Friday, December 28, 2007

Going to Lambeau For the Lions Game!

I haven't been to a Lions game in almost 10 years. Why? I told myself that I wouldn't go to another game until the team won 8 games in a season. Today I found out that I had the opportunity to go to a game at Lambeau Field for a game in Green Bay. Considering that tickets to Packer games are almost non-existent, and that you probably have to wait for someone to die to get into a game I decided I just had to go. I've never been there and it is one of the classic stadiums in all of sports. It is just something I have to do, even if the Lions piss me right off and provide me with more than one migraine every year.

Do not worry. I will definitely be carrying in a FIRE MILLEN sign. There is no way I'd go to a Lions game with out one at this point. Can't wait for Millen to draft about the 5th best QB in the 2nd round again this year and passing on the guy everyone knew he should take, only to see the guy make over 100 tackles in his rookie year. Yeah...I hate Stanton for more reasons than one. HE went to MSU for one, and that is enough. Harris went to Michigan and he was actually a need position. SCREW YOU MILLEN!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Roger Clemens is Great

Everyone knows he used HGH, beef roids, or whatever it is he used. Other players called out have admitted to it and said the report was true. Roger is going on 60 Minutes to say they are lies. Never really denied using HG now though did he? Just roids through his "lawyer". Regardless, of whether he did it or not the circus is wasting our time. Selig is a moron and should have never done the report. The report is a joke, and pretty much everything we could find on the internet ourselves already before it came out. They didn't name anyone we didn't know about already. When we thought we would get some sort of exterior lighting on the whol;e situation we just got rehashed BS from the media in a report.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tigers Sign D-Train to 3-Year $29 Mil Deal

Didn't take long to re-sign the first of the two Florida Marlins that the Tigers acquired via trade a few weeks ago. This deal doesn't bother me too much. He's kind of a risky sign, but he is young and has shown he can pitch in the past. It isn't like anyone can't get a $10 mil/year deal who throws more than 50 innings a year now so he isn't going to be that highly paid compared to those equal or lesser than he is. I guess he can fill up his stereo cabinet with some nice equipment now.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wolverines get Rich Rodriguez

May be the most sought after coach in the country. Labeled by many as the Grandfather of the Spread Offense. A total flip of the Michigan philosophy is what I see many people saying. Now the offense may be more dynamic than it ever has,b ut he isn't exactly a pass happy coach either. He has been a running coach many years, but one thing to note is that he has always catered to his talent. IF he has the talent to run the scheme one way that is how the scheme is going to be run. If his players don't cater to that scheme it is tweaked to run to the strength of those players. He's an innovator. Not a scheme guy by any means. He's a real coach. Time to pack up the cat furniture and get rolling into Ann Arbor. This should be an exciting hire. Long overdue.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fox News and The Mitchell Report

I've said all along that I couldn't care less about the Mitchell Report. Now that it finally came out I am even less satisfied. Keep in mind that this guy got $20 Million to conduct this investigation, that from my perspective was nothing more than a rehash of all the reports that have been int he media over the years about players. I wouldn't be surprised if he spent the last 2 years in a lasvegas hotel blowing his money in the casinos.

The "Big" name in it, Roger Clemens has been suspected many times in the past so this isn't even a surprise. I can't even imagine the way this report is presented is legal. The MLB Player's Association is going to have a field day with it.

The biggest thing I saw yesterday, and I don't see reported anywhere was the Fox News snafu. They started releasing names that they claimed were in the report before it was released. Problem was this list of names was a sham. We message board trolls were just throwing it out there to see if someone was dumb enough to pick it up. Fox News was. They named Albert Pujols on air as being in the report. Basically fingering him as a steroid user with out any proof other than a shoddy internet report made up to get traffic. Let me save you he trouble. He wasn't in the report, nor were any of the other big time names they put up on their "Breaking News" screen. Great work Fox News!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Can't Wait for Baseball

I couldn't wait for baseball when we got Renteria. Now I am obsessed with it starting since we got Cabrera and Willis. Setting my Hublot watch to wake me up in April may not be a bad idea. With the way the Lions have taken a complete nosedive after starting out 6-2 there isn't a whole lot left. Sure the Pistons are playing well, and I guess if you like hockey the Red Wings, but baseball is by far my favorite sport of the big 3.

I just get so excited thinking about the team for next season. Dave Dombrowski is like a hero in Detroit with what he has done with this franchise. Turned our farm system around, and then turned our farm system into a major player in the big leagues in just under 5 years. Hard to imagine the quick change that came once he took over for the hated Randy Smith. Our best player before DD got here was basically Bobby Higginson, and he couldn't even hold a job for a season after the Tigers dumped him.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I am Such a Prophet...Tigers Get Miguel Cabrera!

You know you can't deny me this. I wrote this post almost a month ago about Miguel Cabrera and I'll be damned if Dave Dombrowski didn't pull it off!


Miguel FREAKIN' Cabrera is a Tiger!

I think I was up all night and I didn't even need a Jura capresso because I was so jacked up about the Tigers getting one of the top 5 hitters in the game. On top of that we get Dontrelle Willis as our NUMBER FOUR starter in our rotation. Just an amazing off season for Dombrowski, the Tigers, and their fans.

The Line Up (At least how I see it):

1. CF-Curtis Granderson
2. 2B-Placido Polanco
3. DH-Gary Sheffield (I know many think Cabrera No-brainer here, but I contend Leyland will keep Sheff here since he is an amzing walks guy. Ther eis a reason MAggs upped his RBIs so much last year. Sheff was that reason.)
4. RF-Magglio Ordonez
5. 3B-Miguel Cabrera
6. 1B-Carlos Guillen (HE plays 1st now moving from SS.)
7. SS-Edgar Renteria (Traded for earlier this off season-another great trade)
8. C-Pudge Rodriguez (Ever thought you would seePudge down here?)
9 LF-Jaques Jones/Marcus Thames (These guys will platoon for righty/lefty matchups)

Brandon Inge may get traded, or end up being a super-sub again. So we may lose a little in defense at 3rd, but Renteria has more range than Guillen did anyways so let's close that gap a bit more. No matter what this is the best line up in the league.


1. Justin Verlander
2. Kenny Rogers
3. Jeremy Bonderman
4. Dontrelle Willis (Can you imagine this?)
5. Nate Robertson

Pretty impressive starting 5 as well. The bully still needs help, but rumors are Inge is shopped around and may pull some help. No Zoom this year because he's an idiot. Heard a little about Inge getting dealt with Durbin for Valverde who closed in the NL last year and is a solid addition.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Johan Santana Sweepstakes?

Looks like the Twins are going to be too cheap to pay the guy and he is going to be traded. The best pitcher of the last decade is no longer going to be in the Tiger's division. Well...I suppose the Tigers could get him, but that is highly unlikely.

Of course he will end up in either New York, Boston, or LA most likely. The guy is going to make about $134415443 per year when he gets re-signed since guys like Barry Zito who suck actually get close to $20 Mil a year already along with a healthcare cart to ride around in.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lions Will Not Make the Playoffs

It's kind of funny when I listen to national sports shows and these guys say that the Lions are still going to make the playoffs. Clearly they don't realize how much John Kitna, Raiola, and Backus suck at football. That and how someone wearing baby clothes could probably figure out how to call plays better than Mike Martz. The guy can draw up a play fine, but his playcalling is for the birds. Lions would be lucky to go 8-8 this year. What a let down after being 6-2.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tigers Re-Sign Todd Jones for 1-Year $7 Mil

I had to make sure that my nimh batteries were working when I read this earlier. I wasn't exactly "shocked" I guess because he has been one of the league's save leaders the last few years, but he has that nickname Roller Coaster for a reason. He scares the crap out of you every time he gets into the game.

At least we decided on what we were going to do about the closer situation and can focus our time on getting another starter. Haven't heard much about Kenny Rogers other than that Boras said he wants him to look around for a deal. He will also likely only sign a one year deal when he does, but this shows that his deal may be much more expensive. I really wouldn't mind having Kenny back for another year, and it isn't my money so I'd expect him to pull at least $12 Mil for another year.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ex-Tiger Craig Monroe Traded to Twins

So the old Craigster is back in the Tiger's division I see today. He was apparently traded back to them from the Cubbies for a player to be named later, which means basically they won't get crap back. Sometimes they can. Just depends on who is on the list. Bonderman was one of ours from that Weaver deal several year back. Looks like he isn't going to need to worry about having no use for his car covers since he is still up in the Great White North.

