Wednesday, July 17, 2013

AL Wins the All-Star Game; Home Field Advantage Chance For Tigers

Certainly getting way a head of myself here, but with the team the Tigers have assembled, making a deep run into the playoffs is not just hoped for, but expected. Of course we all know that the playoffs are a completely different ballgame. Hot teams tend to move further than some of the teams considered the best. Any Wildcard team is quite likely to go all the way. The Tigers are just as likely to stop hitting when it matters, like they usually do and get beat by someone like Oakland.

Still...having that home field advantage in the World Series is a huge deal. Especially for a team that has the last couple years done significantly better at home than on the road. Basically winning the division at home, while costing them a runaway by playing .500 ball or worse on the road. It will just be nice that they won't have as many days to book educational travel tours if they make it that far this year.