Saturday, December 08, 2007

Can't Wait for Baseball

I couldn't wait for baseball when we got Renteria. Now I am obsessed with it starting since we got Cabrera and Willis. Setting my Hublot watch to wake me up in April may not be a bad idea. With the way the Lions have taken a complete nosedive after starting out 6-2 there isn't a whole lot left. Sure the Pistons are playing well, and I guess if you like hockey the Red Wings, but baseball is by far my favorite sport of the big 3.

I just get so excited thinking about the team for next season. Dave Dombrowski is like a hero in Detroit with what he has done with this franchise. Turned our farm system around, and then turned our farm system into a major player in the big leagues in just under 5 years. Hard to imagine the quick change that came once he took over for the hated Randy Smith. Our best player before DD got here was basically Bobby Higginson, and he couldn't even hold a job for a season after the Tigers dumped him.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I am Such a Prophet...Tigers Get Miguel Cabrera!

You know you can't deny me this. I wrote this post almost a month ago about Miguel Cabrera and I'll be damned if Dave Dombrowski didn't pull it off!


Miguel FREAKIN' Cabrera is a Tiger!

I think I was up all night and I didn't even need a Jura capresso because I was so jacked up about the Tigers getting one of the top 5 hitters in the game. On top of that we get Dontrelle Willis as our NUMBER FOUR starter in our rotation. Just an amazing off season for Dombrowski, the Tigers, and their fans.

The Line Up (At least how I see it):

1. CF-Curtis Granderson
2. 2B-Placido Polanco
3. DH-Gary Sheffield (I know many think Cabrera No-brainer here, but I contend Leyland will keep Sheff here since he is an amzing walks guy. Ther eis a reason MAggs upped his RBIs so much last year. Sheff was that reason.)
4. RF-Magglio Ordonez
5. 3B-Miguel Cabrera
6. 1B-Carlos Guillen (HE plays 1st now moving from SS.)
7. SS-Edgar Renteria (Traded for earlier this off season-another great trade)
8. C-Pudge Rodriguez (Ever thought you would seePudge down here?)
9 LF-Jaques Jones/Marcus Thames (These guys will platoon for righty/lefty matchups)

Brandon Inge may get traded, or end up being a super-sub again. So we may lose a little in defense at 3rd, but Renteria has more range than Guillen did anyways so let's close that gap a bit more. No matter what this is the best line up in the league.


1. Justin Verlander
2. Kenny Rogers
3. Jeremy Bonderman
4. Dontrelle Willis (Can you imagine this?)
5. Nate Robertson

Pretty impressive starting 5 as well. The bully still needs help, but rumors are Inge is shopped around and may pull some help. No Zoom this year because he's an idiot. Heard a little about Inge getting dealt with Durbin for Valverde who closed in the NL last year and is a solid addition.