Friday, August 03, 2007

Baseball Fantasy Team Update

So i guess I should show what my team has transformed to by this point in the year. After dressing up my room a bit with some silk trees I finalized another trade and I think that my team is going to sit like this for the time being. We have until the 15th to make trades so I may do another one, but I think I'm pretty happy with my team so at this point, with maybe only a closer to add towards the deadline.

Line up:

Posada, Jorge C NYY
Pujols, Albert 1B STL
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL
Youkilis, Kevin 3B BOS
Renteria, Edgar SS ATL
Burrell, Pat OF PHI
Matsui, Hideki OF NYY
Suzuki, Ichiro OF SEA
Dunn, Adam U CIN
Ramirez, Manny U BOS


Verlander, Justin SP DET
Webb, Brandon SP ARI
Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
Harang, Aaron SP CIN
Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN
Marmol, Carlos SP CHC
Sabathia, C.C. SP CLE
Wang, Chien-Ming SP NYY
Hoffman, Trevor RP SD
Lidge, Brad RP HOU
Neshek, Pat RP MIN
Walker, Jamie RP BAL


Theriot, Ryan 2B CHC
Thomas, Frank DH TOR
Willits, Reggie CF ANA


Blalock, Hank 3B TEX
Ray, Chris RP BAL

Thursday, August 02, 2007

BoSox Get Gagne

So...they basically only need to get 6 innings out of any starter now to end a game. With Okajima, Gagne, and Papelbon they are the best bullpen in the league with out a doubt. 2 closers and a guy like Okajima, who was the set up guy before Gagne arrived makes it almost impossible for teams to score any runs after the 6th inning.

Most importantly it kept Gagne out of a Yankee uniform and just makes the raod to catch the Sox all that much harder. With the line up the Yanks have you have to think that fans will be heading into drug rehabs by the end of the season due to the amount of money this team spent and still can't get the job done with possibly the best hitting line up ever assembled the last few year.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MLB Trade Deadline today

Another boring year. Mark Texiera getting traded to Atlanta for Salty and some minor league prospects is about as big as it will get. The Tigers is what I care about, but it looks like they are going to have a pretty quiet year as well. Not many players having to worry about finding that 6 month anniversary gift after the season I presume. The word is that teams are asking ridiculous prices for relief pitchers.

Only good rumors about there is that the Tigers could somehow end up with DaMaso Marte in a deal with Jack "Neifi Perez" Wilson. Wilson is worthless and probably more of a detriment than a help. Marte would be a great addition to a struggling BP though.