Ironically the Tigers picked up an ex-Twin this week as well in Jaque Jones who is a lefty scrub and OFer that we will probably use for about a month in left field to fill in on Thames days off, or outright cut him in spring training.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Loan Troubles Because of Bad Credit?

I've been there. It is tough to find youself a place that will hook you up with bad credit loans. Especially the way the market is right now. Take a look at that link and see what they have to offer in that regard and maybe learn a thing or two to help yourself get back on track by viewing their credit repair section.

Forget A-Rod. Give me Miguel Cabrera

The Tigers have been mentioned as one of the many suitors who may be looking at trying to put a deal together for Miggy. Already acquiring Edgar Renteria from the Braves the day trade talks opened for the of season the Tigers could make a Yankee-esque type of line up by adding a guy like this even if it didn't include A-Rod.

After getting Renteria we have upgraded our hitting at 1st base and haven't really taken a whole lot from the hitting that was there when Guillen moved over to first. Imagine replacing Brandon Inge at 3rd with this guy? This would be one incredible line up and this kid is young. 24 years old to be exact. This guy is going to cost someone big time to get him as he is just eligible for arbitration in a couple years.

I could see this happening, but not sure if we will get involved with it or not. I have thought we were int he market for Dontrelle Willis for quite a while. Maybe both?'s nice to dream I guess.

Holiday Shopping With a Greater Purpose for Alzheimer's Patients

One of the best things about the holidays is that we actually start to think about other people a bit more than we tend to do the rest of the year. Either it be by purchasing gifts, or looking at those who are less fortunate than we are and giving the gift of our time to try and help them just a little during the holiday season.

This holiday gift store is a bit unique in how it helps people. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America eStore is set up so that shoppers can purchase gifts that will not only make those they give them to happy, but also give a little bit back to the overall good by having their purchases benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. All proceeds from your purchases go to support this cause that is quite familiar to many of us.

Although most think of foundations such as this only as a means to find a cure for a specific disease, they are typically much more than that. Many Alzheimer's patients require an enormous amount of care and The Alzheimer's Foundation of America is very interested in helping in this cause as well.

It can be very difficult to live with someone that has Alzheimer's, or even see someone you love deal with the disease. It can also be very frustrating for those that care for them because they are in essence talking to a person that forgets many of the things they have asked you previously, or at later stages even forget who you are entirely. I see this all the time when I talk to a good friend's mother, or my grandmother. They both have the disease in some form and you get used to answering those same questions over and over. It takes some time to learn how to adjust to it. It can be very frustrating to some and it is always good if they can get some time away. That is where a lot of the extra care comes in. Not only to give caregivers some time to themselves, but to help slow the disease down and make it less burdensome. Let's the patients stay at home longer, and get much better care.

Take some time to look at what the holiday gift store has to offer and see if it has something you want to buy to help support continuing Alzheimer's research and care giving. There is also helpful info for those that have to help someone with the disease.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Farnsworth Back to Detroit?

Was just reading around the message boards about the Tigers and came a crossed something I hadn't even considered for this off season. Kyle Farnsworth coming back. Got linked to an article that had a very small note in it that said the Tigers may be interested in dealing for Kyle "I'll Kick Your Ass" Farnsworth.

in which the erratic Kyle Farnsworth — who could draw interest from the Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers — is the lone veteran under contract. article It's about half way down.

Yeah..doesn't sound all that big a deal and typical New York i don't see anything coming from it.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Beach Cruisers for Christmas

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Patriots at the Colts: Game of the Century

I don't know about any of you all, but I am more excited about this game than I have been in years for any game. Only time I have been this excited about a regular season game was probably the last time the Lions were playing Green Bay at Lambaeu 100 years ago trying to decide who would get the home game for the first round of the playoffs that year. The early spread on the game was New England at -4 and it was sending betters to the Stratosphere Las Vegas. People seem to see another blow out coming from the Pats and jumping all over that line. I am thinking it may settle in the 9-10 range. Pats have been favored by 16.5 the last 2 weeks so seeing his spread has people jumping.

This game has all the feel of a major upset and the season turning from talk of the Pats going undefeated to Indy being the team to do it after this week. Hard to say. The Pats are a machine and are mocking the league by running up scores. Ticked off about accusations of cheating. Wanting payback from the knock off in the AFC Championship game from last year. Losing the last 3 to the Super Bowl Champion Colts.

Are you ready for some real football? This is THE game.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tigers Trade for Edgar Renteria

Whoot! Gotta love when your GM goes right out and snags an important need on the first day of trading. The Tigers traded young pitcher Jair Jurrjens who had a couple decent games last season down the stretch, and minor leaguer Gorkys Hernandez. Fans had already gotten their personalized pens for Gorkys like he is supposed to be the next Willie Mays apparently. The silly prospect lovers keep reveling in the Randy Smith Era and do not realize the Tigers are actually good. This is what you do when you are ready to win now. You trade unknowns for knowns and make the current team better. Just like last year when Dombrowski raped the Yankees for an oft-injured ferner to get a Hall of Famer in Sheffield.


Get it through your heads. This trade is AWESOME. Renteria was the BEST thing we could have gotten in the off season not named Alex Rodriguez. We have prospects still. We didn't destroy our farm system again. We got a proven player for 2 guys half of you probably never even heard of until today.

When was Gorkys going to play? He's behind Granderson, Maggs, and Maybin. 3 guys that are either really the next Willie Mays, or practically MVP candidates.

This trade is phenomenal.

Go Tigers!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Way to Blow it Indians

The Cleveland Indians are trying to give away their World Series chance now it appears. After going up 3-1 in the 7 game ALCS series against the Red Sox they have somehow figured out how to let them tie it up and likely lose as Pedroia just hit a 2 run homer and go up 5-2 late in Game 7. The wives are looking for progesterone so they don't go nuts on their husbands after they are sent home packing in a couple of hours. Looks like Boston is going to pull the impossible again in the playoffs and come back from the dead to get to the world Series. Not as dramatic as being down 0-3 to the Yankees in 2004 when they eventually went on to win the World series for the first time in 600 years, but impressive still.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Colorado Rockies May Never Lose Again

This team is unbelievable. Sweeping their way into the World Series last night they have won 21 out of their last 22 games! In baseball this is unheard of. It's all about momentum and these guys have it. Hopefully the Indians can finish off the Red Sox tonight and they don't lose it all by waiting for a week to play again. Definitely not something I want to see happen. Hopefully they are relaxing with some Wicked tickets and enjoying a concert and getting themselves ready for the big show. This World Series definitely has some intrigue to it with the way this team has played.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tatum Bell Wants to be Traded

After Tatum was told that Kevin Jones would be receiving the bulk of the work at running back for the rest of the season sources have indicated that he has asked to be traded. If I was at the sportsbook I would bet that the Tampa Bay Bucs would be a prime candidate considering their entire RB corps in on the IR, but I prefer to play at the poker tables.

Anyways, Bell has been disappointing this year and the re-emergence of KJ after returning from injury makes it very clear to any fan that KJ is the man for the job. KJ has played much better when on the field and has always been a great team leader since he was drafted by the Lions in the first round, the same year we got Roy Williams.

Look for them to float his name around, but Tampa has to be looking at him. The Lions could use a major defensive backfield upgrade, or some sort of line backer help. They could use OL help too if you want to get cornbread Lions fans should still know that they are living a lie. This team is going nowhere and unless they get some serious help. Tatum could get them an impact player I would think, but what do I know?

Silver Lining

Many people speak of a silver lining when they lose in a sporting event. I don't ever see it that way as there are no moral victories. Either you win or you lose. That is why I like to look for sure things as much as possible when I invest in anything. Be it my time, or my investments.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lions on a Bye

For some reason i just don't feel like watching football today because the Lions are on a bye. Just doesn't feel like a football day to me when they don't play. I get all hyped up for the game, but there is no game to get ready for. So i guess i'll take the week off and recover from sports burn out and play around with my buddy's new Dodge Charger accessory.

I need to chill on the sports for a day anyways with how many are going on right now. The Pistons will be starting soon and the long baseball season has me in burnout mode I guess. Feels a bit liberating to hang out with a guy that know less about sports than I do about feminine hygiene products.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Series Nobody Cares About

Arizona vs. Colorado. These two teams are the MLB's nightmare. Just like the Tigers and Cardinals were last year in the World Series. They fear people will be more into their RC cars than a series with teams such as this.

