Friday, May 11, 2007

Pistons Go Up 3-0 on Bulls

Amazing game last night. Pistons were getting destroyed in the first half and were down as much as 19 points in the 3rd quarter only to come from behind to pull off another win and remain undefeated in the 2007 NBA playoffs. Tayshaun chimed in with 23 to lead the Bad Boys. They ended up winning the game by 7 and pretty much taking the wind out of the Bulls sails. This one is over. The Bulls are already booking their Orlando vacation rental. Should have tdone it sooner. There was no way they were going to the next round.

Get ready for King James and some other guys you never heard of. They got a bye to the Conference Finals pretty much with their schedule. Surprised Jersey isn't giving them problems, but they aren't that great either.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm the worst golfer ever

Decided to take a bit of a break from work, if that's what you call this and get into season ready mode for my golf league the last couple weeks. I'm not even going to post my scores because they are embarrassing really. My slice is at an all-time high and I just can't get into the mindset yet. Fortunately, our first week of the league was set up to get ourselves our handicap, and I played fabulous for that purpose by putting up a score that even a 4 year old would laugh at. My partner and I destroyed our opponents Monday since my handicap was so high and I actually dropped my score by 12 strokes this week compared to my handicap. They were not excited to play us to say the least. Been taking a look at some Callaway golf products and may have to upgrade some of my equipment. Mainly my driver. It is time to get rid og the old piece of junk I have and get the old Big Bertha.

Fantasy Football

It may be a while before Fantasy Football starts up again this year, but one thing is for sure for those who take it very seriously. You want to check out several before committing to one. caught my eye simply because they have some big time payouts to the winners. Just take a look at some of the fantasy football prizes they offer. This is for the fanatics that know what they are doing. Managers who know what it takes to win a league title, or just pound the competition. I've been a fantasy guru for a few years now and love all the aspects of fantasy ball. The competition, the forced having to watch the games that I love, the smack talk, and the fun of making roster moves that can make or break your season.

Free tip. RBs are still the most important thing on your team. Yeah...I'm sure you knew that. Still it is overlooked at times. That ugly ranking of Payton Manning has screwed even the most seasoned fantasy players. You see him sitting there at 8-10 in the draft and figure you have to take him. Don't bother. HE isn't that far a head of guys like Bulger, Brady, etc., though i notice a lot of bad managers taking Brady in the first round often. Blows my mind. Fandom has no place in fantasy sports. Get your RBs and elite WRs first. You can get a QB in the 4th round or later in most cases and be much better off IMO. Looks like the RB corps is a bit deeper than it has been in the past few years. LT still rules the roost, but that bad man Stephen Jackson has climbed the charts to #2 in most formats. That pushes perennial top 3 guy like Larry Johnson and Alexander down. Alexander coming off an injury is going to be a nice steal I think for anyone that can pull him in at #4 or later this year. Don't fall into the trap of getting rookies. I can't even tell you how many times i saw Reggie Bush go in the first last year. HE had a decent year if your league counts receptions, but you were kicking yourself most of the year before he started to score.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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