Friday, August 22, 2008

The Olympics are a Bore, to me.

I understand why SOME people enjoy the Olympics. Particularly people that root for athletes of countries not the United States. On the other hand, I find the Olympics to be quite boring, and the events to be something I have no desire to even watch.

Sure I like to exercise and all that, but that is when I jog along behind a Bob stroller or something. I have never desired to watch people run, nor participate in a sport where I run.

Yeah...I like to swim. I have never wanted to watch other people swim really fast.

Sure...I like PING PONG, but why the hell is this an event in the Olympics? Why not darts, Pool, Poker, Beer Pong?

HAve any of you watched Equestrian? What is the point of this crap? Wow...a horse trots around in straight lines and circles. Amazing event.

And finally on to Michael Phelps. The most amazing thing about this guy isn't that he won however many medals it is that he won, it is the fact that 2 weeks from now, nobody will even care about what he did. Yes...he will get mentioned a few times every 4 years went eh next Olympics comes, but let's be real. Nobody is going to follow swimming now because of this. Swimming is a stupid sport to follow.

Olympic sports are garbage. The best part about all these events is that the announcers try to sound like it is exciting to watch some dudes kayak. Like there are all kinds of strategic and physical attributes to the sport. It's flippin' KAYAKING.

There are 3, maybe 4 sports that anyone follows after the Olympics that are events in the Olympics. Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Baseball. Only soccer has National Teams that are followed after this. All the rest are professionals, with huge contracts, TV deals, and actual fans. These are the only real sports in the Olympics and I can watch them anytime I want.

If I want to hear sob stories that are overblown then I will watch the news. Did anyone realize that Russia has been giving Georgia (You wouldn't know it was a country if it wasn't for the Olympics) a hard time? Nah...Michael Phelps was swimming really good.