sad part about this was that I realized just how many awful teams there are out there and that the Lions being 1-5 is so laughable it isn't even laughable. Let's look at all hose teams that hovered around the Lions in the draft this year to see how they ahve fared so far. It is depressing.

St. Louis Rams: 3-4 (we beat them 44-6!)
Tampa Bay Bucs: 4-2
KC Chiefs: 4-2
Cleveland Browns: 2-5
Oakland Raiders: 4-3
Seattle Seahawks: 4-2

The only team we beat so far even has 3 wins and we are 1-5. Much improved folks.