The Rockies have won about 212398947 games in a row. Matt Holliday is becoming a household name. Waht else could you ask for? Looks like they tore Webb up a little bit tonight too as it is 5-1 in the 7th already.

Indians-Rockies in the World Series. Indians in 5.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wait...the Indians won right?

So I'm watching Sportscenter today and trying to see some news on the upcoming series and how the rotations are going to work out. See if Peter Gammons is going to have a Red Sox orgasm on air and all that. Apparently the Yankees are still playing? Not sure really. Every story in the rundown on Sportscenter is about the freakin' Yankees! Go away! You lost to the Indians. The Yankees should be out buying seagull lighting for their vacations down south now that their season is over. I don't care if Torre gets fired. The guy is a Mascot Manager. Sucked before he came to New York and will suck if he goes elsewhere. Any idiot could manage that Yankees team. Hmmm...should I play A-Rod today? Should I ask for them to spend $90 million on some overrated players? Can we trade away all of your prospects for late 30-year old sluggers who are on the decline? Yes. Yes we should. Then we will lose again because our pitchers are older than NY itself.

How about Roger Clemens faking another injury in the playoffs? Gotta love that guy and how he gets paid. Two years in a row he took himself out of a playoff game because of an "injury". Hang it up old man.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Are the Indians Winning?

It is hard to say when you listen to news coverage of the MLB playoffs. Even when the Indians do win the series over the Yankees you aren't going to hear anything about them or their upcoming series. It's all about the Yankees no matter what. Yankees coverage in these playoffs has about as much relevance as golf apparel ladies at an NFL game. If it wasn't for an actual box score I would assume that the Yankees have been winning everyday. Boston will get the coverage in the next round against the Indians, but even then all we are going to hear about is A-Rod, and Joe Torre. Unless A-Rod is going to sign with the Tigers I don't want to hear about it. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still Reason to Watch the Tigers

Well only one in my opinion. Maybe 2. Maggs winning the AL batting title is the main reason to watch. Polanco getting 200 hits may be another. I suppose you could say that seeing Granderson hit .300 would be another one. Not much left after they were all but eliminated from the playoffs already. Watch the games and look for home based business opportunities. May as well find something to do when the season is over and you have all that extra free time.

Everyone has gone crazy

Seems like some pretty odd things have happened over the weekend in the world of sports. D'Angelo Hall of the Atlanta Falcons decided to lose it and put up 67 yards in penalties on one drive to help the Falcons lose the game. Apparently all he was worried about was beating the great Steve Smith in their one-on-one match up. He got a 37-yard pass interference call, and then got TWO more unsportsmanlike penalties on the drive. The last was on 4th down and cost the Falcons the ball back.

Then there is Milton Bradley. HE got ejected from a game after he was prodded a bit by an umpire. Yes, an umpire is supposedly being said to have heckled the guy and he went off. Tried to get to the umpire and beat him down, but his manager was able to restrain him. The oddest part was that Bradley injured his knee during the skirmish and is now out for the season. A huge blow for the team and their playoff aspirations. This guy needs some sort of colon cleanse or something.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

How about them Lions?

Talk about a crazy game. Thought it wouldn't get over until the Sunday night game was on. McNAbb decided he was going to play this week apparently. Westbrook was probably a lock to put up monster numbers against the Lions anyways. He's just the type of back that can destroy a Lions defense due to the fact that they couldn't guard against a RB screen if they were told about it before the snap.

How about Miami flat fee mls homes? Well they are great, and make the Lions look like scrubs.

save our homes

Friday, September 21, 2007

Maggs no longer MVP candidate

With the way the Tigers have lost so much ground in the playoff race it appears that Maggs has virtually no shot at the MVP anymore. The team has packed their Samsonite bags and are ready for a long vacation. At least we still have the Lions cornbread to eat at least until this Sunday when they play the struggling Eagles and the race card playing Donavon McNabb. This is one of those games where a guy like Brian Westbrook can go crazy on the Lions. They are very suspect against the screen and Westy is a very good pass catching running back. Don't be surprised if he goes for 100 receiving, and 100 rushing yards against this defense.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tigers are done

Way to step up against the Indians boys. Didn't even have to facce Carmona and they still are ready to get their Callaway golf clubs out of the closet for the off season. The Tigers were leading late in both the first 2 games only to blow it late and end all their hopes for catching the Indians. The Yankees continued to win and may even overtake the Red Sox, but that doesn't help the Tigers who are in free fall in the Wild Card standings. Time to go after A-Rod now Illitch.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Who is the real MVP?

I'm pretty partial to having Magglio Ordonez the one who will be upgrading his cabinet hardware this season, but it appears that most think that the chump A-Rod of the Yankees is going to get the MVP award. Why? Only 2 numbers matter apparently to voters. Home Runs, and RBIs. A-Rod is going to pump out over 60 HRs this year and he is having an outstanding season, but what about Maggs? HE is very close in RBIS, and he is actually leading the lead in batting average. Isn't winning the batting crown a statement in itself for the award when he is producing just as many runs? The guy is hitting over .400 with runners in scoring position! A-Rod isn't even close. Maggs has over 50 doubles this year. The guy is playing out of his mind and is the reason the Tigers are actually still in it. Give it to him...of course the Tigers probably need to make the playoffs, but that may be coming too. He has to be a lock if it knocks the Yanks out in the process of them making it.

The Tiggers are still 2.5 back on the Yanks

Even after a series sweep of the Twinkies this weekend the Tigers haven't been able to gain much ground on the Yankees in the Wild Card race. They did pick up 1 game, but are still sitting at 2.5 games back with only a couple weeks left in the season. The Tigers engagement announcements for this week will be against the Cleveland Indians who lead them in the Divisional playoff race at 4.5 games. This 3 game series could be crucial to their playoff hopes. A sweep of the Indians would put them just 1.5 games back in the division and hope to just get in the playoffs the old fashioned way. Winning the division. The Tigers have won 8 of their last 10 and seem to be playing for their playoff lives now. Better late then never I guess. Here's to hoping they can make some ground up this week and get back to the Show.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tigers still in it...

Looks like the Tigers actually care about the season still. they are still trying to win and it looks like the Stankees are up against the Red Sox this weekend and trying to help us get back into the Wild Card race. Doesn't appear as though they are going to need to start looking at Las Vegas Real Estate yet, but only time will tell. The Cleveland Indians are still pulling things out at the last minute and do so again tonight to make it almost impossible to catch them for the division title.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tigers have a lot of work to do

What went from an exciting season of expectations has turned into almost a chore to keep watching these games. The team has been awful since the All-star break and has just not had the luck in th injury department to keep up with the surging Clevelan Indians. Even though Seattle is trying to make it easy to win the Wild Card, the Stankees are still playing well enough to make even that a slim possibility. Pudge may be wearing maternity clothes by the end of the year thinking of expecting a new baby in the form of a new contract, but it looks like it may not be back with Detroit. HE has a $13 million option left on his contract, but considering that he has an on base percentage less than .290 you can't even justify bringing him back. His defense has been falling off this year as well so this may be the last year we see Pudge in a Tigers uniform.

Football Finally Start!

Big game to start off too. Indy vs. The Saints. Should have a major fantasy impact right away as well. May be time to get a cash advance to start a bit of betting on games :).

Unfortunately not many of my teams have guys in these games. I wasn't able to get Brees in any draft, and Manning goes way too high to make picking him reasonable considering that you have to get RBs before you go out and get a QB. Any time I've ever drafted Payton where he is ranked my team has sucked because I end up with my 2nd RB being a guy that is something like Denver's back up. I have Addai on a team though so at least I have soemone to cheer for. I have an outstanding trade to pick up Wayne, or Harrison in another league, but that won't go through before this week. Still something to pay attention to I guess. Should be a high flying game though.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Indians will not lose!

Buehrle just pitched a masterful game. 7 IP, 0ERs and only 4 hits. It looked as it the Indians were surely on their way to lose the game. Not the case. The indians are a never say die team and are never out of it. I can't even remember how many teams I've seen this team come back from the dead this year. Doogie Howser MacDougal blows the game in the 8th when Buehrle could have easily stayed in and pitched one more inning to get the game to Jenks.

