Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Colorado Rockies May Never Lose Again

This team is unbelievable. Sweeping their way into the World Series last night they have won 21 out of their last 22 games! In baseball this is unheard of. It's all about momentum and these guys have it. Hopefully the Indians can finish off the Red Sox tonight and they don't lose it all by waiting for a week to play again. Definitely not something I want to see happen. Hopefully they are relaxing with some Wicked tickets and enjoying a concert and getting themselves ready for the big show. This World Series definitely has some intrigue to it with the way this team has played.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tatum Bell Wants to be Traded

After Tatum was told that Kevin Jones would be receiving the bulk of the work at running back for the rest of the season sources have indicated that he has asked to be traded. If I was at the sportsbook I would bet that the Tampa Bay Bucs would be a prime candidate considering their entire RB corps in on the IR, but I prefer to play at the poker tables.

Anyways, Bell has been disappointing this year and the re-emergence of KJ after returning from injury makes it very clear to any fan that KJ is the man for the job. KJ has played much better when on the field and has always been a great team leader since he was drafted by the Lions in the first round, the same year we got Roy Williams.

Look for them to float his name around, but Tampa has to be looking at him. The Lions could use a major defensive backfield upgrade, or some sort of line backer help. They could use OL help too if you want to get technical...lol

Yes...you cornbread Lions fans should still know that they are living a lie. This team is going nowhere and unless they get some serious help. Tatum could get them an impact player I would think, but what do I know?

Silver Lining

Many people speak of a silver lining when they lose in a sporting event. I don't ever see it that way as there are no moral victories. Either you win or you lose. That is why I like to look for sure things as much as possible when I invest in anything. Be it my time, or my investments.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lions on a Bye

For some reason i just don't feel like watching football today because the Lions are on a bye. Just doesn't feel like a football day to me when they don't play. I get all hyped up for the game, but there is no game to get ready for. So i guess i'll take the week off and recover from sports burn out and play around with my buddy's new Dodge Charger accessory.

I need to chill on the sports for a day anyways with how many are going on right now. The Pistons will be starting soon and the long baseball season has me in burnout mode I guess. Feels a bit liberating to hang out with a guy that know less about sports than I do about feminine hygiene products.