Friday, December 14, 2012

Tigers Re-sign Sanchez to 5 years/$80 Million

Wow...that's a heck of a contract for him. Hope he can live up to it.

I wasn't against re-signing him by any stretch, but I didn't think we'd go all-in with him like this. The Cubs offered about $75 million I believe and we got him at $80. This is basically our #4 starter here and he's getting paid like a #2, or a low end #1. This is actually the same deal Verlander got in 2010 so you know this is a huge deal. JV will get an extension soon I am sure. His online design business cards probably read "About to be the highest paid SP in baseball".

This leaves Porcello on the trade block now. We're still looking to replace Peralta at SS. Of course I'm not against holding Porcello as the #5, putting Smyly in the bullpen, and keeping that depth so that we aren't out a starter when we need one. We've had to trade for a rotation spot the last 2 years so it is obvious that we aren't gonna be wasting space if we kept them both around. Smyly can pitch spot starts and long relief. Eventually one of our starters will probably be out for an extended time and we can slot him right in. Texas did exactly this to us in the playoffs 2 years ago having more starters than they needed.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Anonymous Lion Calls out Suh, Team

Anonymous, anonymous, anonymous sources. everywhere. We don't need a source anymore folks. Not for sports related stuff at least. I'm sure it will keep spreading, but right now the Lions are the target of cowards this year. This time it was a player supposedly (although I've heard since that it might even be a coach) that said not just Suh, but a few other players on the team don't get it when it comes to winning.

You don't need an anonymous source to tell us that. I could have told you that just from watching this team play for 20 years. The whole franchise is a bunch of losers. They have NO IDEA how to win. That is the franchise culture. They don't get it, and that starts all the way at the top with William Clay Ford.

So...there was no need to be anonymous here. It's common knowledge this franchise is terrible. The only rings these guys will ever get they already got when they got their university class rings before they got drafted.