Screw the Indians! Then the Tigers are starting this joker Virgil Vasquez who has given up 3 HRs already through 4 innings and is down 4-2. Tigers need some Flamingo Las Vegas magic and a win. It looks like they may have to go after the Wild Card this year again. Seattle and the Stankees already lost today so the Tigers could pick up some ground there if they can pull this one out.

Man this season went from being record pace to going down the tubes...:(

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Keeper League Fantsy team post-draft

Well...I am not sure I'm real happy with my team post-draft, but my keepers were so strong that anyone that plays me would need some Powell furniture to relax on after the kicking I would be doing. I got my 6th keeper by trading up in the first round in Antonio Gates so I'm pretty happy with that overall and I think my individual defensive players are about as strong as you can get. Keepers are in bold.

League scoring:

Rule Apply To
1 point for every 20 Passing Yards ALL
2 points for every Two-Point Conversion Passing ALL
6 points for every Passing TD ALL
-2 points for every Interception ALL
Rule Apply To
1 point for every 10 Rushing Yards ALL
2 points for every Two-Point Conversion Rushing ALL
6 points for every Rushing TD ALL
Rule Apply To
1 point for every 2 Catches ALL
1 point for every 10 Receiving Yards ALL
2 points for every Two-Point Conversion Receiving ALL
6 points for every Receiving TD ALL
Rule Apply To
3 points for every FG Made ALL
3 extra points for every FG of 50 or more yards ALL
1 extra point for every FG between 30 and 39 yards (inclusive) ALL
2 extra points for every FG between 40 and 49 yards (inclusive) ALL
1 point for every XP ALL
-4 points for every XP Missed ALL
-2 extra points for every FG Missed of 40 or less yards ALL
Rule Apply To
1 point for every 20 Kick Return Yards ALL
6 points for every Kick Return TD ALL
1 point for every 20 Punt Return Yards ALL
6 points for every Punt Return TD ALL
Rule Apply To
-2 points for every Fumble Lost ALL
Rule Apply To
1 point for every 2 Assisted Tackles ALL
1 point for every Solo Tackle ALL
4 points for every Interception ALL
4 points for every Sack ALL
4 points for every Fumble Forced ALL
4 points for every Fumble Recovered ALL
6 points for every Safety ALL
6 points for every Defensive TD ALL
4 points for every XP Blocked ALL
4 points for every FG Blocked ALL
4 points for every Punt Blocked ALL
1 point for every Pass Defended ALL

M. Hasselbeck QB SEA TB 8 9 7 306.2 19.14 [Drop]
S. Alexander RB SEA TB 8 24 7 259.8 16.24 [Drop]
W. Parker RB PIT @CLE 6 38 13 231.6 14.48 [Drop]
F. Gore RB SF ARI 6 15 3 278.4 17.4 [Drop]
C. Johnson WR CIN BAL 5 30 1 245.7 15.36 [Drop]
C. Chambers WR MIA @WAS 9 69 19 183.6 11.48 [Drop]
V. Jackson WR SD CHI 7 106 28 141.9 8.87 [Drop]
A. Gates TE SD CHI 7 52 1 207.5 12.97 [Drop]
J. Scobee K JAC TEN 4 160 13 122 7.62 [Drop]
J. Miller DB NYJ NE 10 - - [Drop]
K. Bulluck LB TEN @JAC 4 80 1 169.5 10.59 [Drop]
R. Lewis LB BAL @CIN 8 92 3 150 9.38 [Drop]
L. Tatupu LB SEA TB 8 131 14 132 8.25 [Drop]
G. Hayes LB ARI @SF 8 191 30 113 7.06 [Drop]
Player Rank Fantasy Points * Last Availability
Name Pos Team Opp Bye All Pos Total Avg +/- Avg Vs H/L Action Status
B. Favre QB GB PHI 7 18 13 267.1 16.69 [Drop]
C. Brown RB TEN @JAC 4 120 36 136.5 8.53 [Drop]
L. Washington RB NYJ NE 10 292 43 90.1 5.63 [Drop]
R. Droughns RB NYG @DAL 9 433 54 67 4.19 [Drop]
N. Davenport RB PIT @CLE 6 436 55 66.9 4.18 [Drop]
K. Walter WR HOU KC 10 310 58 87.6 5.47 [Drop]
D. Jarrett WR CAR @STL 7 345 62 80.6 5.04 [Drop]
C. Woodson DB GB PHI 7 329 47 84.5 5.28 [Drop]

Friday, August 24, 2007

Detroit Lions Will Not Win 10 Games

Crazy ass Kitna said they would win at least 10 games this year. Roy "I Talk Crazy" Williams has said more. These Samsonite heads are so out there that Dennis Rodman thinks they are a few bricks short of a load.

This defense is pathetic, to be generous. They won't stop my grandma from running wild in the secondary. Will they score some points? Yeah...sure. They still aren't going to win. They are the Lions. Come on. Kitna blew about 8 games last year in the 4th quarter. HE was so bad in fact, that I thought he was actually betting on these games. I wouldn't doubt it.

They will win 6 games. They are well on their way to the mediocrity of the Barry years. Not good enough to win anything, but just good enough where they get a bunch of mid-round picks and players that will never make an impact. Like ti matters. Throw 50 players in a hat and let Millen pick one. Probably about as good as he can do. How does he still have a job? Haha...there is no good answer to that question.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Brandon Jackson

Like I said in my previous post I guess you can understand why I would bring this guy up. Thinking aobut my fantasy football keeper league draft I guess this guy is on my mind. He is a rookie for the PAckers and has all but locked up his spot as their starting RB horse. In keeper leagues the first few picks are always rookie RBs because teams just need to ahve good RBs to win and hope that they catch lightning in a bottle with a new rookie, or a 2nd year guy that is going to be the man now. Last year you had Bush, Addai, Maroney, and Gore. All ahve become top 10 guys in fantasy football. So it isn't hard to believe that at least a couple this year will make a serious impact.

Everyone sitting at their office desks and going over who they will be have said from day 1 that both Adrian Peterson, and Lynch would be the 2 biggest rookies. Peterson you can probably say by the end of the year is the lock of the 2. Lynch was getting the starting job right away so many thought he would have a bigger impact this season. At this point I think Lynch may be #3.

Brandon Jackson i would take #2 if I was there in a keeper league draft. I just think the guy has shown he has the ability to put up some numbers thus far. He runs north and south. One cut and through the hole. HE even can pound it in inside the 5 for that TD so you aren't going to see him losing TDs to a power runner off the bench. HE also looks like he can actually block a little on the pass offense so he has even more going for him. The guy is going to be a horse.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fantasy Football Keepers are ready

I got into a pretty competitive keeper league last year and took over a pretty shabby team. When I first got my roster I was looking at a set of 5 keepers that included T.O., Caddy, Delhome, Fred Taylor, and any random loser you can find. I quickly traded away a couple picks and moved back int he draft a bit to get Alexander and Burress. This is a start 3 RBs league so I wanted to at least get one of the bigger backs out there to help solidify my team. I was also able to pick up a 3rd RB in the name of Droughns for basically an 8th round pick. Not too shabby with what I started out with. Alexander got hurt, so the season was pretty much over.

Get your theater seating because we are ready for a ride.

Over the course of last season I made some pretty good moves. I traded away Fragile Fred and Droughns to get myself Willie Parker and a decent #2 WR. I was pretty much done for the year so I wanted to make sure that I upgraded my RB situation for this year. Jones-Drew got picked up off the free agent market after 1 good game and I decided he was worth Deion Branch after 1 good game. Some said I was crazy (haha). We all know how that turned out. So at this point I am sitting with Alexander, Parker, Jones-Drew, Burress, and Stallworth who I got in the draft.

So...another manager is a big fan of Willie Parker and decides he must have him. I get an offer of Frank Gore, and Chad Johnson for Willie and Stalworth. I take it obviously. Now I have Alexander, Gore, Jones-Drew, Burress, and CJ for my 5 keepers. Not bad, and much better than where I started. In fact I was able to win the #1 overall pick with these guys since we play for that pick instead of just giving it to the worst team to prevent bagging.

Now we get to this year and those 5 were pretty much my keepers. First day trading opens I am asked to move from #1 overall (Adrian Peterson pretty much) to #6 in the first by trading away Jones-Drew for Willie Parker. So I got him back. Now I have 3 of the top 6 ranked RBs for fantasy football and Chad Johnson. Burress I didn't want to keep so I decided I'd go with Hasselback considering there is nothing in the QB pool left and I don't want to go into the draft trying to get a guy like Eli.

