Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Addition To Lions Injury Pool

Running Back Kevin Smith was put on the IR earlier today after having surgery on his broken thumb. Smith seemed to be a bit more productive to me watching the games than Best has been. He actually got plays called for him that made any sort of sense and made the most of his time out there while Best got to run the same left outside run 15 times in a row for 1 yard per carry if he was lucky. Smith also looked pretty good as a pass catcher this year as well.

Smith has had an injury plagued career here in Detroit just like other toys we have that plays on offense and has any relevance. Most will blame the O-Line for this of course. Every RB we've had since Barry has been an injury waiting to happen. Before Kevin Smith it was Kevin Jones that we traded up to get and he spent half his time injured. Best I'm sure is headed down the same path.

The Lions decided that Stafford doesn't need surgery this year somehow and hope to get him back this year to maybe try and win one more game.

Just another lost season where we get nothing. Our QB isn't developing because he's a Joe Glass, we lose starters left and right. I knew coming in we didn't have much depth, but we always lose the guys we need. Stafford was all that matters and his season is a colossal FAILURE.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tigers Close to Signing Joaquin Benoit According To Morossi

Nice to see us picking up a RP since Coke is going to the rotation most likely and you can't count on Zoom at all. Still not all that easy to depend on RPs year to year to decide if they will make the grade.

Benoit had a spectacular season last year with the Rays. He was fifth in the American League in holds (25), and he struck out 75 batters in 60 1/3 innings with a 1.34 ERA and a microscopic 0.69 WHIP.

Problem is that he missed all of 2009 from rotator cuff surgery, but obviously he is doing alright with it since he had such a great year.

In other news the Marlins got bent over once again trading Dan Uggla for our very own Omar Infante and RP Mike Dunn. You heard that right. A low end starter and a RP for the only guy in MLB history to hit 30+ HRs 4 years in a row at 2B while still being at the age he needs acne treatments. Clearly we could not match it.

People claim it was his contract demands. Duh...Florida pays no one. Tigers would have sheeled out a new deal I'm quite sure and not even blinked, however.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the Discipline Idiots

Watching the Lions play football is like watching a bunch of juvenile delinquents sitting in detention. You know why they are there. Their parents are terrible and the teachers and parents don't bother to give them any discipline. Instead they just ignore the problem.

Well...this is exactly what the coaching staff for the Detroit Lions does on a weekly basis. Penalties? No problem. Missed tackles? Great game, kid. Keep on reading that hydroxatone review and don't worry 'bout it.

This franchise is the king of not giving a crap about accountability. From the coaching staff making excuses every week for themselves and the players, to the players acting like their boneheaded play was just a fluke.

This team will never be good because there is no accountability for poor, or stupid play. What normally happens to a guy when he gets flagged for a game changing penalty more than once? The Coach pulls his ass out of the game and makes him an example. No matter who it is. In Detroit we just pretend it didn't happen because we're trying to win and our depth sucks! Nobody is worried about any of the consequences of being a bonehead, nor for missing 10 tackles a week. They don't need to be. Nothing is going to happen to them.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, Jayson Werth, Dan Uggla, Victor Martinez, and even Ryan Braun

These are the names that have come up during the off season for the Detroit Tigers. Ryan Braun was mentioned as being on the block in Milwaukee, although him being traded is ridiculous so we'll squash that right away and forget about that amazing dream.

All the rest though? It seems that at leas tone of these will come true. It appears that Victor MArtinez is the one that most feel we will end up with. Rumors of Dan Uggla being traded also have perked up a few ears. They always sill considering that we absolutely raped Florida to get Miguel Cabrera a few years ago. This was even more evident this week when Florida traded away both Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin for a fraction of what they cost just to get rid of them.

Carl Crawford is the main prize here, but with NY, Boston, and the LAA Angels in the mix odds are very slim we get involved in this bidding war.

That means we likely get MV-Mart and MAYBE, one of the other guys sitting there.

Of course we still aren't being rumored for any pitchers, which we all know is what is the make, or break. Still...replacing Avila in the line up everyday, and maybe adding another guy like Werth makes us a hell of a lot better. Getting Uggla makes us a very HR friendly IF.

Hopefully the hype of the off season has a payoff this year. Illitch is getting way too old to be conservative and will likely open up his rfid blocking wallet and go for it all the next couple years once again.