Friday, December 14, 2007

Fox News and The Mitchell Report

I've said all along that I couldn't care less about the Mitchell Report. Now that it finally came out I am even less satisfied. Keep in mind that this guy got $20 Million to conduct this investigation, that from my perspective was nothing more than a rehash of all the reports that have been int he media over the years about players. I wouldn't be surprised if he spent the last 2 years in a lasvegas hotel blowing his money in the casinos.

The "Big" name in it, Roger Clemens has been suspected many times in the past so this isn't even a surprise. I can't even imagine the way this report is presented is legal. The MLB Player's Association is going to have a field day with it.

The biggest thing I saw yesterday, and I don't see reported anywhere was the Fox News snafu. They started releasing names that they claimed were in the report before it was released. Problem was this list of names was a sham. We message board trolls were just throwing it out there to see if someone was dumb enough to pick it up. Fox News was. They named Albert Pujols on air as being in the report. Basically fingering him as a steroid user with out any proof other than a shoddy internet report made up to get traffic. Let me save you he trouble. He wasn't in the report, nor were any of the other big time names they put up on their "Breaking News" screen. Great work Fox News!