Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tigers Re-Sign Robertson, Thames

The Tigers re-signed two of the guys that have decent roles on the squad this week. Nate Robertson will now round out the rotation with the addition of Dontrelle willis. As our #5 hitter it is a nice player to have in the lefty Robertson. His contract, however may be a little too high. Of course the market is moving towards paying guys like him a lot more, but he is a #5 starter at the end of the say. He has been signed to a 3-year $21 Million deal that will extend him a year into his free agency period rather than go through arbitration next year. He won't just be staying at Branson hotels anymore. He may be able to start buying them.

Marcus Thames is one of our right fielders I suppose you would describe him. He plays a bit of 1st base and can play left field if needed. HE is basically going to split time with the new addition Jaques Jones when the match ups require it, or play 1st a bit when Guillen has the day off, which is pretty often. HE signed for 1-year at $1.275 Million so this was a pretty good deal. He has a booming bat and can hit the ball a mile. He just isn't all that consistent, but he does what is needed of him most of the time. HE is always a threat to put one in the stands when he is in the game, or as a pinch hitter so he is a nice player to have on the squad.