Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crazy, but that's how it goes...

One of the fellow PPP posties did a review of one of my sites quite a bit ago and I totally forgot to return the favor. Crazy, but that's how it goes... is running along smoothly and getting the ranks up. Click here to help her Alexa score a little bit :).

I've gotten back into doing reviews the past few days and it has helped me get back into blogging again. Down to using a coin sorter instead of a bill counter so I guess it is time to get back to work. I had been slacking a bit and getting somewhat burned out posting so much the last couple of months. Slacking on my visiting other bloggers and leaving comments. So you should see me around a bit more shooting the bull.

Anyways, back to the review, sorry for the meaningless

This Crazy, but that's how it goes blog has more blogrolls than I have ever seen. Gotta love the bloggers that get out and network.

The post Teenagers and Privacy brings up an interesting question. "Should I be checking up on them and, if so, to what degree?". She shares the experiences she had while she was growing up and wonders what the limits are to checking up on your own teenagers.

Stop over and give your thoughts about this interesting question.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick links

So you can write a long review, or you can go out and do a few quick links to give some of your blog friends some love. This post is a quick link love sessions for a few friends. So much easier to do it blogging than writing notes with Pens and paper.

1) The Ms. Danielle is a blogger I met recently that has a lot of great information to share. She asks some questions in a recent post about the blog ethics after it was brought up to her when she did a post that was about one of the same things a blogger we see often did some hours earlier. The question was whether or not she should give him credit, but she hadn't even seen his post yet. What do you think?

2) The Mr. Gary Lee is another great blogger that I met recently. We had a good time the other day with his contest that asked to have us take a picture of our workstation and share it. Since a lot of us work from home it was interesting to see how our home offices looked.

3) The great Saman is everywhere. He is a commenting machine and a good example for most of us who slack on the blog visiting. Saman is one of the bloggers who utilizes this Speed Linking often and has seen great results. He has an array of various hacks that you can utilize with Windows, Firefox and many more.

4) Marisa has a couple blogs I have been reading, but today I'm going to focus on Scribble on the Wall. This blog is about all the crazy and interesting things she runs a crossed on the internet. With the way most of our blogs are now set up we need to know something about CSS. Marisa has some great CSS code tips and resources to draw from.

5) Snuz is a blog buddy that I started blogging with. She has one billion blogs now and is making a handsome income on the net now. Recently she created a tech blog called the Tech Inspector. She's a Firexox extension and Wordpress plugin nut so there is probably about a hundred articles on thise things over there, or will be at some

No More Incumbents!

This guy named Brett, came up with this idea that incumbents become more corrupt and lazy the longer they are in office. So what he is doing is starting a movement at No More Incimbents to keep those in office from getting re-elected.

HE is looking for bloggers from every state in America and every political affiliation to join the movement and spread the word. Brett is trying to be the first to organize a site that has bloggers from all 50 states. 50 States of No Incumbents will display the skills of bloggers from all over the USA that are against voting for those who are already in office.

Take a look at his take on political scandals and see why he is against those in power keeping it.

Over the next few weeks he will be launching the No More Incumbents Podcast The podcast will be available for each of the blogs from each of the states. Plus they will have a summary podcast that will cover some of the best stories and some of the most popular topics.

If you are interested in this revolutionary idea visit the No More Incumbents Blog for more information in how you can join. Even if you don't already have a blog you can still get one going for free. Brett and his Softduit Partners will help new bloggers learn the ropes.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fantasy Baseball

I had my fantasy draft for my baseball keeper league on Sunday and I think I just hit the jackpot. I did absolutely no preparation for the draft this year like I normally would so I thought I would be in trouble. I planned on just mailing it in really and it turned out much better than I thought. My private Mailboxes are completely full of trade offers now since I stole all the pitching in the draft. We kept 5 players as keepers and I ended up keeping 5 hitters so I just drafted pitching. I didn't get crap for closers, but I typically don't draft any anyways since it is possible to get at least 2 or 3 off of waivers during the year and it is only one category.

1B-Pujols (keeper)
2B-B. roberts
3B-C. Tracey
OF-Ichiro (keeper)
OF-C. Lee (Keeper)
OF-M. Holliday (keeper)
Util-T. Hafner (keeper)
Util-R. Ibanez
BN-A. Beltre
BN-R. Ibanez
BN-H. Blalock
BN-P. Polanco

SP-C. Sabathia
SP-B. Zito
SP-A. Harang
SP-B. Arroyo
SP-K. Milwood
RP-B. Jenks
RP-some guy
BN-M. Buehrle
BN-J. Contreras
BN-T. Lily

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddy: Digital Nomad

I met Digital Nomad, a.k.a Michael, over on MyBlogLog when he made a comment on my profile. Since then we have had a few discussions and I have been able to check out his great blogs. They are all extremely well written, as he has a background as a writer.

The first blog is Digital Nomads. Described as "Being Digital in An Analog World / Living The Virtual Lifestyle / Travel and Work / When You Want from Where You Want". We live in a world where we can get any information we need in almost any location. MAny of us are actually making all our money in a virtual world so reading about the products that make it easier is beneficial.

A couple of interesting posts that I wanted to point out are Extreme Technology for The Portable Professional in which he describes a couple of interesting companies he wants you to comment on in the categories of WiFi and Satellite. HE has interest in these companies and is looking for those of you that may have had experience with them to leave some comments aobut it.

He has also added some information about a useful device in digital nomads translation utility tool. The utility tool is very interesting to me and is likely going to be useful for many of you that read it.

Next we have The Soho Quest. This blog is about "Small Office / Home Office Technology & Telecommunications Product Reviews & Resources for The SOHO Online Professional" and like the others is very well written.

The Blogosphere Creates Need to Coin New Words article is something I run into frequently. I've always noticed it in business and professional interactions as well too. Seems that people just assume their readers understand certain terms. Just like when you are having a chat with a doctor friend or something and they are using work related acronyms that you would never know about so you have to ask. I appreciate it when people don't assume I have knowledge of their business and don't use terms that I have to look up, or ask about.

Now this post caught my eye immediately. Things to Consider When Joining Online Forums are some tips about why or why not you would want to avoid a forum. Why it peaked my interest is that I actually have a blog about posting in online communities called Internet Serious Business. I just found it interesting to see a bit of what other people say about forums when I talk about the people that are in them so frequently.

The final blog of Michael's I want to mention is called The Sovereign Journey. The easiest way for me to describe it is simply by showing you his "What this blog is and is Not":

This blog is not about Anarchism, Posse Comitatus Groups, Survivalists, nor Conspiracy Theories. This blog is dedicated to the self-ownership concepts of Natural Law, Personal Freedom, and Self-determination. - The Digital Nomad

That is a whole lot of interesting to me. Not anything like I have seen around lately so it is nice to see a different type of blog pop up in the blogshere.

His post "I Am Deeply Grateful to Have a Blog" is exactly the kind of thing that should make you think. Why do you have a blog? Just for money? Do you have things to say about the world and want to actually use a blog to do it? Many of us do write for money, but those that make the most money tend to have blogs that have interesting information that will ignite discussion. Being in America you can say anything you want and others can tell you that you are wrong. We all have the freedom to do that and this blog is for thinkers who want to expand their minds.

That post mentions something called Super Cool School that i have been following a while as well. The concept of it is fascinating and you should check that out as well after you read his post.

Even with great content you still need to be somewhat sociable to get the word out about your blogs at first. Michael introduces another social-networking service to do just that in Check Out Ziki as Another Social Network Online Agregator. The importance of networking is never lost on me so the more networks I can get involved in the better.