Now I traded up to #4 in the draft because there are a few keepers that actually got dropped into the pool. With the 3 RB starters in our league the top 3 picks will be PEterson, Lynch, and the new hot commodity Brandon Jackson. Being at 6 I would be missing out on 2 sure things going into this draft. Boldin, and Gates. The guy at 4 needs youth, but the guy at 5 has a very solid set of keepers so I wanted to ensure myself of having 6 keeper-type players like he would and to have my choice of the 2.

So it looks like I'll have Alexander, Parker, Gore, Chad Johnson, Hasselback, and Boldin (My first choice), or Gates at the very least after the first round of drafting. I like my chances ;).

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sporting Event Tickets are a SCAM

Looking up some berndes cookware for an assignment I had today I ran a crossed an ad for online ticket sales and wanted to do a bit of a rant about it. I don't get it. I want tickets to a Thursday afternoon game for a Detroit Tigers baseball game. THURSDAY AFTERNOON. I went directly to the ticket booth online to get these tickets from whoever sells the tickets for the team and found out that they were sold out. Mind you this was over a month and a half ago and i wanted tickets for about 3 weeks from now. I wanted primo tickets. 1st/3rd base lines, behind the plate, etc. These tickets are said to be sold out for this game almost 2 months in advance. Impossible.

So I go to all the Stub Hubs, and Ebays of the world and there they all are. Every damn one of those tickets are being sold at 3rd party distributors. When i mean every one, I mean damn near every seat in those sections. Sold out? Not quite. Bought by a group and scalped? Yes. Of course they aren't being sold at face value, which is the LEGAL way to go about this. Oh no. The prices are TRIPLE, and even QUADRUPLE face value. Let me say this again. These are REGULAR SEASON, THURSDAY AFTERNOON TICKETS. These games don't sell out. Why the hell am I getting jacked for 3-4 times the price of these tickets then? It's bullshit. You can't buy a ticket for face value outside the stadium because it is illegal, but these guys can buy them in bulk and sell them at 3-4 times face online? Something isn't right here.

Brandon Webb

I don't know what has gotten into this guy, but he is on an absolute pitching tear right now. He's a very good pitcher anyways, and is the Cy Young winner last year, but right now he is pitching out of his mind. Yesterday he pitched his second straight complete game shut out and had 10 Ks. He hasn't allowed an earned run in his past 4 starts. A span of more than 32 innings.

On the other hand the damn guy named Wang should be looking for a New York personal injury lawyer after his last start. The guys screwed me bad giving up 8 ERs in his start this week. I hate this guy so much. He strikes nobody out either, but hey...he has double digit wins.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fantasy Football is soooo close

Well i've already begun on the fantasy football strategy, and I think our league has found the best fantasy site out there. is simply incredible. We have used CBS, Yahoo, etc. and have always paid to use the features for a keeper league. Until now. Flea Flicker is completely free and is run by a guy who tried all these sites before as well. He took what was good about all those sites and combined them all in one place. Got rid of the things we all hated and made this place about the best keeper format I have seen.

Screwing around looking at slot cars I came a crossed the site a couple months back and decided to check it out. Our league was so impressed that we junked our thoughts of going with CBS and moved over to Flea Flicker. They have everything you pay for at Yahoo and CBS for free. Live scoring, pick trading, and keeper leagues. Yahoo doesn't even have a real keeper league format so we left there long ago. Flea flicker even keeps track of draft picks 2 year sin advance. We can trade 2008 and 2009 draft picks THIS year. We don't pay for live coring at all. They also have a Mock Draft there as well you can run as often as you want. The mock draft will take all the keepers out, and make sure the traded draft picks are in order so it is a true mock of your league. Can't speak highly enough about this place. You are screwing yourself if you don't look at it and decide to pay any of the other places.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Detroit Tigers are losing it

I'm not certain, but I may have to say that a starter hasn't won a game in almost 20 starts? These guys look to be in a real tailspin right now. The White Sox are playing spoiler and the Twins are surging towards the top of the division. Even the Stankees have caught up to the Tigers in the Wild Card race and this team wasn't even .500 a month or so ago. This needs to turn around quick or the Tigers will be looking for an Orlando Vacation package around the time the playoffs start and be playing golf instead of baseball.

Bonds Hit 756

The drama is finally over. Barry Bonds has hit career home run number 756. Now only a few more days of constant Barry Bonds coverage and we can see other nationally televised games besides the San Francisco Giants. You can now use your def leppard tickets and not worry about missing the breaking of the greatest record in all of sports.

Interestingly, Hank Aaron delivered a speech on the Jumo-tron at the game after he broke his record. Aaron has been silent through the entire process of the chase and said he would not be on hand to view the record breaking home run. The media has run with it saying that this is to show that he did not think that Bond's record was worthwhile, and was tainted. Stupid media. At the game he honored Barry and all were happy. Barry broke down during his speech as well when he thanked his father, Bobby Bonds, another all-time great, who had passed away just 2 years earlier. Standing at the side of Barry was his Godfather, the player many say is the greatest player to ever live, Willie Mays.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Baseball Fantasy Team Update

So i guess I should show what my team has transformed to by this point in the year. After dressing up my room a bit with some silk trees I finalized another trade and I think that my team is going to sit like this for the time being. We have until the 15th to make trades so I may do another one, but I think I'm pretty happy with my team so at this point, with maybe only a closer to add towards the deadline.

Line up:

Posada, Jorge C NYY
Pujols, Albert 1B STL
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL
Youkilis, Kevin 3B BOS
Renteria, Edgar SS ATL
Burrell, Pat OF PHI
Matsui, Hideki OF NYY
Suzuki, Ichiro OF SEA
Dunn, Adam U CIN
Ramirez, Manny U BOS


Verlander, Justin SP DET
Webb, Brandon SP ARI
Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
Harang, Aaron SP CIN
Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN
Marmol, Carlos SP CHC
Sabathia, C.C. SP CLE
Wang, Chien-Ming SP NYY
Hoffman, Trevor RP SD
Lidge, Brad RP HOU
Neshek, Pat RP MIN
Walker, Jamie RP BAL


Theriot, Ryan 2B CHC
Thomas, Frank DH TOR
Willits, Reggie CF ANA


Blalock, Hank 3B TEX
Ray, Chris RP BAL

Thursday, August 02, 2007

BoSox Get Gagne

So...they basically only need to get 6 innings out of any starter now to end a game. With Okajima, Gagne, and Papelbon they are the best bullpen in the league with out a doubt. 2 closers and a guy like Okajima, who was the set up guy before Gagne arrived makes it almost impossible for teams to score any runs after the 6th inning.

Most importantly it kept Gagne out of a Yankee uniform and just makes the raod to catch the Sox all that much harder. With the line up the Yanks have you have to think that fans will be heading into drug rehabs by the end of the season due to the amount of money this team spent and still can't get the job done with possibly the best hitting line up ever assembled the last few year.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MLB Trade Deadline today

Another boring year. Mark Texiera getting traded to Atlanta for Salty and some minor league prospects is about as big as it will get. The Tigers is what I care about, but it looks like they are going to have a pretty quiet year as well. Not many players having to worry about finding that 6 month anniversary gift after the season I presume. The word is that teams are asking ridiculous prices for relief pitchers.

Only good rumors about there is that the Tigers could somehow end up with DaMaso Marte in a deal with Jack "Neifi Perez" Wilson. Wilson is worthless and probably more of a detriment than a help. Marte would be a great addition to a struggling BP though.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Barry Bonds is one away

Barry Bonds hit his 754th HR last night and is now one away from tying Hank Aaron for the all-time HR mark. HE goes against Dontrelle Wilis and the Marlins tonight. Willis has been terrible this year and this could be the day that he ties the record, or even breaks it with the junk this guy throws now. He'll probably walk him at least twice if he can even stay in the game that long.

Barry Bonds is able to leap steel buildings, outrun trains (well not anymore), and fly. We should see a new HR King by the end of the weekend I'd guess, but truly by sometime next week.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Big Surprise. The NBA is Fixed.


The 40-year-old Tim Donaghy resigned from the NBA two weeks ago and is the man of the hour. Accused of fixing games due to gambling debts, he is thought to have been a mafia target to change game outcomes. HE also is known to have bet on games that he officiated. I doubt this guy could get a job selling vintage fabrics at this point and is pretty much a leper in the sports world.

