Friday, May 30, 2008

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Detroit Sports Teams Are Killing Me

It is bad enough that while we are int he playoffs the Pistons, Tigers, and Red Wings all seem to play at the same time, every time, that they play their games. While I don't worry so much about the Red Wings pulling this off, the Tigers continue their piss poor play, and the Pistons make me want to pull my hair out.

The Pistons are certainly on their way to some Orlando vacations after losing Game 5 Wednesday. What was worse than a blowout? Watching that game and realizing that after getting behind by 17 they almost pulled it out in the end. It was pure torture. They had so many chances to steal that game after a dubious start and it was just brutal watching them let it slip away with some questionable late game play.

Chauncey Billups makes me want to punch people. Hey dumbass, it is the playoffs and your stupid put the shoulder into a guy and chuck up a wild shot crap isn't going to work anymore. 5 years of that garbage is enough. Actually try and make a basket please instead of trying to draw a foul every single time you get the ball and ignoring every other player on the floor.

Where are you Tayshaun? You played like a legend the first 2 rounds and now Paul Pierce has taken you to the cleaners.

This team can win, but I have no hope left. They should be up 3-2 instead of down 3-2 right now. Sheed has 1 Tech to go before he is suspended. Rip has a hyper-extended elbow on his shooting arm, and on and on. The only thing that helps is that Boston is a bunhc of guys who have never won a damn thing and you can get into their heads.

Can the Pistons actually play 3 games with that much defensive intensity in a row? 4? I doubt it. They didn't even bring it in Game 5 until late int he 3rd quarter.

I'll give Flip Saunders some credit though. His adjustments have been spot on this year in the playoffs. Compared to last year it is night and day. The 3 guard line up has been quite nice.