Friday, January 19, 2007

Residential Broadband

Don't tell me that you are still using dial-up? I can't imagine ever going back to dial-up after experiencing broadband. It is like night and day. In fact I doubt I would even use the internet if I had to use dial-up it is so slow. Although I use broadband now myself I want to make sure that I am still getting a very good price for it. There are some places that seem to charge way too much for this service. It shouldn’t be that way.

Eclipse has a really cheap broadband deal going on and you should take a look into it even if you already have broadband already. The cost might actually be quite a bit less than you are paying right now.

The Incredible Golf Ball (joke)

Two Golfers were approaching the first tee.

The first guy goes into his golf bag to get a ball and says to his friend - "Hey, why don't you try this ball." He draws a green golf ball out of his bag.
"Use this one - You can't lose it!"

His friend replies, "What do you mean you can't lose it?!!"
The first man replies, "I'm serious, you can't lose it.

If you hit it into the woods, it makes a beeping sound, if you hit it into the water it produces bubbles, and if you hit it on the fairway, smoke comes up in order for you to find it."

Obviously, his friend doesn't believe him, but he shows him all the possibilities until he is convinced. The friend says, "Wow! That's incredible! Where did you get that ball?"

The man replies, "I found it."

(Think about it... it'll come to you :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Teen Drug Rehab

As someone who has had an alcohol problem in my life I find that it is hard to reach teens. I couldn't be reached until I was older and it was because I got busted for drunk driving. Alcohol and drugs set your maturity level back a ton. Trust me. You may be learning a bit about life on the streets, but you are also sacrificing your maturity level many times when you get caught up in them. When you finally learn to deal with the issue you are a few years behind where you wanted to be.

Echo Malibu has a unique and positive approach to helping adolescents who need help recovering from drug, alcohol or behavioral problems. The staff is extremely well educated and dedicated to improving the lives of the kids who need someone who will listen to them and help them get back to enjoying life without drugs or alcohol. Reaching a teen is tough and a teen drug rehab solution is out there for yourself or your kids.

Parents expect large baby, but get three

So...Either you get a humnungous baby, or you get 3. Tough choice really. A freak or the cost of raising 3 kids. To be honest I think I would just go with 1 freak.

TUTTLE, N.D. - Lynette and Dusty Johnson expected to have another large baby, after their first two weighed more than 9 pounds. Instead of one large baby, they got three.

Triplets Marissa, Silas and Anna were born Nov. 14. A community benefit was held last Sunday to help with medical costs and living expenses.

"It touches our hearts that (our neighbors) put other people's needs ahead of theirs," Dusty Johnson said.

The Johnsons' oldest child, Christopher, now 3, weighed more than 9 pounds at birth. His 1-year-old sister Abigail weighed 10 pounds, their mother said.

Win a Playstation 3!, the worlds first meta shopping comparison engine is giving away one of the hottest game systems. will be giving away away a 60 GB Playstation 3 for customers who sign up at the site by Thursday January 25, 2007. is a meta shopping comparison engine base ond the web services APIs of, Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, Ebay and Yahoo Shopping. As such it offers widest selection of stores and sellers on the Internet. Users can select which APIs they wish the site to poll from so that users can select the shopping engines they want to use.

They ask you to:

Save Early Save Often

Doomsday Clock Closer To Civilization's End

Get your duct tape, water, and can goods. Head into the caves. Say goodbye to all of your friends and relatives. The ENDS IS NEAR!

WASHINGTON -- Could we be near the end of the world as we know it?

The directors of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved the big hand of their symbolic clock two minutes nearer to midnight. It now sits at 11:55 p.m.

"We stand at the brink of a second nuclear age," the group said in a statement on Wednesday. "Not since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki has the world faced such perilous choices."

The End

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Language courses for Business

Based in central London, Saint George International has been offering solutions in business languages to top multinational organizations in the UK for over 40 years. Saint George International - In-Company Language Training offers tailor made courses that will help your company advance as the world markets begin to expand. As an international presence your business it is indispensable for any company that aims to keep high levels of competitiveness.

Being able to communicate with your clients, in their language, is an incredible benefit when trying to keep a competitive advantage. With flexible, one-on-one lessons, group programmes, and translation services, Saint George International will keep you ahead of the game and moving forward in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Buying a New Bird (Joke)

After many years of marriage, a husband has turned into a couch potato, became completely inattentive to his wife and sat guzzling beer and watching TV all day. The wife was dismayed because no matter what she did to attract the husband's attention, he'd just shrug her off with some bored comment.

This went on for many months and the wife was going crazy with boredom. Then one day at a pet store, the wife saw this big, ugly, snorting bird with a hairy chest, powerful hairy forearms, beady eyes and dribble running down the side of its mouth.

The shopkeeper, observing her fascination with the bird, told her it was a special imported "Goony bird" and it had a very peculiar trait. To demonstrate, he exclaimed, "Goony bird! The table!"

Immediately, the Goony bird flew off its perch and with single-minded fury attacked the table and smashed it into a hundred little pieces with its powerful forearms and claws! To demonstrate some more, the shopkeeper said, "Goony bird! The shelf!"

Again the Goony bird turned to the shelf and demolished it in seconds.

"Wow!" said the wife, "If this doesn't attract my husband's attention, nothing will!" So she bought the bird and took it home.

When she entered the house, the husband was, as usual, sprawled on the sofa guzzling beer and watching the game. "Honey!" she exclaimed, "I've got a surprise for you! A Goony bird!"

The husband, in his usual bored tone replied, "Goony Bird, my foot!"

Chinese Medicine is a natural herb supplier. Chinese Medicine is an alternative to the standard way of treating diseases, ailments and symptoms. The use of herbs, acupuncture, cupping and massage can help to heal the inner and outside body.
The Reishi Mushrooms is an herbal medicine to boost your immune system, support cardiovascular health and reduce the risks of cancer. It is recommended for the stomach and intestines, for nutritional deficiencies, and to reduce blood sugar levels. The Reishi mushroom is also called Lucky Fungus. It is the body that is used medicinally and it can be found in six different colors. The red mushrooms are used most often as they are quite common.

This is a test.

This is a test

Visit My Blog Buddy: Automobile Haven

This blog has plenty of auto news as well as the occasional auto Babe. Interesting stories and pics. I believe he is goign to spend more time and focus on fuel economy as well as hybrid vehicles, but doesn't plan to skimp on the pretty cars, or the girls.

Automobile Haven

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Corporate Performance Management Software

Acorn Systems solutions enable you to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more. Their revolutionary software and unique methodology makes this elusive information readily available and easy to act on for ongoing cost reductions and profit improvements throughout your organization.

Acorn System’s corporate performance management software has solutions that will directly interface with your existing systems and enable you to quickly start improving the results of your organization. With a focused staff, Acorn Systems has the mission of quickly and dramatically improving your profitability.