Man the NBA just gets worse and worse every time I try to get back into it. Fans everywhere always complain about the officiating in any sport, but this time they have good reason to believe that games really are fixed. I've watched so many NBA games the last few years that I have wondered many times if some of these referees were ont he take. I guess now my suspicions are founded.

A point-shaving scandal is an enormous problem in any sport. This one, which might involve an NBA referee, has the potential to permanently scar the league.

The NBA acknowledged Friday the FBI is investigating Tim Donaghy for betting on games, including ones in which he officiated. read more...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bonds Hits 2 HRs today looks like the Evil Barry Bonds is only 2 homers away from catching Hammerin' Hank and his truck toolbox in the all-time HR race. Sitting at 753 career home runs, Bonds needs only 2 to tie Hank Aaron for the most homers by one player in MLB history.

Most people actually care that Barry allegedly used steroids. I do not and never will. The guy still has to hit the ball and swinging a bat is more about speed than anything. Whatever you say about Bonds, this is an amazing accomplishment. isn't like he is going to hold this record for more than 10 years anyways. A-Rod is going to hit 1000 HRs.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Michael Vick

This guy is not only a terrible quarterback, but he is a questionable human being. I guess he is now indicted by a Federal Grand Jury over his dog fighting escapades. On top of this it has been said that he was present during not only a dog electrocution, but also the drowning of another dog. I don't expect he will need any sort of ionamin to make weight this year with all the stress of the government rolling down on him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Silver investing

Monex Deposit Companies is a dedicated precious metals investment company. Promotion of silver investments is a big deal right now and they are true experts in this market. As an investment product, silver is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots. Silver is at a time where it has more demand than production so that only means one thing. The price is bound to go up. Remedial supply and demand economics will tell you this. When something is in demand that is greater than its supply it has rising value.

Ichiro wins All-Star MVP Award

Ichiro is probably one of the more amazing hitters in baseball in the last generation. This guy won the Rookie of the Year, a Gold Glove, and league MVP awards in his rookie season. 200 hits is a standard for him year after year. He is a guy that is said to be a HR machine in batting practice, but since he is blessed with exceptional speed, and hits at the top of the order he tends to utilize those skills to just get on base and beat out infield hits. As he slows I'm sure we can look forward to the guy hitting 30 HRs a year, and I am not just talking out of my ass. I really believe he will.

So the American League wins the AS game again 5-4 to give my Tigers home field advantage in the World Series again this year. Ichiro put together a solid game with 3 hits, but his biggest hit was a first in an All-Star game. An inside the park home run that scored 2 runs. Probably one of my favorite players of all-time, Ken Griffey, Jr. was unable to make a play on the ball and the speedy Ichiro rounded all the bases and made it home. A rare feat in baseball and the hit that basically won him the MVP.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bondo Doesn't Make All-Star Game

Boston Red Sox rookie lefthander Hideki Okajima and San Diego Padres righthander Chris Young were the final two players named to the 2007 All-Star Game on Thursday.

Okajima and Young were named by Major League Baseball's online voting, which officially ended at 6 p.m. EDT.

That means that JEremy Bonderman is left out. The last Tiger that probably should ahve made it. The guy didn't even have a loss this year until June, but I guess that wasn't good enough.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Distance Learning

What exactly is distance learning? Pretty simple really. It is online education. Not sure why the term originated, but it is now used more and more often. Institutions such as Capella University offer many distance learning programs for those of use that just don't have the time to go to class in the traditional sense. We are all very busy these days and working online is the easiest way.

Sara Orem, PhD, an adjunct faculty member at Capella University has just recently co-authored a new book titled Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change.

Rather than focusing on individuals in limited or problem-oriented ways, Appreciative Coaching guides the reader through four stages – Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny – that inspire them to an appreciative and empowering view of themselves and their future,” Orem says. “What we have presented is really a new application of appreciative inquiry.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Craig Biggio, Frank Thomas hit career milestones

Frank Thomas and Craig Biggio both hit career milestones at the plate tonight. An amazing day for Major League baseball that saw The Big Hurt mash his 500th career home run, and Craig Biggio hit is 3,000th career base hit.

Thomas, is the 21st major leaguer to reach the milestone. He didn't wast any time tonight in the first inning against the Minnesota Twins in their park. He sent Carlos Silva's 1-2 pitch an estimated 396 feet into the left-field stands for a 3-run HR.

Before the at-bat, Thomas looked at the scoreboard and saw that his average with runners in scoring position was .182. Not something you will want to put on promotional pens by any means.

"I said, 'Let's just get a hit right here.' That's when home runs happen, when you're really not trying to do too much. He hung a slider over the corner and I stayed with the pitch," he said.

Frank actually got ejected in this game after striking out in th 9th. He was arguing a called strike from the dug out and got tossed.

Craig Biggio JUST got his 3,000th hit. In the bottom of the 7th with a man on 2nd, Biggio drove a single into the outfield for his third hit of the night, and his 3000th in his career. Before getting the 3000th hi, Biggio told reporters that he wanted to get a double for #3,000 because that says what he is all about. Biggio tried for the double on the hit, but was gunned down at 2nd base on the play. That would have also been his 1,000th career extra base hit.

Other milestones this year: Sammy Sosa hit his 600th HR earlier and Ken Griffey, Jr. is well on his way as well sitting at 584 career dingers. Of course, Barry Bonds is still pursuing the ultimate HR mark in Henry "The Hammer" Aaron's at 755. Bonds sits at 749 career home runs.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Maroth Traded to St. Louis

Mike Maroth, starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers was traded to the Cardinals earlier for a player to be named later. Maroth, one of the fixtures in the Tigers line up over the last 5 years was finally dealt away to make room for Kenny Rogers, and possibly Andrew Miller in the rotation.

I can't say I'm sad to see him go. He has always been a stand up guy here in Detroit, but market research woudl likely indicate taht the majority of fans think the guy stinks and is not the type of pitcher you want in your rotation. Good luck, Mike.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tigers Trade Ledezma

About time they made a move for the bully. Not sure this was all that special though. Ledezma was traded to the Atlanta Braves, who have a ton of bullpen help for anyone, but the guy they got was left-handed reliever Macay McBride. Who? I wondered the same thing. Either way the financial reporting software is in overdrive for these two teams as they change the financial report for their teams after the trade.

As for McBride...McBride, 24, was a first-round pick of the Braves in 2001. He has appeared in 112 games in the majors over the last three years, all in relief. This season, McBride is 1-0 in 18 appearances covering 15 innings. He has a 3.60 ERA.

Macay McBride Profile

Ledezma has been with the Tigers since the 2003 season, when the club lost 119 games. He was 3-1 this season with a 4.79 ERA. HE has starting experience and has some decent stuff, but still isn't a very reliable pitcher. HE can serve as a long reliever, or spot start for Atlanta which is basically why they would want him. HE was always one of our decent "prospects", but he never really put it all together and it looks as if he isn't destined to ever do great things.

Wil Ledezma Profile

I guess this is either something they were looking to do to replace the lefty we lost in the off season, JAmie Walker, or the fact that LEdezma has no minor league options left and we can keep the young stud Andrew Miller on the roster. I suspect he will be in our bully right away and that Miller will go back down. Miller has some things to learn still and if we can dump Maroth off on someone it won't make much sense to hav ehim up here when Kenny and Nate Robertson come back off the DL. Miller will be the first one back with any other injury, but he needs to pitch his starts and not from the bully.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sammy Sosa Can't get to 600 HRs

Out of all the guys in this range I don't have any love for this guy. First of all, the dude used a corked bat in a game. Second, I am pretty sure he used roids just like everyone else. This guy is a terrible hitter really and hit the majority of his HRs in the last 5 or 6 years of his career after he got really big. I hope Ken Griffey, Jr. Gets there before he does and Sammy is at 599. Jr. is about 17 shy at this point ai think, but he is one of my favorite players of all-time. He's a guy that you know didn't use roids. IF it wasn't for all his injuries the guy may be a head of Barry Bonds already. He's just that good. I hope they have a nice set sound machines when Sammy and Barry hit their respective marks. No one on the road is going to be cheering I hope.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The NBA Sucks

I think I'm done with the NBA. I just can't fool myself into believing that I care about any team other than the Pistons. This Finals wasn't even interesting enough for me to watch one game. I just didn't care. Reading about kids bedding, or watching paint dry would probably be more interesting to me at this point. The league just isn't fun to watch anymore. Teams aren't that good and the rules are getting to the point that breathing is a foul. Guess it saves me some time I suppose. One less season I have to care about.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Verlander Pitches a No Hitter!

