Friday, April 16, 2010

Someone actually signed Big Mike Williams

Probably don't even need to tell you who it was. Think real hard. Shouldn't take long. Obviously, it was Pete Carrol the former USC "genius" that has taken over for the Seattle Seahawks.

While it is hard to argue that BMW wasn't the biggest bust in the Millen era, at least he wasn't here very long. He wound up in Oakland like everyone else that is a bust, and pretty much never even made any impact in the NFL. Considered a freak coming out of college, he was also considered one of the dumbest players as well. He was one of the two morons that quit school early, signed and agent, and actually thought that he and Maurice Clarett were going to be allowed to enter the draft. Neither were, so they got themselves a year out of football for their optimism. Both have washed away into oblivion, and working some jobs like healthcare jobs, or whatever it is they have been doing. Oh yeah...causing trouble mostly.

BMW spent that time working out with the great Chris Carter, and ended up being drafted as the 12341234 WR in a row by Matt Millen in the first round. He might have actually been worse than Charles Rogers, but it is hard to say.

Pete Carrol brings him in with the rest of the players he ever coached at USC in hopes to rebuild the USC program in the NFL. It won't work, and he will fail miserably like most college coaches do. He'll be back at USC within 2 years and a lot richer.