Saturday, March 01, 2008

12 Months Free Line Rental Deals (UK)

A couple of days ago a friend of mone asked me to take a look at his new wordpress site Find A Phone.
Its not like any other wordpress site I have seen, it looks more like a mobile phone comparison site!.

Find a phone are currently carving out a niche for themselves on a particular kind of mobile phone deal, providing custom searches for 12 Month Free line rental deals.

These free line rental deals are something of a niche within the UK mobile phone sector.

They offer cash back on mobile phone deals which covers the entire cost of the contract, so the customer ends up with a free handset, and free ine rental, ac cost free mobile phone!
There are of course a few catches along the way, no-one gives away a free mobile phone do they?
But, if you are smart (I am told) you really can get a completely free phone with 12 months line rental (if obly I lived in the UK!).

Targeting a niche like free line rental could work out really well for find-a-phone, but only if the mobile phone retailers continue to offer free line rental deals.

That is the problem with creating niche afilliate sites, they are dependant on the niche.
If customers get smart and really do start getting cost free mobile phone contracts in large numbers, then the retailers will pull the free line rental offers... and find a phone will have no free line rental deals to promote!

Either way, its an interesting concept, and a great use of wordpress!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Detroit Lions Raise Ticket Prices

Yup...the worst franchise in sports actually has the balls to raise their ticket prices for this season. It was bad enough that season ticket holders were forced to purchase pre-season games a couple years back, but to raise ticket prices now is a slap in the face to fans for the horrid product they put on the field. No mention of extra perks for the fans like shower chairs or anything so I assume they are just gouging your season ticket holding asses.

Listed here are the new prices for season tickets (10 games -- two exhibitions and eight regular-season games):

Lower level sideline, $900

Lower level sideline, $840

Upper level sideline, $680

Lower level corner and end zone, $660

Second level corner and end zone, $660

Upper level corner and end zone, first five rows, $500

Upper level corner and end zone, rows 6-21, $400

Family Fun Zone, first five rows, $500

Family Fun Zone, rows 6-21, $400

I can't tell you what the actual percentage increase is because frankly I haven't been stupid enough to pay for, or attend a Lions game since they were at the Silverdome. From a few people that I talked to I guess the increase is fairly significant.'s a look at the average increase from

The Lions' average price per game for season tickets will be $71.85 -- up from $60.66, which ranked 28th in the NFL last year, according to a Lions news release.

All in all prices probably should be raised to get closer to the average, but any time they do raise the tickets for the product they put on the field it feels dirty. Since I refuse to buy those tickets...well it doesn't really have a big effect on me, but when you IDIOTS keep buying the place out every week it just lets old man Ford make more money and stick with his MORON Millen in the front office. Yes I am well aware that they will profit regardless, but obviously selling out games makes him money doesn't it? Quit rewarding this guy for providing us SHIT to watch every year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Miguel Cabrera Homers in 1st Tiger At Bat

Yes it was against college kids, but damn did it sound sweet. Take a look at the video on and listen to the crack of the bat! Women were tossing their maternity dresses out of the stands at the 24 year old superstar.

Get used to that crazy sound. He will hit 150 home runs this year minimum. Only reason he won't hit more is because Leyland loves to give guys a day off every now and then. Stupid Leyland.

I guess Brandon Inge hit a homer too in the game. Hard to believe he can see through all his tears to hit, but I guess everyone can get lucky once in a while.