I can't even work anymore I'm so

Whoo Hoo!

I suppose I can get back to work. This kind of energizes me actually as I just saw this amazing game. I was kind of listening to it on the radio while I worked, but my buddy called to see if I was watching. I left him a message earlier to see if he had checked into Tool concert tickets for the 4th of July in Milwaukee and he was calling back, but not for that which I assumed. He's from Michigan, but rarely gets to see a Tigers game living over in Wisconsin. It just so happened that he got to see this game because we were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. I guess he got damn lucky to see this one. Just an amazing game.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Detroit Pistons Funeral

I wasn't sure if I could even bring myself to post about this after the Pistons lost to the Cavs in 6 games in the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday. I'm not going to say anything about officiating, or anything like that. I'm not jaded. I'm really just very disappointed in the way the team went out. They went out like a bunch of whining babies that they are. I'm honestly sick of this team, and the NBA as a whole. The pistons melted down in the 4th quarter of the game and everyone was responsible.

What really bothered me though was the way they all started to whine to the officials towards the end. This isn't anything new of course, but it still made me hate being a fan of this team. Sheed got his 6th and 7th technical fouls in the playoffs within seconds of one another because he didn't like a call. Fine. He got the 2 Techs to get ejected, but really it was his way of saying he gave up. 7 Techs int he playoffs is an automatic suspension so even if they did win he wouldn't have been able to play in game 7. I hope they all got a no exam life insurance policy before this series because these guys right now are dead to me, as well as the NBA.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Math and Fat People

You ever wonder how many people you could fit into your car if that car were 20 cubits by 11 cubits and each person weighed 9 pounds, plus 12 kilograms, minus 4 ounces? I have and have come to the conclusion that I really do not care, and that I may be mentally challenged. It really doesn't matter though. If I was going to think about what I was posting right now I wouldn't be posting this about the quick blogging post I just read and I wouldn't be trying to put enough words in this post to make sure it looked like a Wall O' Text. Yes...this post truly makes no sense. I didn't even mention fat people. There it is. I suppose I should mention the wii. It only makes sense that I do. To me. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Build Your RSS Subscriber Base

Another great day, another great list. This one is to help you get more RSS feed subscribers. You subscribe to everyone else and they subscribe to you. The blog was added originally on Internet Serious Business, you will want to make sure you comment on the original post after you publish the list on your blog in Step 6. Then anyone who misses you on their tree will be able to subscribe to your site as well.

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2. Copy the ENTIRE list of Feeds and create an OPML File to import into your feed readers so that you can subscribe to all of the blogs on the list. You will want to read my post entitled Mass RSS Feed Subscribing with an OPML so you understand how to do it. (You will want to copy this link over to your post so those you add know how to do this too.)

3. Copy the ENTIRE list of Feeds AND blogs and put them into your post like they are here. Move the "My Adds" from the blog that added you into the "Originals" lists for each. This list is unique because I want you to be able to copy the feeds with out having to delete the blogs before making the OPML file so I separated the two links into 2 lists.

4. Add any blogs you want to the list with whatever keywords you want. Then get their RSS Feed and add those to the list of Feeds in your "My Adds" section.

5. Publish your post.

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Billups Throwing Games?

This guy has been terrible in this series against the Cavs. Thought that he may have been on his way to getting back into the game yesterday when he had 18 in the first half, but he clearly was chucking and throwing the ball away repeatedly in the 2nd half. He made some of the worst mistakes of the game in the final 3 minutes, such as chucking up an off balanced 3 when they were down 3 under 2 minutes. Turned the ball over several times and is just playing like he is on his way to finding an Orlando vacation home sooner than later. His assist to turnover ratio is laughable. He has been one of the best in the league with this ratio for the past few years, but has become insanely sloppy in this playoffs. Just not sure what else to make of the guy except that he could be throwing

HE is looking for a new contract this off season and it is said that he will likely get close to a max deal. I guess he really wants out of the D or something with his shotty play.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pistons vs. Cavs

Keep hearing about how boring this series is. I can't say I disagree, but I expected it to be this wy anyways. Cleveland and Detroit are pretty good defensive teams so the scoring won't be up there. The cavs have nothing. Lebron playing PG is a sure way to get the Cavs an early Kissimmee vacation. The best player on the floor has to bring the ball up and pass it to guys that suck. Not a great gameplan.

The Pistons aren't playing real well either really. They like to play down to their opponents and come out soft. Seems like they like to nap in the first half and then just take control in the 2nd. Cleveland could/should have won the first 2 games, but the Pistons' experience it going to be too much for them. I don't see this going more than 5 games. Especially with thh joke of a coach Mike Brown is for the Cavs.

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Jason Maxiell eats babies

Best song ever in this one too...

Guy was a monster in that last game. Singlehandedly kept the Pistons in it with his energy. He may have needed some student loan consolidation going into this year as a late draft pick, but he may earn himself a nice contract soon. This guy is a Ben Wallace energy guy and a monster shot blocker. Shoots FTs like Ben, but actually can shoot a little bit so he is nice to have off the bench.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Math Tutors

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Tigers are rolling

Since that Red Sox series where they got rocked 3 out of 4 games they have been on a serious tear at the plate. They went at it again today and scored 12 runs to take the series against the Angels. So far this month they are 15-6 and getting more help at the plate than they have in a long time.

Maggs is making a serious bid for MVP with the way he has started the season and is just in a zone right now. He went 4-4 today with 2 doubles, 3 runs, and 3 RBI to raise his totals to a .361 batting average, 45 RBIs, and 42 runs. He also has 12 HRs at this point in the season and is on a 7 game hitting streak. Put all your money down on MAggs to win the MVP and move into Las Vegas Luxury Condos by the end of the season. You will think you are a genius and need to be close to the action.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Favre now expected to attend Packers minicamp

Oh NOES! Did anyone really think they would let him leave anyways? Favre was saying yesterday that he wanted to skip mini-camp because he wouldn't be doing anything there anyways and he could work on his daughter's graduation. He also asked for a trade earlier that no one took seriously. Why would they? The Packers will never let him leave anyways.

Favre is great and all, but the Packers seem to just be waiting for him to retire and are in perennial rebuilding mode until he does. Was hoping they would trade him to the Lions so he could set the TD and INT record in the same year. Perfect place for him to do it too. Detroit is the king of bad records. Even the Cleveland Browns and their fans that bring dog supplies to the games for their Dawg Pound think the Lions are a joke.

Dirk Wins the NBA MVP

Like nobody saw this one coming, but it is still hilarious. The Dallas Mavericks were the best team in the NBA all season winning an incredible 67 out of 82 games this year. Dirk was the star so you give him the MVP.

Then it comes to the playoffs and they get bounced in the first round. This was the first time a #1 seed has lost to a #8 seed (lowest playoff seed) in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors owned the MAvs all season long and only losrt to the MAvs once.

Even so...Dirk wins the award for his regular season and the playoffs make no difference. He held off back to back winner Steve Nash from winning his 3rd straight league MVP, and you could argue that he deserved to win it again.

If Dirk doesn't learn how to win in the playoffs he will be selling Portable Water Filters to make ends

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This is where my fantasy team is so far...

The league I'm in is over at CBS and we have had it together for 4 , maybe 5 years now. We keep 5 players every year and trade during the of season if we so choose. So this year I had some pretty good keepers going in, with a few extra early round picks in the draft. I kept. Albert Pujols, Ichiro, Matt Holliday, Carlos Lee, and Travis Hafner.

Normally I would have made quite a few trades by now, but I've only made one at this point. I traded Lee, Jason Hirsch, and Andy LaRoche for Hideki Matsui, Ben Sheets, and Torres (Pirates closer). Seems to be working out OK. Sheets had a nice game today. We paid to get in the league so we win some cash and a house marker, or trophy or something if we take the league.

Here is my current squad:


Posada, Jorge C NYY
Pujols, Albert 1B STL
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL
Lugo, Julio SS BOS
Hardy, J.J. SS MIL
Holliday, Matt LF COL
Matsui, Hideki LF NYY
Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA
Blalock, Hank 3B TEX
Hafner, Travis DH CLE
Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN
Ibanez, Raul LF SEA
Thomas, Frank DH TOR


Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN
Harang, Aaron SP CIN
Sabathia, C.C. SP CLE
Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
Lilly, Ted SP CHC
Owings, Micah SP ARI
Sheets, Ben SP MIL
Zito, Barry SP SF
Jenks, Bobby RP CHW
Okajima, Hideki RP BOS
Torres, Salomon RP PIT
Wheeler, Dan RP HOU

This guy is on the DL which is why I have that Boston relief pitcher until i find someone else.

