Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miguel Cabrera Says He Wants Maggs Back Next Year

Hard to argue with him if you are the owner considering he is basically one of the top 5-10 hitters int eh game right now. I expect Maggs to be back next year anyways. Illitch loves the guy, and an endorsement from Miggy is probably plenty to get the deal done.

Maggs is one of my favorite players and he can clearly still hit, so re0-signing him and Damon aren't really things I am against doing in the off season. Now getting rid of Guillen on the other hand...well we have another year of him being injured I guess. If his only problem was a need for home remedies for blackheads it wouldn't be so bad, but we all know he'll be out half the year no matter what his status.

Monday, September 20, 2010

NFL's Ridiculous Reception Rules On Display Once Again In Detroit

While the Lions lost this week on their own accord, we all saw around the nation the loss last week due to officials not knowing the rulebook. We have been treated to the new catchphrase "process" from everyone and their brother all week, while anyone that actually took the time to read the 3 LINE rule about the play would notice that "process" is never used once. Where did this mysterious "process" come from?

Like clockwork, the idiot sidekick in the announcer booth this week threw out the term within seconds of a catch that if you watched Calvin Johnson's catch enough you know is now an incomplete pass. Why? It is an incomplete pass because the NFL referees last week got a call wrong and the league is filled with cowards that won't admit a mistake.

Very early in the game Sunday of the Lions and Eagles a Philly WR made a catch, got two feet down, butt hit the ground with control, and then it popped out. Called a reception on the field, Schwartz of course challenged it because guess what...if it wasn't a catch last week it sure as hell better not be one this week. HE'd take off his slimming body wrap and show you my belly before he'd let that slide.

So up to the review box once again to review what a week ago would have been just a normal play. The announcers start throwing around the word "process" on cue as we watch it get reviewed. This guy clearly doesn't understand the rule at all. He's just throwing crap against the wall because it is ingrained in his head after hearing about it

Guess who else decides to grace us with their presence again this week? That's right...the same douchebag retired NFL official that told us all about the "process" of Calvin Johnson's catch and why what was clearly a catch was not. Was it an easy call for him when he viewed the catch? Surely it should have been. It was more clear cut than the one he so adamantly protested the week before. Of course not. His entire tune changed this week and he basically said it was a catch. What? Of course they are in Detroit and if this didn't get overturned there was going to be hell to pay. Officials came out and called it incomplete while clearly it was also a catch.

After all was said and done the idiot announcer that was so quick to say "process" and try to explain the rule and why it wasn't a catch began to say that he wasn't sure it was incomplete after all. The other announcer even chimed in heading to the commercial break by throwing a "controversial calls" jab in. Nobody has any idea what it takes to complete a pass in the NFL anymore.

Yes folks, there is a moral to this story. As you can see from the way the NFL has given us a rule that is ruining the game right before our eyes they did it for one reason, and one reason alone. They aren't willing to admit they made a mistake. They have stuck to their guns all week, and continue to insult us with this rule once again. Of course this rule will show up all year and by the time the playoffs come it will be standard. Who is willing to be that the Super Bowl is lost on this rule?

Michael Vick IS the Best QB Ever

At least you would seem to think so watching the Lions/Eagles game yesterday. It's bad enough being a Lions fan and watching them lose close, and not so close games every week, but it really grinds on you to listen to the announcers every single week talk about an opposing player like he is the second coming of Tim Tebow.

Every week it is the same. A giant slurp fest for someone. I'm not sure if these guys noticed, but when you play the Lions you are probably going to have at worst an above average game. Average players looks like stars week after week. They are no pro bowlers and HOF-type players gracing us with their presence, their herpes simplexes, and I don't want to hear about how great they are every week when I know for a fact they are not.

The context in which these morons discuss the game is mindless drivel. While everyone knows the media is ridiculous, just watch a Lions game once in a while and you will begin to see just how awful the announcers are during these games. Not only do we get the lowest rated announcers on any station that shows our games, they all have some sort of super hero friend on the other team. Oh BTW...these announcers talk to every single player during the week for at least 2 hours usually. Personally mind you because they tell us that they do. I wasn't aware that all the NFL teams gave 53 players 2 hours a week of free time t talk to the announcers of their next game. 106 hours a week. Clearly this is important stuff.

Tigers Sweep the White Sox

After holding onto first place all the way up until the day before the All-star break, the Tigers took to losing after losing Maggs for the season in the 2nd half. Never really getting back in it after the AS break, the Tigers have hovered around .500 most of the second half and have been out of contention for a couple months now.

Chicago went on a huge run leading up to the AS break and made a nice run at the division before literally falling a part over the last month to give way to none other than the Minnesota Twins. They went out and got a little help with Manny Ramirez to try and seal the deal last month, but couldn't ever get back to the top. Minnesota swept them last week to all but end their hopes, and Detroit finished them off this weekend with another 3 game sweep.

Tigers fans have little to cheer for at this point in the season, and probalby could better spend their time at, but at least we have a few things to still keep an eye on. Two f the guys we got in the Granderson trade are still of note as the season winds down. Max Scherzer has shown after a rocky start that he indeed has a nice future in Detroit with some fantastic performances the last few months. Super rookie, Austin JAckson is still one of the front runners for the Rookie of the Year award, but should be the leader for it. His only real competition is a rookie closer from Texas, which if you asked me is a ridiculous position to give major awards to.

We still have Miggy Cabrera to enjoy every night as well. While the fall in the standings probably ended his MVP run for the season he still has had an MVP type year for the Tigers. It's nice to know that we have one of the best hitters in baseball to watch every time we want to catch a game and that he is going to be here for quite a long time to come.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lions Lose Another One In the Final Minutes

We all remember last week when the Lions got robbed of a win by the officials on Calvin Johnson's clear TD reception. This week it was the Lions' own fault they didn't walk away with a win.

In the early going the Lions had good control of the game when they jumped out to a 17-7 lead. Then they decided that they didn't want to try and play defense, OR offense anymore for about 2.5 quarters.

Philly ended up taking the lead into halftime at 21-17 and continued the onslaught as they ended a 28-0 run to go up 35-17 in the 4th quarter.

One major play in the game was in the 3rd quarter where the Lions were down 28-17 and tried to run it up the guy on 3rd down and were stopped. In FG range they could have just kicked the FG to make it a 1 score game, but decided to try their luck and run it up the gut again. They failed and left 3 points on the field.

Philly came back to put up another TD and the Lions went down 18 with about 6 minutes to play. They bounced back with an 85 yard TD drive in just over 2 minutes to get within 11.

After a defensive stand they marched down again and scored, adding a 2 point conversion to put themselves within just 3 with under 2 minutes to play. Making Philly sweat a little and seeking acne treatment. They recovered an onside kick and were in a great position to try and send the game into OT, but failed on 4 straight plays to complete a pass.

Positve of the game was that Jahvid Best had a MONSTER game for the Lions. He picked up 78 yards on the ground to go with 9 catches for 154 yards. He also score 3 TDs to bring his season total up to 5 through 2 games.

The Lions had a lot of chances once again to win this one, but couldn't play a complete game once again. They fell a sleep for almost 2.5 quarters and by the time they woke up it was too late.