Tracy, Chad 3B ARI

JJ Hardy from the Brewers

Where did this guy come from? I've been riding him all year now in my baseball fantasy leagues and he is just pounding the ball. Got him off waivers as a back up for Julio Lugo, but he is playing too well to bench. I actually started playing Lugo at 3rd because I've had some injuries so it works out well.

People are burning up their network cables to trade me for the guy right now, and I guess i should make the move if someone wants to give me a stud for him. This can't hold up. I may swindle someone out of a #1 pitcher with this guy somehow. I can live with out his production, but i will be very happy to stockpile pitching for the 2nd half I can trade for some stud bats.

HArdy is doing this (through 164 ABs on May 16):

53 hits, 13 HRs, 39 RBIs, 28 Runs, .371 OBP, .629 SLG, and a .333 average

Look out A-Rod. This guy is the true Fantasy MVP so

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This contest is like no other. Your videos are going to be a big part of the show. Emmy Award Winning Producer, Scott Sternberg, and Andrew Firestone from “The Bachelor” are also part of the show so you know they have the right people involved to work with this type of contest.

Spurs Playing Dirty

They got a win against the depleted Suns last night, but the Suns are getting screwed in this series. Most think the suspension of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw was silly considering they didn't really do anything. They were both suspended for a pivotal Game 5 just because they took 5 steps down the sidelines to look at what happened to Nash when Robert "Big Shot Bog" Horry gave Nash a forearm shiver to the dome in Game 4. 2 starters suspended for the Suns, while the Spurs lost a bench player who started the whole thing.

This wasn't the first time int he series that the Spurs have gotten dirty. Bruce Bowen has been playing like he is Ron Artest by kicking Nash in the groin in front of millions. What happened to him? Nothing. The Suns, and specifically Amre have been whining about the dirty play though so I guess they get the brunt of the suspensions.

The Spurs have always been, and even more so now, are big floppers. Manu is such a punk. Worst flopper in the league. Tim Duncan looks quiet, but he is a real whiner too.

The Spurs should be ready to lose the series and spending time making use of some truck accessories with their toys now instead of leading this series. Just another reason why I am so sick of the NBA.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pistons on vacation Already

So the Pistons go up 2-0 in this series and find themselves getting blown out in Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs against the Bulls. They overcome that deficit to win and go up 3 games to none in the 7 game series and everyone figures the fat lady is getting off her ass to sing a song while Da Bulls are making reservations for Pigeon Forge vacation rentals. Then Game 4 the Pistons get down 20 points again and just give up.

So you figure it is Game 5 and they are back in Detroit they will just want to get this one over. Apparently not. They let the Bulls shoot 72% in the first half. 72%! That is unheard of. They quickly get down 20+ points and decide they will try and play for a little while, but the pesky Bulls shut that door quickly. Instead of a 4 game series they now have to go at least 6 games. The way they are playing they may be looking for a vacation package soon.

uTango? Ever heard of it?

I hadn't heard anything about it until today when someone else mentioned it to me so i thought I would check it out. I went to the site and registered to find out what the ins and outs of the program were and to see just exactly what the utango rewards program could do for people.

Apparently they are looking to reward you for not only loyalty, but for achieving success in life. Not financially in all cases, but such things about the stages you go through in life. Marriage, retirement, etc. Their utango rewards program is simple, and free to use. Purchases at nearly 300 popular online stores earn members TANGO Bucks (points) towards cash rewards. These rewards are the highest of any other rewards program because they really want you to be a success in life.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Roger Clemens is Your Hero

$28 Million to play half a season for the Yankees. On top of that he doesn't have to travel with the team when they go on the road if he isn't scheduled to start. This is almost as good a deal as Larry Brown got when he coached the New York Knicks of the NBA to a 2-243241 season for $10 Mil and then just quitting. Then he got bought out for his last 4 years or whatever it was for another $40 Mil or some obnoxious number. $50 mil for not doing your job.

What about Matt Millen, the Detorit Lions GM? He has won less games in his tenure than the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans are an expansion team established in 2002. Yet, the Fords (who are running everything into the ground lately) decided to give him a 5 year extension just 2 years ago. He has drafted 4 Wide Receivers in the last 5 years in the first round. A QB that like to play the piano and throw 2 yard passes on 3rd and 8. He has a record of 24-72, which is by far the worst in the league over that time.

Then people are whining about Roger Clemens raping the Yankees. Hey, at least this guy is effective and helps a team win. Pay the man. He's a Hall of Famer already and still getting fools out. Give him some Studio RTA Furniture and keep it coming. This guy has more trophies to display than Britney has pock marks.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Broadband Comparisions

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Ricky Williams tests positive AGAIN!

Unbelievable. This guy must be high 24 hours a day if he can't even quit for a few weeks so someone will pay him millions of dollars to suck. What a wasted talent. What is the league even doing for this guy? This is his FOURTH time testing positive for weed. Who does he think he is, Willie Nelson? You can't be a hippie until you retire dumbass. At least not now. You can't hang out in Bill Walton's teepee and hiding your spliffs in bic pens to fly around the country.

And what the hell is this?

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the testing program.

Confidential? It's like my brother finds out a I smoked weed before and he is going to tell our mommy. Same damn thing happened at the draft with this stuff, but that wasn't even testing. These guys were supposed to have confidential conversations where they were asked if they ever used Marijuana. CONFIDENTIAL. Then an hour later some tool is off int he media tarnishing a guys' name and saying that he is a bad character guy. I am beginning to wonder if these reporters sleep in the jock strap laundry bin to get these stories, or NFL officials are drinking on the job all day with these loose lips.

History of Football Uniforms

Football uniforms have come a long ways from the old days, but they have come a long ways just in the last 5-10 years really as well. From the look to the materials, the history of football uniforms is quite an interesting read.

I can remember when I was in high school just a dozen years ago that we had some of the better uniforms in the area. I really think we were quite a ways ahead of the times with the look and feel of our uniforms. While almost everyone we played had those ugly scratchy pants, we looked like Notre Dame in our green and gold. Our pants were comfortable and made of breathable materials. Our jerseys were top of the line for the time, but not even close to what is available at this time.

What is available now in football jerseys & pants is simply remarkable. As the article suggests, there have been many advancements in not only the look of these uniforms, but in the feel, and functionality of the newest jerseys. Customization is available to give teams a unique look, and to give players at different positions advantages by getting customized jerseys in that regard such as lineman jerseys which hug the body. This is a big deal when playing the line I know from experience. The less those pesky LBs and defensive lineman can grab onto the better. No matter what the goal of the buyer, they can get reasonable prices for uniforms and get much higher quality than they ever could before. The article gives a great breakdown on what is available and what the advantages of different customization methods work for the best look.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pistons Go Up 3-0 on Bulls

Amazing game last night. Pistons were getting destroyed in the first half and were down as much as 19 points in the 3rd quarter only to come from behind to pull off another win and remain undefeated in the 2007 NBA playoffs. Tayshaun chimed in with 23 to lead the Bad Boys. They ended up winning the game by 7 and pretty much taking the wind out of the Bulls sails. This one is over. The Bulls are already booking their Orlando vacation rental. Should have tdone it sooner. There was no way they were going to the next round.

Get ready for King James and some other guys you never heard of. They got a bye to the Conference Finals pretty much with their schedule. Surprised Jersey isn't giving them problems, but they aren't that great either.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm the worst golfer ever

Decided to take a bit of a break from work, if that's what you call this and get into season ready mode for my golf league the last couple weeks. I'm not even going to post my scores because they are embarrassing really. My slice is at an all-time high and I just can't get into the mindset yet. Fortunately, our first week of the league was set up to get ourselves our handicap, and I played fabulous for that purpose by putting up a score that even a 4 year old would laugh at. My partner and I destroyed our opponents Monday since my handicap was so high and I actually dropped my score by 12 strokes this week compared to my handicap. They were not excited to play us to say the least. Been taking a look at some Callaway golf products and may have to upgrade some of my equipment. Mainly my driver. It is time to get rid og the old piece of junk I have and get the old Big Bertha.